The Sun
by Trinity Wynette
4th Grade – E. R. Dickson

The sun is yellow, the sun is bright.
It’s the best in sight.
You will see it sometimes,
the sun is the best, so treat it right.
It gives you light, so give it care.

By Anthony
4th Grade – E. R. Dickson

Space Explorer
Celestial Bodies
Extra Terrestrial

Traits of Cameryn
By Cameryn
5th Grade – E. R. Dickson

Creative, make up things, and build it.
Amazing at playing sports.
Magnificent because I am awesome.
Energetic because I have a lot of energy.
Respectful to my parents and teachers.
Young because I am ten years old.
Noble to everybody that needs help.

Wonderful at doing things.
Active because I like to play.
Talented I have done many things.
Serious about my work in school.
Original, I am the same.
Nice to other people.

“Why My Grandfather Is Special To Me”By Jonah 4th Grade – E. R. Dickson

My grandfather is special to me. His name is James Robinson and he is 66 years old. He made toilet tissue at Kimberly Clark before he retired. A long time ago, he played football and his nick name was “Rock”. Papa loves to spend time with me and he teaches me a lot of new things.

He is teaching me how to be a man. Papa always help me practice for my baseball and football games. He tells me to tuck my shirt into my pants and to always look neat.

Papa is a great caregiver. I see how he takes care of my Memaw everyday. He is a man that cleans the house and cooks too. Papa still makes time to pick me up from school every day. My Papa is a man of God. He is a minister at my church. I listen to him when he preaches and tells me about the Bible. I love my PaPa and he is my best friend. My grandfather is very special to me.

The Great, Powerful Zeusby Shannon 5th grade, E.R. Dickson Elementary
The Great, Powerful ZeusZeus, the god of the sky,
Skies with beauty, I wonder why.Zeus, so powerful and true,In control of the weather, makes skies blue.
Zeus, he can seem cruel,Then amazing and great, and even a jewel.
Zeus, he is forever kind,Sometimes you might hear him yell, "Do you mind!"
Zeus, so mighty and clear,If you're good he might be sincere.
Zeus, he makes his choices fearlessly,He walks in the clouds defying gravity.

Zeus, he gets wiser beyond his years,His frustration you can always hear.
Zeus, in the clouds you've done your part,And this poem has come from my heart.

The Whistle of the WindBy Florencia5th Grade – E. R. Dickson

Like a 5th birthday childBlowing out its candles,The wind blows through the treesThen slowly it begins to flow

Like the river’s ripples
To an ocean’s great wavesThe wind slowly goesSwish, whoosh, swishLike a little rocking chair

Although the wind is moving
It slowly stops one timeLike a beaver’s damAnd the water starts to Knock.

Just as you think it’s stopping
It starts up one more timeThe whistle you’ll just have to findIn the wind’s slow rhyme.