Chickasaw Elementary School

WalkingBy RyleeChickasaw Elementary School - Mrs. Della White
Walking around the Earth todayCollecting today to recycle tomorrowAs I go from here to thereMaking another deposit as I goI will return tomorrow to do it all over againWith my plastic hanging from my bikeSomeday we can reuse this againHaving such respect for my environmentSorting through the metal and glassHelping our future out a bitWatering the plants and watching them growConserving our natural resourcesOur kid’s future is brighter just for thisNot using so many fossil fuels and knowing the truthThis is our hope

Chickasaw Elementary School – Mrs. Della White
New Again Recycling is a hungry animal
Eating trash then spitting out brand new itemsIt is putting an old bottle into a machine and watching it change into something newRecycling is a new soda can, bottle or a stack of newspapers.Prized possessions, pictures, memoriesKnowing you did the right thingOur future!

Chickasaw Elementary School – Mrs. Della White
Melt me down, use me again
Make me brand newFill me upAluminum cans, plastic bags, broken glassIf we don’t recycle, our world is doomedRespect our Earth and protect itWe must work to make the world a better place

Chickasaw Elementary School - Mrs. Della White

I love to recycle plastic, bottles, and glassI save these items, not throwing them in the trashI sort through the waste and label them tooIt’s good for the environment and gives me something to do
There are different wastes, like aluminum and plastic
My mom taught me about it, she is just fantasticRecycling cuts down on all this pollutionIt makes the air cleaner and also saves energy
It makes the earth greener
If we all learn to recycleThe world would be a little greenerThe world would be greaterWe could help Mother EarthSo we could enjoy her later

The Three R’s
Kierra PritchettChickasaw Elementary School - Ms. White
The three R’s, that’s all we need
To keep our Earth cleanDo a little bit of reducing, reusing, and recycling to protect our EarthSo pick up the litter and plant and treeThen you will seeHow much better it will beFor you and meJust take one can at a timeYou can get the hang of itJust remember the three R’sRespect the Earth