The Forest
Liam West
Council Traditional School

As I was walking through the woods,
I heard a small sound.
I peered through the trees,
But there was nothing around.
I continued through the forest,
And heard it again.
It was a chirping noise,
The same sound it had been.
The noise came from the west,
And I went that way.
There was a creature there,
Who had nothing to say.
The creature was a bird,
A pretty one at that.
There was something beside it,
A rock like a bat.
I looked at the bat,
And thought, Leave no trace.
And I walked off,
At a steady pace.

I soon came to home,
And felt tired in my head.
I ate dinner, took a shower,
And collapsed on my bed.
The forest is dark,
And my bed is deep,
But the trees have their own
Secrets to keep.

Kendal Foster
Council – 2nd Grade – Mrs. Burdette
Sunflakes sound like
moving leaves.
They look like big,
red fireballs.
Sunflakes taste spicy.
They feel grainy.
Sunflakes smell like hot coffee.
I would build a gigantic sun castle and let nobody in!
Sunflakes sound like
moving leaves.
Sara Graves
Council Traditional School
3rd grade Mrs. Mixon
Once upon a time there was a human that came down and crashed our building. Everybody was scared except the princess. She walked up to the human to give it a stare. The human was scared. The princess told the human to get up so loud that it made the school proud. Then they started yelling at the human and the princess told them to stop and so they did. They had no idea what was going to happen next.
Later that day, the human asked the princess, "What are you going to do with me?" I am going to hide you in the basement No honey boo boo, I am not going to stay in here with roaches, spiders, and cobwebs. The princess asked the human, "Do you want to get hurt out there?" The human thought about it and she said, "Well okay, is there any other place where I can stay? The princess replied, Yes there is the dungeon! "Oh, cheese to the no , I guess I will be staying here." Once school was out, the human tried to escape, but the guard saw her. He said, " not so fast, and the human said, "I told you I am not staying here." "Well off to the dungeon you go." He replied. The human thought to herself and tried to make a plan of escape, but it did not work. The human was off to face her punishment and suddenly she heard, Wake up! Wake up! She was only having a nightmare and the human got up to get dressed for school. The human did not know if it was a dream or not.

Emma Kerr
Council Traditional School
3rd Grade, Mrs. Bowman
I am a singer.
I need to travel the world.
I am sorry I have to say I will never see you,
but I have to bring you.
I will never be the same.
So let us fly away.
So let’s spread our wins and fly away.
I love it up here in the sky.
It is so bright in the daily sky.
It is so weird to be shy.
I do not know why you are shy in the sky
Because it is very pretty in the sky.
When you are shy, you shouldn’t be shy.
It will get to you in the sky and you will fall down to the ground.
I am falling to the ground, it is very weird.
I fall in my home.

Loren Pollard
Council Traditional School
Real, Unreal
Fly, Run, Playful
A unicorn is beautiful and magical
Imaginary Creature

Micah Spivey
Second Grade – Council Traditional School – Mrs. Burdette
Sunflakes lookl
Bright yellow and will glow.
It feels like a
Soft snowball.
They sound like someone
Snapping quickly.
Sunflakes look like
Bright yellow flowers.
Sunflakes taste like
Tiger blood snowcones.
Steam Flakes.

Thy Do
Second Grade – Council Traditional School
Mrs. Burdette
Sunflakes might look
Like bright sun light.
They might smell
Like sweet candles.
Sunflakes would feel
Like soft powder.
They will sound
Like a quiet fox.
Sunflakes will taste
Like strawberry cotton candy.
Yellow flakes.
Kayla Graves
Council Traditional School - 4th grade - Ms.Cowans
Once upon a time there was a girl who was in line to be a queen. Her name was Courtney but she was not ready to rule. She was very crazy. She liked to sit down and be lazy. She did not like to help out around the castle. So the next day she woke up and stayed in bed to watch Netflix and eat ice cream. Meanwhile, her family members were in the ball room and they thought she was getting ready, like her mother did, her grandmother and her great grandmother. Hours later, Courtney finally got out of bed to get dressed and she put on jeans and shirt that had the words "I like staying in bed." Suddenly, she came downstairs and the royal crowd of princes and princesses saw her and they replied, "Oh no, She is not ready." She said, "What are you talking about? The ceremony she thought to herself, Duh, "I forgot all about it." "Well,' they said, "you may not be fit to be our queen." Then suddenly she got so upset she threw her crown. Then....Crash went the crown. It was all in jagged pieces on the floor. You must leave this place this instant or you will be put in the dungeon, replied the royal family. Then Courtney ran away never to be heard of again.