Yogi and the Picnic Theft
Fifth Grade - Fonde Introduction
Yogi, Boo-Boo, Ranger Smith, Amy, Squirt
Setting: Yellowstone Park
Yogi: Loves to eat
Boo-Boo: Loves his frog mouthed turtle
Ranger Smith: Runs the park
Squirt: Loves to eat
Amy: Like picnics
One day in Yellowstone Park there were two bears who lived in a cave. Their names were Yogi and Boo-Boo. They also lived with Ranger Smith. One day Ranger Smith and his girlfriend Amy went on a picnic in a valley. On top of a tall hill were Boo-Boo and Yogi trying to steal Ranger Smith and his girlfriend’s lunch. Suddenly the two love birds saw Yogi grab their lunch. Ranger Smith yelled, “YOGI!” Yogi tried to steal everyone’s picnic even the guess. (He’s a picnic lover.) On the other hand Boo-Boo was in the cave playing with his pet turtle, Squirt.
Yogi, Ranger Smith, Amy, and Boo-Boo went on a tour of the park. When they returned Boo-Boo noticed that Squirt was missing. Everybody searched everywhere. Boo-Boo spotted him in the snack machine. They had to figure out how to get him out. Ranger Smith and Amy asked, “What type of turtle is he?” They asked that together at the same time. Boo-Boo, answered, “A frog mouthed turtle!” Yogi said, “A what?” Boo-Boo said, “You heard me!”
They had to close the park down for a while. They had to clean up the rest of the junk. When they reopened the park. They had a celebration with fireworks, food, cake, and all that other stuff. Now that everything is back to normal the park is back in business. Yogi is still up to his tricks.

All about Me
Third Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Hall
Hi! My name is Hailey. I am eight years old. I have six brothers and sisters in all. My best two friends are Hannah and Nigeria. They are in my class. I am an A/B honor roll student. On my report card I always make A’s and B’s. Swapping teachers made me feel a little bad a little. Switching from Mrs. Lee to Mrs. Hall was kind of sad.
I have noticed that I have learned a lot more with Mrs. Hall than with Mrs. Lee. Really, that is because Mrs. Hall has had a lot longer time to teach me than the short time I spent with Mrs. Lee. I have been at Fonde Elementary for three years. I went to Fonde for my first grade, second grade, and now my third grade year.
I am in the Garden Club. I am working on being in the Young Authors Club. My sister is working on being in the Young Authors Club too. I am sure that I am going to be a better reader than I already am since I’ve joined the Young Authors Club.
My teacher is going to be very proud of me when she sees that I can do things that I enjoy doing.

Having Fun with Friends
Fonde Elementary - Third Grade – Mrs. Walsh
Hi! My name is Danilla. My favorite thing to do is hang out with my friends Stephanie and Emily. They both live in my neighborhood.
One time when we were out of school we went to the mall, Starbucks, and had a sleepover. I had $31.59. My friends had $29.39 combined.
At the mall we went shopping for us some cute clothes. We ate us some ice cream too. I ate some Strawberry ice cream with whip cream on top. My friends had chocolate ice cream with whip cream on top. After shopping in the mall we sat down and eat some Chick-Fil-A.
After we left the mall my mother allowed my friends and I to sit in Starbucks for a little while and drink our cup of ice coffee and play on our phones using the free Wi-Fi. We left Starbuck and went to the park to play before our big sleepover. My mother was hoping that we would play off some of our energy at the park so we would be tired once we got home. We did have a swinging contest to see who could swing the highest. We played ball in the park too. I did get tired but not too tired for a sleepover.
We went to my house after the park and took baths so that we could have the time of our lives. We stayed up really late. We ate tons of candy. The pillow fight was awesome. That sleep over was so much fun. I had a really good time with my friends. The next morning my friends had to leave. I really had two wonderful days with my friends.

The Little Girl Who Ate Too Much Bubble Gum
Third Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Tate/Mr. Portella
One day a little girl ate ten pieces of gum. The next day she are ten more pieces of gum. The very next day she ate eight more pieces of gum. That was a total of twenty-eight pieces of gum that the little girl ate.
The little girl began to hiccup. And every time she hiccupped, a bubble would come out of her mouth. She could not eat for the hiccups and the bubbles.
One day she took a pin and popped the bubble. When she popped the bubble and the bubble deflated she pulled the deflated gum out of her mouth. She decided that she would never eat bubble gum again!

The First Day of School
Fonde Elementary School – Mrs. Polk
Once upon a time a little girl named Me Me was so kind. She woke up, brushed her teeth and put on her green dress and her green shoes. She ate breakfast and went to school. There were two girls that were bullying her and she did not have any friends. She complained to her mother daily about the same two girls messing with her. On this day when she came home from school, she told her mom that she did not like that school.
Her mom said it is not the school, it is the two girls. Her mom said, “I am going to the school tomorrow, baby.” “I will talk to your teacher and the principal.” Her mom told her to go take a bath and brush her teeth so she could eat some food. After she ate her food her mom told her to go to sleep. The next morning her mom told her to stay home with her father while she go to the school and discussed the two girls messing with her.
The next day she stayed home. All day she did not eat. She was asleep and she woke up at 8:00 o’clock p.m. She ate some food and went outside to see the moon and the stars. She went inside her house and sang her a few songs. Then she went outside to dance to stop thinking about the girls who had been messing with her. She back into the house, ate, watched TV and went to sleep.
The next day the girl went to school. She was so happy because she loved going to school since there are no more bullies. Her mother put a stop to the bullying. Everyone was kind to the girl when she came back even the two girls. All of the girls became friends. The girl was really happy.
She got “A”s on all her tests. That made the girl even happier. When she got home, she had a meal. She took a bath and brushed her teeth and got to sleep really fast. Her mom did the same thing.

The Student and the Teacher
Isaac DuBose
Third Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Kuhlman
Have you ever been in a classroom where there is that one student that is always disruptive? If the teacher tells him to stand he sits, if she says do not talk he can’t stop talking. Well that student is in my classroom. He stays getting into trouble. He has to go to the principal’s office from time to time. His grades suffer too.
This student’s name is Kindle. Our teacher is Ms. Kuhlman. Ms. Kuhlman is a very caring teacher. She teachers many different ways so that the students can find a method that works for them. Mrs. Kuhlman would always show the easiest way to solve certain problems to help you to think and understand certain concepts.
While Ms. Kuhlman tried to help Kindle displayed poor behavior. He ended up making very poor grades like low Ds and high Es.
After Kindle realized that Ms. Kuhlman cared a lot for him Kindle became a better student. He stop cutting up in class. He even started making As and Bs. His family was so proud of the new person their son became they took him to Pete’s Party Castle. He had a great time. Kindle is one of Mrs. Kuhlman’s best students now.

The Once In A Life Time Adventure
Colby Quinnie
Fonde Elementary School
Once day there was an American spy and his name was agent Tony. He is in England now because the army thinks England is working with the French. So I am near there army base listening to the phones, but a guard spotted Tony so he used a flashback and use a sleeping dart and switched suits.
So he is in the base and while they weren’t looking Tony took the planes and ran away. He was being chased but he escaped. They were planning to capture the president and get ahold of our data base, but then the French and English were around our base. They got the President and they fled. So Tony snuck into the French base and got the President.
To be continued…………………………..

Wings of an Angel
Precious Sangual
Fifth Grade
Fonde Elementary School
Mrs. Mose-Lett/ Mrs. Wagner
These wings of an angel are within you and me.
These wings of an angel will help you fly like free.
The key to your wings are within your heart.
You’ll start at the first all the way to the end,
If you are wrong try again.
That was your mission
That was the end
So know that it
Can be done

Mrs. Washington
Toniyah Hopkins
Fourth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Washington
Mrs. Washington is the best teacher ever! Not only does she teach us standards and manners, she lets us have parties. On some Fridays she lets us eat pizza. She gets really proud of us for making major progress in all subject areas. She gets really excited about us reaching our AR goals and certifications.
We had a really cool Christmas Party after reading Junie B. Jones book, Jingle Bells Batman Smells. I am not sure if you read the book or not, but Junie B. wanted to give May a lump of coal for Christmas instead of a real present. Junie B. had a change of heart at the very end of the book. The book is so great. My teacher did many activities with us after we read the book. The most memorable thing that she did was that she made us lumps of coal out of Rice Krispy Treats.
Before our Christmas party she had each student to write a paper giving ideas of what we wanted to do at our party. Unlike many teachers, Mrs. Washington made sure that we had every food, drink, activity, and she even had us bubbles and a disco ball! I have never met a teacher like Ms. Washington before.
Every time the announcements mentioned that our whole school would be in pajamas on the last day before our break, which was also our Christmas party, I would say, I do not have any pajamas. She told me to stop saying that with every announcement. Mrs. Washington surprised me first thing that Friday morning. She purchased me and a few of my classmates’ pajamas so that we could have on pajamas too. I even wore my pajamas on Christmas Eve.
I love my teacher so much that I begged my mother to purchase her a gift. My mother did not think my teacher would like the first necklace and earring set that I picked out for my teacher. Therefore, I picked out another set. The set that I actually got for my teacher was so pretty. I even loved it and I hope Mrs. Washington likes it too!
Mrs. Washington is a great teacher. She loves her students. I know that she loves me!

The Big Shot
Mark Smith
Third Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Ms. Chism
One time there were two boys. Their names were Cortez and Roland. Both were always getting bullied by a guy named Spike while they were in the classroom. He is always making them give him money. He stays pranking them to make other students in the classroom laugh.
Cortez was good at basketball. He entered the basketball tournament. Spike thought he was the best at basketball so he entered the tournament as well. This has got to be one of the best one on one basketball games in America. People were sitting on the edge of their seats waiting on the outcome of this game. Spike was on fire in first quarter. He actually won the first quarter of the game. Cortez was not giving up. He had to show this bully what basketball was all about. Cortez won quarter number two.
Quarter three was something to see. Cortez would make a dunk and Spike would make a dunk. They were toe to toe. Spike would miss a shot, then Cortez would miss a shot. They both went into the final quarter with the same amount of points. The score was sixteen to sixteen.
Fourth quarter had to have been the best quarter in the game. No one wanted to leave their seats. They were waiting on the outcome. The crowd was rooting for Cortez since he was always the one that was picked on. He needed to have the victory of this game.
It is down to the last minute of the game. Both of the players were playing really great. They were keeping the other person from making a final score. It was a tie for first place. It was the final shot. Half court, Spike shot and missed but Cortez made it. Everyone laughed at Spike. Cortez not only won, but he got all of the fame.

A Young Girl’s Opportunity
Jaylyn Traywick
Fonde Elementary School – Ms. Moe’s Class
Once there was a girl named Faith who loved to sing. Everywhere Faith went she would sing. She’d sing in the store, her school, and even in the shower. One day a singing artist heard Faith singing in the store.
“Hi, little girl! What’s your name?”
“Sorry, I’m not allowed to talk to strangers.”
“Faith, who is that person you’re talking to? You know you’re not supposed to be talking to strangers.”
And that day Faith’s opportunity of becoming a singer was gone.