Hadiya Adul-Raheem
“The Girl Who Wanted to be Tall”
A long time ago in a small town named Liberty that was quiet. There were a lot of trees and, there was a small girl named Zacerirya Hill. Zacerirya always got picked on because she was so tiny and everybody was so tall.
Zacerirya had no friends or family. She was in Foster Care because nobody cared about her. When Zacerirya turned ten, she ran away and went to a town named Cristol. The town has a town witch who could grant anything! Zacerirya asked the witch to make her tall, but the witch said she had one warning, be careful what you wish.
Zacerirya did not know what the witch meat, so she just went on and stated her wish. The next day, Zacerirya woke up like a giant. She did not what had happened, but then she remember what the witch had told her. Zacerirya went back to Cristol and asked the witch to turn her back, but the witch said, “I told you to be careful what you wish.” Zacerirya said yes you did, but I did not know you what you meant. The witch said, “Ok, but you have to careful what you wish.” The witch turned Zacerirya back to her tiny self. Zacerirya went back to Liberty. She no longer cared if people picked on her. From that day forward, she never wished to be anything other than herself.

The Little Girl who Wanted to do Gymnastics
Ahniyah Andrews
One day, a girl named Destiny her mother that she wanted to do gymnastics. Her mother said, “No”. She asked why. Her mom said, “Don’t ask questions when I say no.” Destiny went up to her room when she overheard her mother talking to someone. She came downstairs and her mom was talking to a gymnastics coach. She ran back up to her room and called her friends and told them that she would be able to do gymnastics!
Her mother called her downstairs and told her to put on some clothes. They went to the store. She asked her mom, “Why are we at the store?” Her mother did not answer her. Then, she asked her mom again, “Mom, why are we at the store.” Her mom replied, “We are here to get you a leotard.” She picked the prettiest leotard. It was pink, blue, and silver. Then went to the register and paid for the leotard.
They drove to the gymnastics building. Everyone stared at her. She tried gymnastics on the bars, beam, and the on the floor, but she couldn’t do it. Everyone laughed at her. She ran to the dressing room. Her mom came after her. Then, her mom said, “Don’t give up, keep trying and you’ll get it.”
So, she practiced every day and she got better. Then one day, she went back to gymnastics practice. It was time for the competition. She practiced before she got on the floor. On the beams, the bar, and the floor, she made 10-10. Then, the judges picked the winner. Destiny won 1st place! Her mom was so proud of her. Her mom said, “I told you if you practiced, you would get better at it.” Destiny smiled!

Angel Chambers
Who’s the Best Driver?
One day some girls were going to the candy lady, Ms. Taylor. Angel was 14, Kamiya was 15, Tee’Rajah was 15, and Imani was 16. All of the girls were in high school. Imani was driving because she was the oldest. It look like we were lost so Kamiya said, “Imani where are we.” She did not answer. Then, Angel said, “Where are we.” Kamiya replied, “I do not know. I am just driving around to see if we can get back on track. So Kamiya and Imani switch spots. Tee’Rajah said, “Hurry before she closes. Angel said, “Kamiya go the easy way so that she won’t be closed.” Kamiya drove back to her house, and we went to the candy lady. When we got there the candy lady was closed. “That’s why you should have listened to her”, said Imani. Tee’Rajah really wanted some candy because she hadn’t been to the candy lady in 9 months. The girls had been in school for 9 months. Now, when we want candy all of us meet up at Kamiya’s house because she is the best driver.

Isaiah Jackson
Collins- Rhodes Elementary School – Mrs. Braswell
Cuddly, Sweet
Laughing, Crying, Playing
Companion when you are alone

Golden Warrior
Dae’Trayl Smith
Collins-Rhodes Elementary School
Once upon a time there was a man a man named John. He found a man who could give him powers if he did something for the man. They made a deal and he gave him prepared John for the special powers. He put John in the machine and John received supper strength, laser eyesight, and the ability to fly. It was very painful to receive the powers, but John loved his new powers.
Once receiving his powers he had to do battle with large spotted dinosaurs and aliens that had four arms. He was named THE GOLDEN WARRIOR because of his gold cape and shoes. John enjoyed everyone calling him Golden Warrior. He added a white suit. One day he was unable to fly, he then built a golden car with lights on the bottom and on the sides that looked like lightning when the car went fast.
One day he came across a big octopus that could survive out of the water. He tried to do battle with this strange creature, but the only power to work was his laser eyesight. John was going to his hide out to figure out what was happening to him. The man he had made the deal with and who gave him the power captured him. John was able to squeeze out his super strength power to get out of the trap and continued to save the world!

The Lonely Scarecrow
by Jania Jones
Collins-Rhodes Elementary School
My name is Joe.
I scare each crow
that tries to steal
a harvest meal
of golden corn.
Oh how I yearn to laugh
and share instead of scare!
Don’t fly away.
I hope you stay
to write a line
and help my rhyme
a brand new end.
Please make a friend
for scarecrow Joe?
I’ll start, “Hello”!

“The Witch Granter”
TyLandria Watkins

Once upon a time, it was a little girl named Jessie. She was walking down the street, and she heard a sound coming from the woods. She ran home as fast as she could and told her mom. Her mom said that it was ok. The next morning she went to school, and she told her friends. Jessie’s friends told her to say away from the woods. She listened to them until she had to go hiking with her family. She was amazed when she saw a huge green snake. Jessie’s father picked the snake up, and that is when the snake bit Jessie. Jessie and her family packed up their stuff and ran home.
The next day Jessie learned from her friends that the noise in the woods was the snake, which was a girl named Nicole. Nicole picked on Jessie because Jessie was so little. After school, Jessie went to the Witch Granter and ask her to change Nicole, so that Nicole would never pick on her or scare her again. From that day forward, Nicole, the snake, never picked on Jessie again. Jessie and her family lived happily and took long walks through the woods.

Jaymila Baldwin
“Karen the Bully”
One nice day in the forest there was a lion named Henry and an elephant named Abbie. One day Henry and Abbie met new friends named Nancy the zebra and Karen the giraffe. They were all playing together. Suddenly, Nance was being bullied by Karen because Karen was jealous of Nancy’s beautiful black and white stripes.
Nancy went to go tell her parents that Karen was bulling her. Nancy’s parents went to tell Karen’s parents. Karen’s parents were upset. Karen was in big big trouble! They put her on punishment. Karen was not allowed to come back outside because she was grounded for two days. Once Karen got off punishment, she apologized to Nancy and they were back friends. Karen never bullied anyone ever again!

by Samarrah Franks
Collins-Rhodes Elementary

Christmas, the time of year when you see smiles near.
And the little children decorate the tree.
The time to enjoy the lovely, white snow, and into our faces the wind will blow.
The angels up top and us below and up to heaven our joy will go.
And dinner to us is a feast. The presents bring smiles too, and the last magical thing is that there is a JOLLY, JOLLY old man dressed in red and white, who flies around in the middle of the night. He gives lots of toys to little girls and boys. Then he flies away saying, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”
The lights on his sleigh are very, very bright. Across the sky the reindeers glide with jingling bells by their side. And across the sky the reindeers take the jolly old man back where he belongs, the North Pole.

Jakarria Scott
Collins- Rhodes Elementary School
“My Loving World”
Sitting in the sun, oh what fun,
Looking at the clouds, oh I’m so proud’
What about the bees buzzing in the sun,
The animals and things waiting to come,
The nice people that’s what I like!
What about you, what can you see in sight,
Some people say they see light!

Kamiya Phelan
“Four Girls”
Once upon a time there were four girls and their names were Kamiya, Angel, Tee’Rajah, and Imani. Kamiya knew Tee’Rajah and Angel since first grade. Kamiya and Angel are in Pace classes. Pace is a class where smart kids go. We both like math. Tee’Rajah and Imani are different. Tee’Rajah is funny and Imani likes to play. When we be in the gym, we play the Wii. We dance to YouTube and our coach puts on the song Whip and Nae Nae, Juju on Dat Beat, Hit the Quan, and fitness practice. When we are outside, we dance all day. Sometimes we play tug of war. We get paw stars when we are on our best behavior. We are great friends, and we will never leave each other out! When we get adults, we still are going to be friends. We are the good friends forever!

Jack the Cat
by Carlos Phillips
Collins-Rhodes Elementary School

Jack was a cat that lived at an animal shelter. He always meowed when he was hungry. Then, he meowed when wanted something to drink. Late one afternoon, a boy named Carlos picked up from the shelter. Carlos picked him for his new pet! Jack was a bad cat.
Jack scratched his mom and bit Carlos’ dad. They told Carlos to take Jack back to the shelter. Carlos’ mom said, “Did you fasten his collar?” Carlos said, “yes”, but he really had not fastened his collar. When Carlos woke up, Jack was gone. Carlos began to cry when his mom told him they had already taken Jack back to the shelter. Carlos ran to the shelter to get him, but it was too late. The shelter was closed for the summer.
Next year, he found Jake at the shelter. Carlos was happy he found Jack. They lived together for rest of their lives.

The Prince Who Saved the Day”
Robert Moore
Once upon a time there was a prince who fought with the army. He wanted to help by himself, but when he did a super hero came. The super hero said you are too little, but he did not mind. He still tried, tried, and tried hard. One day a boy took a lady’s purse, and the prince ran after him and caught him. The super hero came and said you are great! Then, the prince became a super hero named Batman. Batman was good, he was able to stop every villain except the Joker.
People want money, but Batman did not because he was rich. Other people got bullied and Batman took the bullies to jail. Everyone yelled at the bad guys, because they broke out of jail and they stole everybody’s purses. Batman loved the sound of putting the bad guys back in jail.
Everyone picked Batman up and carried him to his house. The other people left and went to California. Batman loved to help people. Batman punched the Joker so hard that his mother felt it. Batman lived happily ever after!!

JaMarkis Knight
“Cowboys Vs. The Giants
Collins- Rhodes Elementary School

One day last Fall, I went to the New York Giants verses the Cowboys first football game. I was extremely excited! In the first half of the game Odell Beckham Jr. went out to catch. He caught the football with one hand while running down the field. He scored a touchdown. It was 22 to 22 in the second half. Peyton Manning threw the ball to Odell Beckham, Jr. He caught the ball again with one hand. Now the Giants had 28. Then, the Cowboys scored a touchdown, so the score was now 28 to 28 in the third half. It was up to the Giants. Once again, Peyton Manning threw the ball to Odell Beckman, Jr. He caught the ball and rushed to score another touchdown! It was the end of the game and the New York Giants had won 28 to 34. This was the best game of the season. I had the best time of my life!
Denise’s Water Park Adventure
By Denise Hayward
Collins-Rhodes Elementary School
Once I went to a water park. The water park was so fun and big. Every time I came down the water slide, I flipped over. My favorite was the huge pink, purple, and blue water slide. I went really fast!
Next, I went down the big, dark blue water slide. It flipped me over and I almost kicked my uncle! We went for a walk and got something to drink. I Dippin’ Dots, my favorite! After that, we got in the river. It took us to the bigger water slides. I went down the big, dark, scary water slide.
Before we left, we went to the bouncy balls. I bounced and bounced. We also drove go carts. The go carts really, really fast and I hit a lot of people’s cars. I had so much fun on my adventure that I fell asleep in the car. I can’t wait to go back!