Gold Beard the Great
Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School
Once upon a time there was a pirate named Gold Beard the great. Numerous pirates feared him making rumors about him raiding a whole navy of ships. He could make wood and stone to gold and silver. Pirates wanted to raid him taking his gold, but King George caught him first. They put Gold Beard in a cell surrounded by fire and guards.
Gold Beard was in a predicament, but of course, he escaped. He escaped by summoning skeleton pirates using the Amulet of the Undead. Together they fought the guards and escaped, but before that a colossal palm tree monster launched tiny coconut monsters at them. Many of the skeletons got shot with coconuts. After they escaped they ran into the Kraken. It attacked the ship. Suddenly a smaller kraken appeared saying, “Dad, this is why I have no friends, you keep eating them. Uhh I’m swimming away.” “Son, No!” The kraken exclaimed worried.
“Ok, if you get to my son I will free you not eat you!” the kraken offered. So they got the kraken’s son and passed. Oh what happened while they were... That’s another story.

All about Engineering
Fourth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Carter
What is engineering? An engineer is a person who designs, builds, and maintains engines. Engineers have to know and understand plenty of math, science, and social studies to be an effective engineer. They also have to get a college degree.
Engineers build planes, cars, trains, houses, buildings, pools, roadways, and schools. Engineers draw quality designs, for example, James Dyson invented vacuums and he invented hand dryers.
Engineers get paid lots of money. Some engineers are Agriculture Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Naval Engineers, and Nuclear Engineers. When I grow up I am going to be an engineer.

Purple, Green, and Gold
Kaylee S
Second Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Ms. Powe
Purple, Green, and Gold
These colors I know so well.
It makes me think about the beads coming from the floats.
Purple, Green, and Gold
It makes me think of the bands marching up the road.
Purple, Green, and Gold
Sugary Sweet moon pies dropping from the floats.
Purple, Green, and Gold
Funnel Cakes, Candy Apples, and other sweet treats.
Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
So good in my tummy.
Purple, Green, and Gold

The Haunted House
Fifth Grade
Fonde Elementary School – Ms. Wagner/Mrs. Mose-Lett
Today we are moving. We just reached our destination. I told mom the place is creepy. I walked inside. Then I saw a ghost. “OMG,” he said. “Don’t worry.” Then I told him we have to keep this a secret. She would freak out.
Mom had walked in. I said hide in the closet then she left. He came out of the closet.
Mom walked back in and she ran. I told mom he was friendly. Then I asked mom can we stay. Fine. Awesome, I said.
Mom asked him who his dad was. Jayden popped up playing the saxophone and he couldn’t play it. Then mom tried to fix it up. They said, no. They like it just like that. So mom just got done unpacking.
To be continued!

The First Day of School
Fonde Elementary School – Mrs. Polk
Once upon a time a little girl named Me Me was so kind. She woke up, brushed her teeth and put on her green dress and her green shoes. She ate breakfast and went to school. There were two girls that were bullying her and she did not have any friends. She complained to her mother daily about the same two girls messing with her. On this day when she came home from school, she told her mom that she did not like that school.
Her mom said it is not the school, it is the two girls. Her mom said, “I am going to the school tomorrow, baby.” “I will talk to your teacher and the principal.” Her mom told her to go take a bath and brush her teeth so she could eat some food. After she ate her food her mom told her to go to sleep. The next morning her mom told her to stay home with her father while she go to the school and discussed the two girls messing with her.
The next day she stayed home. All day she did not eat. She was asleep and she woke up at 8:00 o’clock p.m. She ate some food and went outside to see the moon and the stars. She went inside her house and sang her a few songs. Then she went outside to dance to stop thinking about the girls who had been messing with her. She back into the house, ate, watched TV and went to sleep.
The next day the girl went to school. She was so happy because she loved going to school since there are no more bullies. Her mother put a stop to the bullying. Everyone was kind to the girl when she came back even the two girls. All of the girls became friends. The girl was really happy.
She got “A”s on all her tests. That made the girl even happier. When she got home, she had a meal. She took a bath and brushed her teeth and got to sleep really fast. Her mom did the same thing.

The Student and the Teacher
Third Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Kuhlman
Have you ever been in a classroom where there is that one student that is always disruptive? If the teacher tells him to stand he sits, if she says do not talk he can’t stop talking. Well that student is in my classroom. He stays getting into trouble. He has to go to the principal’s office from time to time. His grades suffer too.
This student’s name is Kindle. Our teacher is Ms. Kuhlman. Ms. Kuhlman is a very caring teacher. She teachers many different ways so that the students can find a method that works for them. Mrs. Kuhlman would always show the easiest way to solve certain problems to help you to think and understand certain concepts.
While Ms. Kuhlman tried to help Kindle displayed poor behavior. He ended up making very poor grades like low Ds and high Es.
After Kindle realized that Ms. Kuhlman cared a lot for him Kindle became a better student. He stop cutting up in class. He even started making As and Bs. His family was so proud of the new person their son became they took him to Pete’s Party Castle. He had a great time. Kindle is one of Mrs. Kuhlman’s best students now.

The Once In A Life Time Adventure
Fonde Elementary School
Once day there was an American spy and his name was agent Tony. He is in England now because the army thinks England is working with the French. So I am near there army base listening to the phones, but a guard spotted Tony so he used a flashback and use a sleeping dart and switched suits.
So he is in the base and while they weren’t looking Tony took the planes and ran away. He was being chased but he escaped. They were planning to capture the president and get ahold of our data base, but then the French and English were around our base. They got the President and they fled. So Tony snuck into the French base and got the President.
To be continued…………………………..

Wings of an Angel
Precious S
Fifth Grade
Fonde Elementary School
Mrs. Mose-Lett/ Mrs. Wagner
These wings of an angel are within you and me.
These wings of an angel will help you fly like free.
The key to your wings are within your heart.
You’ll start at the first all the way to the end,
If you are wrong try again.
That was your mission
That was the end
So know that it
Can be done

Fourth Grade - Fonde - Mrs. Rocker
I am Daniel Lopez. I attend Fonde Elementary School. My teacher is Ms. Rocker. I am nine years old. My favorite color is blue. My favorite subject is math. I have a dog. He is a Pitbull. He is three years old. He is brown and white.
My brother is eleven years old. He attends Chastang Middle School. He is in the sixth grade. He used to attend Fonde Elementary School like me.
My mother paints houses. She even paints at the mall. She is from Mexico. My dad works on roofs. He is from Guatemala.

Impatient Girl
Asia F
Fourth Grade - Fonde Elementary - Ms. Fielder
Little Samantha
Wanted to go out and play
But her mother told her to wait
Because the clouds were very gray.
When you’re impatient
Just hold on tight, something will come
Through and you’ll be alright
She was pacing on the floor then
Walked to the door
She opened the door
With the sun shining very
Bright then she knew everything would be alright
Was no longer impatient.
She got to go play because the clouds outside were white
And no longer gray.

The Angel Saved the Day
Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Robinson/Mrs. House

Rosilina had no friends because everyone thought she was a demon. Rosilina heard people talking about her hair color and why it was red. She always had been teased by people in her school. They often bullied her. She lives by herself because her parents passed away. She has to handle all of her business herself when it comes to school because her parents passed. Everyone is so mean to her, but Rosilina ignores them. Her classmates did mean things to her like write bad things on her desk. Even though everyone laughs and giggles at her when she comes into the classroom, she still ignores them like usual. It gets even worst. When Rosilina tries to go home students trip her up, put extra pressure on her by telling her to wear something red to represent the demon in her. When she would come to school dressed in her red outfit everyone would take pictures of her and post them online.
One day there was a freshman (means new student) in there school that was an angel. She was in the same homeroom as Rosilina. As Rosilina would continuously get bullied Crystal not only saw everything, but she reported it to the principal and the assistant principal. The principal had cameras installed around the school to investigate what Crystal reported. After the bullies were identified from the cameras and the torture that they were giving Rosilina they were given detention for ten weeks. Rosilina thanked Crystal for her actiond to rescue her. From that point on those two girls became the First two responsible and kind people. Finailly, Rosilina lived a happier life without being bullied.

The Worst Birthday Ever
Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Wagner/ Mrs. Mose-Lett
Once upon a time there was a girl named Akira. Her birthday was coming up. She had to figure out what she wanted to do for her birthday. She came up with an idea that included inviting her friends over.
The next day was her birthday. All of her friends came over and watched movies, danced around, and played games.
Then something bad happened. Two of her friends started arguing. They wouldn’t stop arguing for nothing. They started throwing things and just being mean to each other. Everything was ruined.
Her party was over. After they left, Akira said that this birthday was the worst birthday ever!