Caterpillar to Butterfly
Tania M
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Washington
When you see a caterpillar
Munching on a leaf
Getting bigger and bigger
Every day you see
The caterpillar spins and spins
Making a chrysalis to sleep in
Four wings, six legs, new eyes
Then out pops a beautiful
While the butterfly is flying
In the wind
The cycle of caterpillars
Are starting again.

The Amazing Shark Boy
Third Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Chism
Once upon a time there was a boy who like sharks. Sometimes he would go to the sharks and feed them some fish. One day he was playing. After that he tripped and fell in the water. He drowned.
Then a shark picked him up and gave him the ability to breath underwater. Few days later he grew a shark fin. He realized that he was a shark. He named himself Shark Boy.
After that he lived with the sharks. He also had the ability to talk to sharks. One day he saw a little shark in trouble and he went in action to save it. The little sharked thanked him for saving him from the electric eel.

Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. House/ Mrs. Robinson
Football is a really intense sport. It’s one of my favorites from the blood rushing touchdowns to the parade of band members showering across the green stadium floor of madness.
There are many big fans of various teams. I mean plenty! What’s your favorite team? Well I’ll tell you mine. My favorite team is the Carolina Partners…
I’m sure you’re pretty familiar with their quarterback. A lot of people go the superdome. I know you are probably thinking, why a girl would like football. Well when you grow up with a lot of boys and only one sister it’s hard to stop yourself from not liking it. My sister doesn’t though because you know teenagers these days. If I like it of course my mom does too. She calls herself the football buff. It’s pretty funny watching her wear her Mississippi State Jersey. When it’s a game/war with Auburn and Alabama… and yea this is a fun fact…. I hate Alabama’s football team. I was glad to see Clemson win against Alabama. Even though the state of Alabama did not walk away with the National Championship this year, University of Alabama got a taste of how it feels to lose a game.

The Big Game
Fifth Grade - Fonde School
Mrs. Wagner/Mrs. Mose
Hey my name is
Today we are going to the
Cavs game
Today the game has started
Kyrie is going up the court
He shook Curry
And stepped back
He shot the ball in
Kyrie jumped in the crowd
Got krunk then
LeBron came back and
On Kevin Durant

All About My Family
Fonde Elementary School
I have 5 sisters and 4 brothers. My sisters’ names are Kiana, Kiara, Taneria and Shaneria. Taneria and Shaneria are twins. My first sister and I never met because she died when she was born.
My brothers’ names are Travis, Leon, Ja’ceon, and Buddy. We call my brother Buddy because he makes friends every time he goes somewhere. My brother Travis is 16, my brother Buddy is 12, and my baby brother is 2.
My sister Kiara is 13, my sister Kiana is 14, and my sisters Taneria and Shaneria are 12. My baby brother’s favorite color is blue. Buddy’s favorite color is green. Leon’s favorite color is red. Kiana’s favorite color is white. Kiara’s favorite color is pink. Shaneria and Taneria’s favorite color is pink….
That is all about my brothers and sisters.

Fifth Grade
Fonde Elementary School
Mrs. Mose-Lett/ Mrs. Wagner
Way back then
Before I was ten
Old family was in
I don’t know when
People trying to survive
Trying to save their lives
Before I was born
Before family was torn
Now it’s different
I got your attention
Be grateful daily
Be glad we don’t have

The Mother of Time
Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School -
Mrs. House/ Mrs. Robinson
One upon a time there was a normal homeless girl. Her name was London. She was 11 years old, four feet six inches, black hair, brown eyes, pretty, and intelligent. Last, but not least, she had very positive character traits. With her intelligence she made it into school. She was the smartest.
One day she received a job as an author. She wrote many books. Writing books made her rich. She became a multimillionaire. All of that money gave her a new place to live.
Her new house is a mansion. She gave to charity, to the homeless, and to the children’s hospital. She went from being extremely poor to being wealthy. One day she died. She lived from 2005 – 2026.
How in the world did she become The Mother of Time? When she died they buried her body. After the burial The Father of Time died. Before he died he said, “London, you must take my place.” She came back to life as the Mother of Time. Her dress was blue white and black. She needed a new name instead of London. Her name became Paris. I know you thought her name was just Mother of Time, but she has two names. But, this is just the beginning, the very beginning.
The Mother of Time 2: Time Warp Extinction
This story is about the Mother of Time. The rest of the story, you will find out later. Let’s get started. The Mother of time also known as Paris was doing pretty well in her kingdom of time. Oh I thought I told you how she built the Kingdom of Time. When the Father of Time died all of his stuff disappeared. Mother of Time had to recreate everything. She built her kingdom, her mansion, and her minions. She built a giant city and time travel. With every good side of somebody there is a bad side of the same person which was Mother of Time. There was a machine that separated the good side and the bad side of Mother Time. The bad side of Mother Time made its own Kingdom.
She made her army. They built weapons, armor, shields, animals, Time Beast beyond imagination, and Time War Lords. They were so powerful their land could have destroyed all of the Time Universe.
When Mother Time found out she was outrageous she told the entire kingdom that they would go to war. They built creatures, Time Monsters, Time Giants, Armor Weapons, shields, and deep sea orcs. Mother Time X is the bad side of Mother of Time. They killed every creature. Everything went extinct including the rare Time Warps. Mother Time was able to save the Time Warps. She used them in battle. It was time for war. But, they did not fight because they saw humans. Everyone ran except Mother Time. The humans were Connie and Jack. They told Mother of Time that Mother Time X destroyed the world. Mother said I’ll explain… To be continued…

The Flying Unique Unicorn
Second Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Tuttle
Once upon a time there was a unique unicorn in a barn. She said to the horse, “Do you think I can win the race?” The horse replied, “Yes, of course you can win. You can do anything if you put your mind to it!”
The unicorn was so nervous because she was the youngest in the race. She wanted all of her friends to come to watch her. Once the race started she began to run as fast as she could not knowing that her wings were the only ones sparkling as she flew pass the finish line in first place.

All about Me
Aalivia T
Second Grade - Fonde Elementary School -Ms. Tuttle
I am a seven year old girl in Mobile, Alabama. I was born in Write Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. I live with my mom, but I have two brothers and one sister who live with my dad in Ohio.
I like the colors pink and turquoise. My favorite food is hotdog. I take swimming lessons at the YMCA. I collect dolls. I play with some of my dolls and the rest of my dolls are brand new in the original box.
I usually go to my granny’s house and watch TV or color in my coloring book. I love my life and my family.

Where’s Mrs. Washington
Fourth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Washington
While everyone was reading their books, Siria noticed something. She hopped out of her seat and yelled, “Where’s Mrs. Washington?” Everyone looked around the classroom. They said, “Where is Mrs. Washington?” Saria hopped out from, her seat again and said let’s split up. How can we split up when Mrs. Washington is not in here?
They we trying to split the class like teachers do when there is an emergency and the teacher has to leave. Siria insisted that four students could be in each group. She even suggested that each group be assigned a leader.
When everyone were about to walk out, Luke just sat there. Jolie asked him if he wanted to be in her group. He told her no. Stephen asked him why he didn’t want to join their group. Luke was not going anywhere. He said that he did not want to get in trouble. Trinity budded in to the conversation and asked Luke if he was going to tell on them. She also wanted to know why?
Luke said he was not leaving because Mrs. Washington will come back. Trinity asked him what happens if Mrs. Washington does not come back. Most of the students in the classroom were begging Luke to join a group and split up.
Different students started looking for Mrs. Washington. Trinity went to the gym, Mrs. Washington was not there. Stephen went to the teacher’s work room, no Mrs. Washington. But, Jolie went to the teacher’s lounge, there was Mrs. Washington.
The students did not get into trouble. They actually got a treat because they were out to a test to see who would look for their teacher. Luke snitched and got his treat taken away. He was really mad. Luke was happy that Mrs. Washington was found.

A Little Girl with Diabetes
Third Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Tate/Mr. Portella
Hello, my cousin is a diabetic. She has to be very careful what she ingest into her body. Sometimes she sees food that she wants to eat and she just can’t help herself. She eats the good looking food and her sugar goes up.
How do you feel about a young child that has not even reached her teens being a diabetic? It makes me feel bad for her. Do you agree that it is wrong for her to have it? I agree with you if you think it is wrong. I do support her and any person who has diabetes. I think she can be the first one to find a cure for diabetes.
Sometimes my cousin thinks it is bad to be a diabetic. I do not think it is so bad even though I do not have it. At least she can taste things even though she may not be able to eat too much of certain things. Some foods taste really good to her and some food taste nasty to her. Who cares that she has this disease. She is still who she is. She is a beautiful little girl.

Our Christmas Holiday Fun
Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. House/Mrs. Robinson

I want to share with the world all about my magnificent Christmas this year! My family and I went to Orlando, Florida. It was a long ride, but we made it! While I was on that long ride, I would look out the window and enjoy nature, fall asleep, wake up, and fall asleep again. When I was not sightseeing or sleeping, I was talking my mom’s head off.
On the first day we went to the Orlando Magic’s verses the Laker’s professional basketball game. I really like the Laker’s over the Magic’s. The Magic’s team is sorry in my eyes. But, the Laker’s won. Watching a professional game in person was really fun. I did not eat anything while I was there because we had a big dinner waiting for us when we left.
The second day we went to Walt Disney Park, the outlet, and other places to do some Christmas shopping. While we were shopping, Nike Outlet stole most of our time. My Aunt did purchase me a Nike headband.
On the third day, we went to Universal Studios. We were there all day. We had lots of fun! I enjoyed both parks. I had too much fun getting on rides and taking pictures. I ate some tasty food at the parks too. My favorite ride for both parks was the Revenge of the Mummy. The ride was so entertaining.
On the fourth day we cooked and played the PS4 and/or played in the game room.
On the fifth day we opened our Christmas gifts. Love and Happiness filled the room all around us. On the six day we left Orlando and headed back home to Mobile, Alabama. We were very tired!
I would love to repeat this trip again. I would like to go back to Orlando, Florida. If we do go again, we will need a bigger vehicle!