Caleb’s Life
Fourth Grade
Fonde Elementary School – Mrs. Washington’s Class
Hi there!
My name is Caleb
I got a good life, you know
I go to Fonde Elementary School
I came from Puerto Rico
People try to make fun of me because they just know
I came from Puerto Rico
Sometimes it makes me feel bad.
But, I do have some good friends
I have a great home too
My favorite color is blue
My favorite animal is a shark
I have the best teacher in the whole wide world
I love my family, my friends, and my teacher

The Big Bully
Fourth Grade
Fonde Elementary School – Mrs. Washington’s Class
I observe people all the time. I pay attention to children at school often. I like to tell my teacher and classmates when I see people make great choices over terrible choices. I really do not like to see people bully other people because bullying is awful. I do like to see students read and/or study.
One day while I was walking to my class to sit in the hall I noticed a first grader named Jameriyah bullying a girl. I walked up to the bully and told her that what she was doing was not cool. I let her know that I have been put in situations where people have bullied me and it is not a good feeling to be picked on. Then after that Jameriyah did not say anything, but she walked off.
I walked up to the little girl who was being bullied and asked her if she was alright. She told me that she was fine. I went and told an adult because I did not like the way that child was being treated. She did not deserve that. I just do not like the feeling of being bullied.
The next day I reminded Jameriyah face to face that no one wants to be treated like she was treating that little girl the day before. I told her she needs to show some respect to her classmates.

The Extraordinary Dream
Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Wagner/Mrs. Mose-Lett
One night when I was sleeping I had a crazy and extraordinary dream! It was so incredible that I didn’t want to wake up! Samya, Kayla, and I were in a strange and beautiful land. We saw a beautiful glowing white Pegusas. “Hi! My name is Alana,” said the Pegusas. My friends and I were so amazed that the animal could talk. She took us for a ride on her back.
As we took off we heard a loud exploration. Boom!!! We looked down and saw a lot of Pegusas’s hurt. We also saw a mysterious figure lurking around with a lot of gold bracelets in its hands. “Oh no, one of the dangerous griffins is stealing the gold again!” Alana said. Griffins! My friends and I screamed. Griffins are half eagle and half lion. They have senses of the two most evil animals. “Come on guys we have to get the treasure back and help the other creatures,” said Samya.
We all agreed with her and got to action. Samya and Kayla stayed back to help the creatures while me and Alana followed the Griffin. It wasn’t easy to catch up with the griffin, but we did. We strapped it down so we could talk to it. “Why did steal the magical gold bracelets,” I asked? “I’m so sorry,” said the griffin. That is when Alana and I realized that it was just a kid. Alana, the griffin and I had a long conversation about things that were wrong and right. The griffin’s name was Candace. She didn’t have any parents so we took her back with us.
When we got back to the land Samya and Kayla had accomplished getting the creatures back healthy. The creatures were scared to see Candace at first, but we explained the whole situation to them. Candace returned the golden bracelets and apologized. Everyone was thankful that she did and loved her for that. Even though she was a griffin we took her under our protection and protected her. From that day forward we still loved her and would never leave Candace ever. She said she finally felt like she had family. That made me happy.
After that moment I woke up in my bedroom sad. I didn’t want to leave the beautiful place. I was hoping I would see that dream again that night. At breakfast I told my family about my dream. They were so amazed just like I was. With wonderful dreams like that I knew the next days were going to be great ones. They always were. I always visit my friends in the beautiful land.

Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School
Mrs. House/Mrs. Robinson
Basketball is my favorite sport
I’ll play it all day long
My favorite team is the Cleveland Cavilers
They are my peers
Three seconds on the clock
Yeah LeBron made the shot
I will shout
Without a doubt
That’s why I appreciate them
Go Cavs!!!

My Pink Flower
Fourth Grade
Fonde School – Mrs. Washington’s Class
I love pink flowers
They smell so great
I love the smell
Of my pink flower
In my flower pot
Some of my family loves the
smell of my pink flower
It just smells so good
My mom said
It smells so bad
My brother said
I love the smell of my pink flower
It smells so good in my garden

The Weird Dog
Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School – Ms. Wagner/Mrs. Mose-Lett
Once upon a time there was a dog named king. He was a weird dog so no one really liked him. He was a pink, brown, yellow, and orange dog. No one would buy him from the shelter. One family came and got him but then they took him back to the shelter. He felt bad no one really liked him. All he did was cry on his dog bed. The dog really wanted a family.
One day he wanted to leave the shelter and find him a family, so he made a plan. That night he waited until the shelter closed and he bust open the glass and crawled out the front door. He was walking in the street with nowhere to go.
He walked up to a house and started to bark. The family came to the door and said, Aww! So cute! I love pink, brown, yellow, and orange dogs.
They fed him, loved him, bathed him, and kept him. And he lived happily ever after.

Daniel M
The Boy Who Liked Wolves
Second Grade
Fonde Elementary School – Ms. Peterson
There once was a boy who loved wild animals
He loved them so much that he wanted to be one
His favorite animal is a wolf
He liked wolves so much because they loved their family
They also get to play outside all day
One night he went to sleep
And woke up and his whole family
Were wolves
They got to play all day

The Golden Scepter
Fourth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Washington
Zach and I found a magical temple when we explored the stranded island. We went inside wondering what was in the temple. “Should we really be in here?” I said, in concern. Zach said, “Come on, it’s only a really bad idea to do this but if we pass this we might find treasure.” I had no choice but to go with him because he took my hand and dragged me along.
He found some tiles with different animals on them. I took the risk and touched the human tile. Nothing happened so Zach said, “Let’s go” while stepping on the bird tile. I stopped him then a ton of arrows came from the tile area. I tried to find out the pattern by throwing a rock on the bear tile. Nothing happened. “What is the same about the human and the bear,” asked Zach? “Why don’t we just get out of here?” I asked. “It’s because I do not know the way out,” said Zach. “Well, okay then, I know that the bear and the human are both mammals.” “Let’s walk on the mammal tiles,” I said.
We went along the tiles and found a golden scepter topped off with two sapphires and one emerald, “I was surprised that there was only one trap,” said Zach! “Oh don’t be so sure Zach,” I said. Zach took the scepter and waved it around then ice just came and froze the lava.
“Come on Zach, let’s go,” I said. “I see an opening on the roof so let’s go through there using the scepter.” Said Zach. “Okay Zach.” I said We escaped safely and went on with our day.

Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Robinson/Mrs. House
Hi, I’m Kanyla Burks. I’m a cheerleader for Mrs. Lisa Alabama All Stars. I’ve been on her team for two years. On my first day of practice I was nervous. I thought the other girls were going to make fun of me because I didn’t know how to do some stuff my couches were telling me to do. Yeah I cheered at Eight Mile, but they weren’t telling us to do that type of stuff. Soon I learned how to do all types of flips.
Mrs. Lisa has five different teams. She has a tiny team, youth team, junior team, senior team, and special needs team. Mrs. Lisa is the only one in the Gulf Coast who has a special needs team. When we go to competitions mostly everybody in the building get out of their seats and clap for them. All of her teams are pretty good!
I’m on the Junior Team! We are pretty good. We got third place at our first competition. It was in Biloxi, Mississippi. Mrs. Lisa last year we got 7th at our first competition. At practice we all have to push ourselves to get better and better. We just can’t give up. I hope you don’t either.

My Life story: All about Me
Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Robinson/Mrs. House
My name is Jaylashae Calhoun. I have two sisters, a momma, a daddy, and three best friends. My mom’s name is Lereatha Thomas. My dad’s name is Melvin Calhoun. My sisters’ names are Ja’Curiya and Ja’Mirya. My three best friends are Allauna, Mariya, and Charlesha. I’ve got an uncle who lives with us, his name is Keith.
I am ten years old. My birthday is March 19, 2006. My sisters and I do not always get along. We argue and fight! My sisters and I do talk with each other about school. Sometimes we have bonding time by polishing our fingernails. I love everyone in my family. My mom and dad loves us dearly. I love everyone in my family too. My friends like to hang out with me. Those are things that happen with my family.

Princess Selena
Fifth Grade - Fonde Elementary School - Mrs. Wagner/ Mrs. Mose-Lett

Once there was a princess named Selena. She was looking to for someone to marry. The Queen said, “You have to find a prince by tonight.” If she didn’t find a prince on the night of the ball, she wouldn’t be the next queen. The next morning Selena woke up and said to herself, “What do I have to do today?” Then she thought about it. She said, “Oh No, I need to go to the ball, She got up, took a shower, and got dressed, fixed her hair, and left.
The next day was the day of the ball. She had to go get her hair done and her nails done too. She had to get her make up done. She even had to go and pick her out a dress and some shoes. She was even thinking about the mask that she had to get. She even had to get a purse.
That night before the ball she started getting ready. When she got to the ball the queen came up to her and said, “Welcome to the ball, I have some princes that you can dance with!” Then, Selena’s phone started ringing. She answered her phone. The person on the other end said, “Hello!!!” But, she did not know who it was. She said, “Hello!” again. It was the queen letting Selena know that one of the princes was not there. Selena replied to the queen, “Okay!” Selena chose a prince from the dance floor. They got married. They lived happily ever after.
A few years later the queen got sick. She did not know what to do. She called Selena and told her she was dying. Selena found out that not only was she going to have to plan a funeral, but that her and her new husband were going to be the new King and Queen.