Oh My, Oh My, The SeaBy Sheila 5th Grade – E. R. Dickson

Oh, how the seaReminds me of sweet teaAs I calm down andSleep safe and sound.
Oh, how the seaGives me chills andFills me with sadnessAnd with gladness.
Oh, how the sea’s wavesDo not remind me of cavesAs I get tan andWish I had a fan.
Oh, how the seaMakes me think of many thingsLive a walk in a parkAs I hear a dog bark.
Oh, how the seaMakes me see many wavesLike the wall of fameBut also like a dog that has been tamed.

Birthday Surprise
By Caroline 3rd Grade – E. R. Dickson
There was a little fish
He swam in the lakeHe smelled something yummyPerhaps it was a cake

He swam through the oceanHe looked everywhereBut all he foundWas a weirdly shaped chair

Finally at last
He found the pathWhen he opened the doorHe almost fell on the floor

He was so amazed
To see all of his friends and familyThey all screamed “Happy Birthday Justin!”Justin found himself in glee

FriendsBy Aniyah
5th Grade – E. R. Dickson

Forgiving Reliable

I AM Poem
By Savannah 4th Grade – E. R. Dickson

I am Savannah McGraw,
I wonder if I could fly,I hear birds singing in the morning,I see owls at night,I want to be a Bio Chemical Engineer,I am Savannah McGraw.
I pretend to be a superhero,I feel great about myself,I touch the pencil at school,I worry about my AR goal,I cry “Thank you!” to the good Lord,I am Savannah McGraw.
I understand life,
I say “Yes and No ma’am or sir,”I dream of being a you-tuber,I try to do my best,I hope to succeed,I am Savannah McGraw.

By Jacoyia 5th Grade – E. R. Dickson
School is great,But class isn’t cool.Skies are gray becauseSome boys drool.Teachers are cool,Some students are cruel.Dickson Dollars we getIf behavior is great, butNot even one if we areAlways late!Clubs are awesomeAnd music is too!No matter what you sayOr do, be cool by stayingIn school!!!!

Bad Day
By Madison 4th Grade – E. R. Dickson

Today was a bad day. When I woke up I fell out of bed and my dog drooled on my foot. When I was brushing my teeth my hair almost went down the drain. When I was going downstairs I tripped over my sister’s toy and got in trouble for yelling at her. My mom made her so called “delicious” Kale smoothies. So I didn’t get breakfast. At school, I forgot my morning work and fell out of my desk. When I got home I was still grounded for yelling at my sister. Today was a bad day.