“Coming to this World”
By LaToya
Fifth Grade - Craighead Elementary Mr. Walker
When I came to this world,
I saw lots of things, like adults, kids, and babies like me.
I never knew the world was so big,
Until I grew up to be just like I am.
The trees, the stars, the moons and them all.
I knew they were special, but what did they mean.
I never knew,
Until I grew up to be just like I am.

“Four Senses”
By Randall
Craighead Elementary
Mr. Walker’s 5th Grade Class
I love the smell of cookies.
I love the taste of milk.
I love the hearing of rookies,
And the feeling of silk.
These are four of my senses—
Smelling, hearing, felling, and taste
I forgot about looking
Sorry that’s my mistake.

By Ramian
Craighead Elementary School
Mr. Walker – Fifth Grade

3:00 am
I am a woman, free as can be
Now the enemy has won
And freedom is no longer seen
I am a woman not being heard
In a shadow
Out in the blur
Just like water I flow right out of the way
Every day I am pushed to my limit
Like running on E
One day I will break down
And you won’t even remember me
Watch who you look over
This will change today
Open your ears
Listen to what I have to say
I’ve been under a rock
Scared to say a word
I’m not done yet
I will be heard
I am a woman
Free or not
What is done is done
I’ve tied the knot.

By Paris
Craighead Elementary
Mr. Walker’s 5th Grade Class
A smelly beautiful looking stick,
Looks just like a flowerless pick.
Bloom is so beautiful and young
It smells just like a piece of bubble gum.
I am a rose that slowly bloomed.
My petals unfold with the scent of perfume,
Like in my room.
The flower replaces the gloom.

“Birth to the World”
By Teawrie
Craighead Elementary
Mr. Walker’s 5th Grade Class
When I was born, I saw many things
Like momma’s soft hands, with those big, shiny rings
The moon, the stars, and the clouds in the sky
Were all very special, but I didn’t know why
The world was so lovely in my eyes
I saw so numerous things, that I couldn’t describe
Life goes on forever and ever,
many experiences is what makes me clever

By Lajuene
Craighead Elementary School
The smell of the atmosphere makes me feel good,
Gameday, baby and I feel good.
We all we got, we all we need,
as we grip the football with greed.
I love crackbacking
when I conquer what’s mine.
I feel confident,
So I conquer what’s mine.
I’m furious on the field,
And I’m a savage.
Hey, better luck next time.
Sorry, there won’t be a next time.