Trouble Maker
Trinity Sn
Fourth Grade - Fonde Elementary School -
Mrs. Washington
This is a note to all of the people reading my story. I would like to give a shout out to all of the people who support me.
One morning Madison went to school with a smile on her face. She did not think the day could go bad. When she walked in class her teacher did not look happy. Her teacher told her to walk to the principal’s office. Madison has never been sent to the office before.
She got so nervous that she could not walk for long. When she got to the principal’s office she saw her trouble maker. Jenna always got other students into trouble when they were on their own peace. The principal called both Jenna and Madison to sit in the office and talk. Madison started crying and the principal told her to stop acting like a two year old.
When Mr. Tupoka dismissed his students to recess Madison saw that other students were getting into trouble when they were not doing anything wrong. Madison went up to the teacher inquiring about what had happened. The recess teacher looked at Madison and said, “These children were messing with Jenna. “ Jenna was at the playground laughing at the children crying. Madison went to the swings and started singing. Jenna sat next to Madison. Jenna hit herself to make it seem like Madison hit her. Then she screamed, “Madison, why did you hit me?” Madison got sent out of recess, and she went back to class. The problem was still not solved why Jenna was a trouble maker, but Madison wanted to figure it out.

The Lady Who Didn’t Like Cats
Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School
Mrs. Wagner/Mrs. Mose-Lett
Once upon a time there was this lady named Kim, she didn’t like cats. There was this cat that didn’t have a name. It was a tan cat. Every day she would come home from work and the cat sat by her door. Kim would get out of her car to try to run the cat away. The cat would just sit there and look at Kim.
One day Kim had left her house door opened. The cat got into her house. Kim was in the kitchen cooking some food. She was done cooking. She decided to go and take a nap on her couch. She normally had a gray pillow on her couch. She laid her head on what she thought was the pillow. It was the tan cat. She was so excited about the cat that she jumped up and almost tripped over her charger trying to get that tan cat out of her house. She caught the cat and threw it out of the door. She closed her door and locked it. She prepared herself for work the next day. She got up the next morning to go to work and that car had poop and pee from the cat all over it.
She had to call in from work like she was sick. She was not sick. She was disgusted about her car. She could not ride around with cat poop and cat pee on her vehicle. She went back into the house and called her sister to help her clean her car. Kim’s sister came to help. But, she did not help, she only talked on her cell phone. Kim asked her sister if she just came over to talk on her cell phone. Her sister said you thought I came to help you. No, I came to watch you.

Fifth Grade Fonde Elementary School
Mrs. Wagner/Mrs. Mose-Lett

Once upon a time there was this girl named Madison. She liked to dance. One day she and her friend Deja were walking to the park. They saw a homeless dog.
They went towards the dog and took it home. They cleaned the dog, gave it food and water, and played with the dog. Madison started getting used to the dog. She took care of it.
That Saturday she had a competition. The dog had a part in the dance. She took him too. When they got there the dog rode on a tricycle and did a hand stand. Next up was Madison. She did the dance. She even had her own solo. She did great. Her team won the biggest trophy.
After all that Madison and the dog went for ice cream. He ate half of her ice cream. They went home and went to sleep.

The Moldy Cheese
Fourth Grade
Fonde Elementary School – Mrs. Washington’s Class
There was this family called the Green Family. They had cheese they never used. Every once in a while they would go to a restaurant. One day there was a stinky smell in the refrigerator. They opened up the fridge and saw the cheese was moldy. The mom (Mrs. Green) cooked it for breakfast and the Dad, Sister, and brother said it was good, but it really wasn’t. The Greens learned a lesson to never leave any food in the fridge for a long time.

My Weird School Day
Fourth Grade - Fonde Elementary School
Mrs. Washington
Today was CRAZY!!!
When mom dropped me off to school today
the school was there as she pulled off.
As I was walking up to the school it disappeared right before my eyes.
I saw everyone in the building, but the BUILDING!
The BUILDING was gone!
Then the BUILDING reappeared.
As I walked around the inside the building I did not see anyone.
I mean no one was at school.
what I know is the hallways were flooded with orange juice.
I went outside again to get to my building with my homeroom
and the grass was orange.
I looked at my watch that read 6:58am.
I rushed to class splashing in the orange juice
When I made it to class
Everything was back to normal.
I’m just guessing…
It was a dream!

My Cat Can Talk
Fourth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Carter
One day when I woke up I heard a voice. It was coming from the kitchen. I found out where the voice was coming from. The voice was coming from… My CAT!!!
I screamed when I found out my cat could talk. It was talking on the phone to other talking cats!!! I asked, “How are you capable of talking?” It said, “Wait, I can talk!” “Wait, you do not realize that you can talk?” I asked. “I do not know how to talk,” said the cat. “Then how were you able to talk to the other cats?” I asked “I thought we were speaking in our own language,” said the cat. “Well, now you and I know that you can talk,” I said. “Even though talking cats are kind of weird, it’s really cool that I have a talking cat. That cat is you!”

Space Jam Monsters
Second Grade
Fonde Elementary School – Ms. Lowery
Once there were two kingdoms. There was a good side and a bad side. The good side was stronger than the bad side. But, one day the bad side sent the red dragon and the good side went to space. The next day the King woke up and dell out. On the third day he called the Space Jam Monsters! They traveled around the world. But, one day the king died and the only thing that was left was his daughter, Ciera. Ciera ruled the kingdom.

The Worst Day Ever
Fourth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Washington
Today is supposed to be the best day ever. Today is our class Christmas party. So far my day is not going great because I am late for school. I missed the bus. “Just great!” Now, I have to ride my bike. It takes forever for me to ride my bike to school.
One year later, (Ha!!! Ha!!!) I finally made it to school. Now it’s time for PE. We played basketball for PE. I was hit so hard by the basketball that I broke my leg. “Just great!”
I had to leave school to go to the doctor to get a cast put on my leg. When I got to school the next day everyone was drawing on my cast. My whole class was extra nice to me. They had one more Christmas Party just for me.

All About Me
Fonde Elementary - Third Grade
Hi! My name is Jeremy Bernard Christian Jr. I am nine years old. I was born on December 25, 2006. I am the youngest and I have a big sister in the fourth grade named Mariya Kailyn Williams. She is bossy, but she is very intelligent just like me.
I am in PACE which I attend on Tuesdays at another school. I enjoy learning about the history of 1900s. At home I enjoy playing on my tablet and wrestling with my little cousin and Big sister even though I fail each time.
I like to eat dairy products such as ice cream, yogurt, and cheese. When I eat a hamburger I have to eat cheese on it. When it is hot I like to eat me some ice cream. For a healthy snack I like to eat yogurt. Even though I like to eat dairy products, they do not like me. When I get too much dairy products in my body I break out and it makes me look uncool.
I like to play basketball, football, and soccer. Now you know some things about me.

Stuck in Candyland
Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Mose-Lett/Mrs. Wagner

One Friday night I had a sleepover at my house. My cousin Jaylyn asked me if I had any board games. I told her I that the only board game I had was Candyland. I took Candyland out and told her that the game was an unusual game.
She did not believe me. She started the game without me finishing what I was trying to express about the game. I started to play along with her, it was my turn I rolled the dice. My number had me to land on the little people. As soon as I landed on the little people, I started to shrink.
I was inside the board game and I didn’t know what to do. I started to walk around and ask the characters that were in the board game what to do. Jaylyn did not know where I was so she went home. The characters told me to go to the palace and push a red button before 12:00am. It was already 11:50pm. I was in a dilemma. I sort of wanted to stay in the board game and I sort of wanted to go back home. After a deep thought I decided to stay in the board game, nobody knew where I was.

Beauty Is Her Name
Second Grade
Fonde Elementary School – Ms. Bardwell
Once there was a little princess who was very beautiful. Every day the princess brushed her hair 100 times. She made sure her curls stayed tight, and her braids were always right. The princess thought her hair was the only thing beautiful about her.
One day she had braids in her hair. The princess got bored with her braids and decided to take them down. As she was taking them down she felt that it was taking too long. The princess thought to herself if I cut them down I’ll be done in no time. She began cutting her braids starting at the roots. She went snip, snip here and snip, snip there. She went snip, snip, snip everywhere.
When she was done she looked in the mirror. Immediately, she knew she had messed up. All of her hair was gone. She thought she was ugly.
That night the princess had a bad dream. In her dream, she dreamt that all the kids were laughing and teasing her. She was scared to return to school. Before she left for school, her mom assured her that beauty was not on the top of her head, but in her heart. Her mother told her that beauty did not have anything to do with the clothes that you wears. It has everything to do with your brains and your smarts.
Once the princess returned to school she received all of the compliments that she needed from the start. A lady said, “Some girls have so much hair that you cannot see the beauty in their face.” From that day forward, the princess saw beauty for what it really was.

Kayla, The Little 9th Grade Girl
Fifth Grade
Fonde Elementary School – Mrs. House/Mrs. Robinson
On July 31, 1999 a girl named Kayla attended James High School in the 9th grade. She was rich. There were three girls named Ty-Tianna, Jamecia, and Heaven that were always bullying Kayla. She had one friend name Talea. Talea moved in town from Virgina. Talea’s first day was July 31, 1999. Talea saw Kalyla and they had a lot of things in common. Talea and Kayla became best friends. Kayla told Talea everything that happens at her school including how the three girls bullied her.
Kayla gave Talea an earful of things that the girls did to her. Talea encouraged Kayla to keep her head up and not be afraid of the girls. Talea let Kayla know that she will always be by her side. Kayla hugged Talea so tight that she started crying. As the day ended, Talea asked Kayla if she wanted to spend the night. Kayla was very excited for the invitation. She quickly responded that she would love to have a sleepover with her. The new friends made a deal to meet up at Talea’s house at 5:00pm.
Kayla arrived at Talea’s house. They ate popcorn, ice cream, cake, and drank juice. They watched a movie and went to sleep. The next day Kayla and Talea went to school. They were talking in the hallway. The three girls walked up and started bullying Kayla again. Talea stood up for her and said yall need to stop bullying Kayla because Kayla had not done anything to them.
Talea encouraged the girls to apoligaize to Kayla and give her a hug. She told them that needed to get over whatever it was that was causing them to bully Kayla. All of the girls ended that day with a group hug. They became a group of best friends.

The Magical Doll
Fonde Elementary School
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Webb

One day in a faraway Kingdom there was a princess named Anastysia. Her parents were King Charles and Queen Krystal. They had a Kingdom named after their daughter, Anastysia. To celebrate the kingdom they brought gifts to the princess to congratulate her for having a Kingdom named after her. On that night there was an extravagant ball put in place to celebrate the naming of the Kingdom. The ball took place at 7:00pm sharp at the Fancy Ball Room.
She was presented with all types of presents from the villagers. One of the gifts was decorated so special, Anastysia decided to open that gift last. She received an Electric Scooter, a Skywalker, and a brand new Princess Dress. After everyone watched her open those special gifts, she asked for her nicely wrapped gift to open. When she opened it, it was a beautiful Magical Doll. It was inside of a lovely box that read Magic Milly. She loved the doll more than any gift that she had already opened. As the night crept upon her, she was thinking about how she would convince her mother and father to sleep in the room with her. She told her doll that she wished that her parents could sleep with her on that night. Her magical doll actually performed magical wishes. Her wish was granted and her parents slept with her that night. The princess told her Magical Doll how lucky she was. If only the princess knew what was happening next.
The only reason the doll was magical is because the doll was cursed by a witch who wanted to lock the royals in a castle and rule Anastanna forever and ever! The next morning Anastanna woke up and went to eat breakfast. She accidently spilled her orange juice all over her pancakes. Her pancakes were completely ruined. Her pancakes were the last set that were cooked. Anastanna wished that she could have some more pancakes. Magic Milly granted her wish and Anastanna was given fresh warm pancakes to eat. Her doll was so magical. Anastanna did not know that the witch was underground trying to plot a plan to capture her. Since the doll had granted her final wish she was able to send the witch her location. Once the witch got the location and got to Anastanna, the witch would rule Anastanna forever and ever.
The witch made all types of chaos in the Kingdom. The witch found a way to get the King and Queen out of the house so that she could get to Anastanna. The King and Queen eventually told Anastanna that they would be back so that they could calm the chaos down in the Kingdom so that they could live in the Kingdom with peace and harmony together forever. The witches plan came to life. While the parents were gone into the Kingdom, the witch got into the castle. The witch was on her way to rule the castle. Anastanna knew what to do before the witch could even harm her. Her parents had schooled her many times on what to do if the witch ever came to harm her. They had told her the story a million times before. Once Anastanna saw the witch, she called her name three times: Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly. Kimberly, the witch was shot away by an invisible cannon. Anastanna saved the day!

The Tallest Castle
Fonde Elementary School - Fourth Grade - Mrs. Webb
Once upon a time there was a King that lived in the castle. There was another King that lived beside him. They did not get alone. One day they had a battle about who had the tallest castle. They decided to measure their Castles with objects.
The first King went to get a chair. The other King went to get a bigger chair. Then, one of the first King’s servants went to get a pole to add to the first King’s chair. Another servant went to get 18 crates to stack on top of the bigger chair for the second King. The second King said his castle was bigger than the other first King.
The first King got mad. He went to get stuff to pile on top of his items to show that his castle was the tallest. The other King went in to get more stuff too. Then, they compared their items. The first King that had all of that stuff fell down and the other King started laughing. Then his stuff fell down too. The other King started laughing. After they enjoyed laughing at each other, they decided to be friends.

Labor Camp
Third Grade - Fonde Elementary School – Ms. Chism
My family was preparing to go on a road trip. I hate roads. I do not like straight roads, curved roads, or dirt roads. It’s like roads lead people to random places.
Every time my father takes out a map, I cry. We rode painfully about three hours before we finally arrived to the Labor Camp. I think we went to the same camp last year. My mom started combing my hair. She also talked about the day I was born. Then I want to bed.
The next day my mom and I went to pick apples which is her favorite thing to do at the camp. My mom said, “Honey, you are going to be late for the bus.” I not only made it to my bus on time, but I really enjoyed attending Mrs. Washington’s class. I left Mrs. Washington’s class with an assignment. I went home and sat my books down. I went to the grassy meadow to concentrate on my assignment. It took me about two hours, but my I completed my assignment.
On our last day at the camp I took my assignment to Mrs. Washington. She was very impressed. She told me that I was going to receive the Young Author of the Year Award. I was so happy.
I did not mind getting back on the road whether it was straight, curved, or a dirt road. I was going home with an award from the Labor Camp. We were back on the road again.

Fourth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Rocker
Going To the Park

One day I woke up in the morning and came down the stairs to eat breakfast. I ate all my breakfast. My mom asked me if I wanted to go to the park. I said yes. She told me to go put on some clothes. I put on everything. We walked to the park. We saw some birds and squirrels. We fed the squirrels. We went home. We ate dinner. We went to bed. The end.

Happy Faces Every Day
Second Grade- Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Tuttle
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Makenzie Miller. It was her first day of school. She had a very good day because she made friends with Cabrera, Jannis, and Dakaria.
Over time she did all of her homework. She made straight A’s every time she received her report card.
She read books from the library. She read so many words. She read more words than her classmates like me. She has had fun at PE. She eats her snack at the end of the day. Her teacher gives her happy faces every day.
When she tells her family how her day has gone. Her mother is always very happy! Her mother asked her if she can continue to get happy faces every day. She told her mom that she can keep making happy faces every day.