My Dad Means So MuchKennethThird Grade - Council Elementary School – Mrs. Burdette
He teaches me the love of God.He teaches me to work hard.He teaches me to give it my all.He teaches me to play ball.He loves to play video games but I don't mind because we are the same.He pushes me to be the best he knows that life is just a test.He doesn't scream or yell at me.He is what a father is supposed to be.He teaches me to love and obey which is what I'll teach my kids one day.He takes away my hurt and pain and he is where I got my name.He is a man that takes care of his household.His story from me will forever be told.He also taught me how to pray for many dads it's more than I can say.From the day I was born he has held my hand I love my dad because he's a good man.

Max’s Quest for Beeswax
By Sariah Third Grade – Council Traditional School

There was once a dog named Max.
He wanted to eat beeswax.So, he went to the bees’ tree,But all he got was stung.So he just ate some egg fu yung.Egg fu yung is a Chinese dish.Of course, with no fish.And again, Max went to the bees’ tree, But this time the bees were friendly.So, now little Max Got his beeswax!

If Rocks had Feelings
By Miley3rd grade - Council Traditional School – Ms. Bowman
If rocks had feelings,
I would not be mean to them or say “You’re a dumb old rock.”I would be nice.If rocks had feelings,I would ask “are you sad, happy or angry?”That’s what I would do if rocks had feelings.

KazloCouncil Traditional School – Second Grade

When I woke up in the morning
I practiced for the talent show
My mom said “Pack your bags,
I’m ready to go.”

The way to the talent show
Was a long way.
We stood in line
We were there before 8.

When we got there
We practiced our talent.
The next contestants were
Nicky, Perry, and Elly the Giant.

When they went on
Elly was huge.
They did an awesome trick
That made a loud “BOOM”!

It was a cannon
Up on the stage.
The person in the cannon
Was Perry Paige.

I went on stage
And did a microwave trick
When I disappeared
I saw Mr. Rick.

He said,
“Congratulations for winning the talent show”
I said,
“Thank you sir, for allowing me to glow”.

To Be Like Misty
Marleigh Council Traditional School – Grade 3 – Ms. Bowman

Marleigh always dreamed of becoming a professional dancer; she always dreamed of dancing on stage like her favorite ballet dancer Misty Copeland. She wanted to be famous just like Misty. Marleigh danced since she could walk. She went to three different dance studios to perfect her talent. She practiced her dance moves every day, all day. Dance is all she ever wanted to do.
One day her dance teacher Mrs. Carey announced that Misty Copeland herself would be coming to audition dancers for her new dance company. Marleigh practiced every day, all day. She watched all of Misty’s videos on YouTube and studied all the other greats as well.

Now the big day had finally come, it was time to audition. Marleigh was so nervous, she was sweating. Her number was called, she walked into the room. There was Misty sitting at the table, Marleigh introduced herself. Next the music started, she started to dance, she gave it her all, and she left it all on the floor. Marleigh hoped it was enough, she thanked Misty and the others for the opportunity. And now she had to wait for the announcement that evening.

It was now time for the announcement, Marleigh and the other dancers walked up to the board. She was afraid to look. Her friend Kayleigh found both their names on the paper, they were going to dance with Misty. She was on the path to learn from her favorite dancer and to be like Misty.

Sara Graves
Council Traditional School
3rd grade Mrs. Mixon
Once upon a time there was a human that came down and crashed our building. Everybody was scared except the princess. She walked up to the human to give it a stare. The human was scared. The princess told the human to get up so loud that it made the school proud. Then they started yelling at the human and the princess told them to stop and so they did. They had no idea what was going to happen next.
Later that day, the human asked the princess, "What are you going to do with me?" I am going to hide you in the basement No honey boo boo, I am not going to stay in here with roaches, spiders, and cobwebs. The princess asked the human, "Do you want to get hurt out there?" The human thought about it and she said, "Well okay, is there any other place where I can stay? The princess replied, Yes there is the dungeon! "Oh, cheese to the no , I guess I will be staying here." Once school was out, the human tried to escape, but the guard saw her. He said, " not so fast, and the human said, "I told you I am not staying here." "Well off to the dungeon you go." He replied. The human thought to herself and tried to make a plan of escape, but it did not work. The human was off to face her punishment and suddenly she heard, Wake up! Wake up! She was only having a nightmare and the human got up to get dressed for school. The human did not know if it was a dream or not.

Mattelyn Law
Second Grade – Council Traditional School - Mrs. Burdette
Sunflakes smell
Like hotcakes.
They feel like
Lit firecrackers.
Sunflakes sound like
Breaking crackers.
Sunflakes look like
Bright yellow flowers.
Sunflakes taste like
Vanilla ice cream.
Yellow flakes.

Taryn Faris
Council Traditional School
If sunlight started to fall from the sky,
I would call them sunflakes.
They would look like yellow, red, and orange fireballs.
Sunflakes would feel very hot.
They would smell like the beach.
Sunflakes would sound like boiling water.
They would taste like hot coco.
I would build a sunman, suncastle, and ride in a sunmobile!
If sunlight started to fall from the sky.