A Mother’s Love
By: Malik
Leflore High School
Why is that the hear fills with joy every time she sees your adorable face?
Wants to kick you every time you catch a case?
Why do those eyes of gold search the globe to make sure you’re the only one safe?
Why do you come to her arms everyday just to squeeze tightly?
I wonder how it feels. Does it feel right?
Who is the one smiling and laughing, when you smile too?
How does anyone compare to her due?
Whose lap is there to comfort you when you are sad?
But always has a belt when you are bad?
Why is she always tough on me?
Maybe she sees something in me that I don’t see?
Why is she the last voice you hear when you leave?
And the first voice you hear when you come back?
Why does she want to give you the world?
When all you want to do is cause a twirl?
Well, to me, it doesn’t make any sense?
Maybe it’s past tense?
They say a mother’s love means she will die for you.
Well, I love you mother.
You are truly a great gift from God.

By: Demarcus
Leflore High School
They say that roses are red
They say that violets are blue
I say that I’ll be dead
If I didn’t have you
By my side, look me in my eyes
Tell me if it’s true
I wonder why you thought I was that guy
That perfect guy for you
Listen you
Re so flawless
And you’re never aweless
And you got me falling for you
Like a leaf in August
All the things I’m spilling
Are feelings straight from the soul
You kept it real from the go
Everyday me and you go mo’
Mentally and physically
The bond we both share is meant to be our chemistry
Is skyrocketing…I tried stopping it But that didn’t work
I was born to be a lover, but that gift turned to a curse
Every time I thought I found the one
We’d always fall apart
But deep down I knew you were different from the start
Something told me make you mine
It’s a good thing I listened to my heart
Yet, I get a feeling so surreal

Strength in Distress
By: DeVonta
Leflore High School
I remember Chuck E. Cheese’s with my auntie’s nieces
If I see 18, it must be Jesus
Because kids like us don’t live too long
He was like 11, now he lives in heaven
Hollow tips too strong from Smith and Wesson
They don’t discriminate, whether 6 or 7 or 68
Dinner plate so empty, in our city so ugly, so pretty
Pray my kids see god and goddess as their true reflection
Take off all my chains and remember when noose was necklace
A curse and blessing with skin as glisten as rich as gold
You saw the video and audio
Another “I can’t breathe,” another father gone
The copper’s innocent, I hope the crooked world don’t stay crooked
Knowing they can’t kill us, we’ll live forever and hopscotch over stray bullets
Dodge water in the rain and exchange diamonds for my dollars
And for strength, pray to God, Jah, Allah, and my momma

My Last Journey Home
By: S’Christien
Leflore High School
My soul is joyful and my heart is free
My spirit is flying high above me
“I made it! I’ve already won!”
No more chains or boundaries
My mind is peaceful and calm
I hear many sweet voices calling to me
I feel my Father’s warmth wrapping around me
As I think of the race I ran and storms I survived
All those long and restless nights
I look up high with tears of joy in my eyes
The pure light surrounds me and swallows me whole
But I do not fear for I have reached my goal
As I step on ground high above the Earth
My journey here has tripled my worth
I see a lion rush toward me but I do not panic
I know too well who this lion is
I see a lamb whose wool is whiter than the newest fallen snow
He rubs his wool against my skin
The lion and the lamb guide me to a great pearly gate
A giant tomb is rested against the gate and to the opposite aside an angel with eternal residence
I knew my journey was almost complete
The angel made his way to the ultimate book
Slowly the angel opened the cover and flipped to a page
It took him much longer than expected, but I never worried
I knew my name was there as sure as my name was my name
The angel closed the book, and the lion let out a deafening roar
The gates slowly swung open
The lion entered the gates, first followed by the lamb
As I followed closely behind them, I felt like this had always been my home
I dropped to my knees as I admired the greatest and most luxurious city to ever exist
Immediately, I knew that all that pain and sorrow
All that loss and heartbreak
All those trials and tribulations
Had been set up for this greater glory
I knew I was home

By: Jasmine
Leflore High School
I hated this walk more than I hated the death of Jon Snow.
It was dark, lonely and cold.
I was alone in the dark for two point five seconds until I reached the store.
There, I relished in the light and escaped the dark by throwing myself into the door.
I wasn’t alone, and it wasn’t cold.
But like all good things it had to end
I was back in the cold, lonely, dark.
As I made my way on to the house, I felt the tinge of fear spike.
As the only good and innocent within miles I shied from those on the devil’s pike.
Since there was nothing but streetwalkers and hookers, stragglers and losers
I stuffed my hair into my beanie hoping to avoid all faceless John’s.
Continuing on my treacherous journey, I sped up when I saw a shadow lurking.
Passing by an old abandoned house, I noticed how more intimidating it seemed at night.
Suddenly, in a flash, my only source of light was gone. I was paralyzed in fright.
The shadow’s had red hazed eyes and long gnarled fingers.
Seeing my destination not too far ahead I raced to it without linger.
Just as I approached the porch I heard a joker like laugh and quickly opened the door.
As I breathed and heaved holding the sweating milk.
I took of my heavy coat and fell to the floor,
Letting my breathing calm down.
I went into the kitchen and poured the cereal I had been so desperate to have.