Adventurous and Cool
By: James
Chastang Middle School

I am adventurous and cool.
I wonder what my future will be like.
I hear myself rapping.
I see myself as a millionaire.
I want to move out of Mobile.
I am adventurous and cool.

I pretend that my mommy and daddy are back together.
I feel like an angel.
I touch a loving God.
I worry about my grana mommy being gone.
I cry at the end of movies.
I am adventurous and cool.

I understand my mommy works hard for me.
I say “what ever”.
I dream about becoming a billionaire.
I try to make myself a better person.
I hope to get my new game.
I am adventurous and cool.

What am I becoming?By: Artwaniyah
Oh, what I am becoming so Powerful and Brave,
the way I keep my distance is so amazed.
I struggle to succeed, but no one seems to notice me.
I came along way from where I am now. You can not see it?
I don’t know how. Can you tell by the way I smile?
I am very fun and happy all the time!
Although you don’t know what's on my mind.
Pretty ,Smart girl no one would ever catch her with a frown,
So loveable and caring, Is this really how she feels inside?
She thinks about her actions almost ever night.
She's so goofy, so no one would ask her why she's down.
No worries, because one day you all will see how much she means to me.
She's so beautiful in every way.
Oh Powerful and Brave girl don’t be sad,
someone will love you and not just because of the things you have.
Oh, but look at what you are becoming So Powerful and Brave.
Some one would wish they had met you, one of these days.!

By: Olivia
Chastang Middle School
There once was a Mouse.
Who loved exploring and going place to place.
The mouse lived in a red brick house.
Inside the house there was a pretty, patterned wall.
A long brown couch and a small yellow kitchen.
The mouse lived in a hole in the patterned wall behind the couch.

One day
the mouse came out of his hole.
Slid under the door and spotted a mole.
It had teeth like a beaver and fur like a bear .
The mouse was frightened so much that he was scared.
The mouse slid back under the door .
Went back into his hole and was happy he did not spot a mole .

the mouse could hear was boom boom boom.
It was the beating of his heart that was so loud.
The mouse said " I will try again tomorrow "

The next day rolled by .
The mouse had brought a secret weapon .
Cheese ! he thought if he ate cheese it would make him stronger
The mouse came out of his hole slid under the door then spotted the mole.

The mouse couldn’t help it
he was frightened .
The mouse dropped the cheese and ran the wrong way.
The mouse noticed the mole, ran over to the cheese, and started eating it.

Everyday after that the mouse would bring the mole cheese .
In return the mole would let the mouse explore .

MORAL: If you’re kind to others they will be kind to you.

My Talking Cat
By: Rosie
Chastang Middle School

OMG, ''what did you say ''! I don’t believe it. My cat just told me to fix her breakfast. First I thought I was dreaming. I said somebody pinch me. And then it happened.
Mittens had told me to fix her breakfast. How did this happen? Questions raced through my head. I was starting to get a headache. '' Sit down '' Mittens told me.
Soon I got use to talking to Mittens. But she can also be very aggravating. When her favorite TV. show is on, she is quiet as a mouse. But when mine is one she talks too much and she puts me to sleep.
Once I told her to shut up, and I felt bad. Then she told me that she can predict the future. We went for a walk in the park. She burped louder than thunder. When she is mad her eyes turn green and when she is happy they turn pink.

Mom told me to be back at 6:00 pm for dinner. Mittens told me there will be a storm soon. She said we will need a flashlight, food, and water. I thought she was playing but at 7:00 pm it happened. In conclusion I'm glad I’ve got my talking cat.

By: Tatyana
Chastang Middle School
Dance is about the sadness, hurt, pain, happiness, and joy. You have to express yourself. Tell a story.
Praise dance tells a story about the peace and love of God or how he died on the cross. You have to be very graceful and very good at it weather it’s a fast or slow song.
Bucking tells how courageous and brave you are to step up to the other teams and dance like your life depended on it, especially if they call you out.
But the most important is ballet. You have to take ballet before you even think about being on a dance team, because you have to be flexible and do moves that nobody else can do.
Ballet tells stories, some more graceful than others.
Challenges on YouTube are my favorite. They are my favorite because it takes time for learning moves and it gives my time to hang out with my best friend Yasmine as we teach each other the moves.
But I love to dance. It doesn’t matter what kind. It can be bucking, praise dance, ballet, or even challenges off of YouTube. Dance is life. It’s all I know how to do.

By: Jillian
People say that a crush can come once. Others say crushes can come and will keep coming. Well I think it’s both and it all started like this. Ring! “Okay class,” said Ms. Right.” Today we will be talking about the Periodic Table”. “Does anybody know what a periodic table is?” Five student’s hands go up. But of course, Ms. Right picks me and my hand wasn’t even up. While I’m saying my answer, these two girls named Jackie and Toni were teasing me.” Nerd! Teachers Pet”! giggling and snickering as they go long. When I was finished with my answer, (which I got correct)! Anyway, I turned around and said “Shut your big fat mouth and if you want to say it, please don’t spray it, I don’t want the weather.” Toni stopped laughing. Jackie looked surprised then said “Say it again. I dare you to”! I didn’t want to fight since I started, so I turned around and didn’t say anything else. When the bell rang, I had straight to the lunchroom when I heard my name being called, “Emily! Emily! Wait up!” It turned out to be Adam, my crush since the first day of ninth grade. “Hi Adam”, I said calmly but excitedly. He gave me a killer smile and said, “Would you like to come to a party”? Well, I know I’m not a cool person or why did he ask me? I’m weird and different, so I said coolly, “Um, okay, what time?” “Four-thirty I guess”, he said smugly. “I’ll be there”, I said still wondering why he ask me. While eating my lunch, I thought about what he asks me. Maybe somebody told him I like him or maybe he noticed I took his picture from his binder while he wasn’t looking. All this thinking was making my head hurt, so ate the rest of my lunch and hurried myself to class. When school was over, I asked my mom could I go over a friend’s house. “Who’s the friend”? she said motherly. So, I told her everything that happened at school even the part that I took Adams picture when he wasn’t looking. My mother said sure but only for an hour because we had some other party to go to. When I got to Adams house the party was in full swing, but it turned out he wanted me to be the party maid., and I didn’t notice that till everybody kept asking me to bring them everything and calling me maid when I was just trying to be nice. Turned out Adam doesn’t even like me. Me and my silly dreams thought he did. When I started to leave, I turned around and gave Adam a piece of my mind, then left. The next day I think someone told him I didn’t like him anymore so he stopped talking to me. I didn’t care because I moved on. When school let out it started to rain. I forgot my jacket and umbrella, so I kept walking till I turned a corner and a boy was calling my name. I turned around and the next thing you knew, I was in Jorden Bell house. I called my mom to tell her where I was.” As so as it stops come home so we can go clothes shopping”. When I hung up I started to get interested in Jorden and it turned out that he had a crush on me for the longest. I turned red with embarrassment. Before I left we promised to talk more at school. When I got home from shopping, I went straight to sleep. I woke up the next morning and did my regular morning process. When I got to school there were red heart balloons, one rose, and three boxes of chocolate. I even got a poem saying, Is my beauty lady? For I have wanted you for so long.
My eyes could never leave you alone.
When you talk, I was hypnotized. Love is like your perfume.
For I have feel in love with you, since I first laid eyes on you.
Your Love,
Jorden Bell
When I got finished reading it, I remembered that today was Valentine’s Day! So, when Jorden saw me, he laughed and teased me that whole day. It turned out that crushes can leave but another will come and stay.

Life : Opportunity

By: Makiya

Chastang Middle School
What is life? Is it blessings, or is life full of problems and learning lessons?
Life, what’s it mean to you? What's going on, or if it’s true, hold on. It’s gonna be ok.
Like a door, slams in your face,
what do you say to a person treating you this way?
Why is the world so cruel? Wonder which opportunity to choose? Like others, I'm another
full of faith with trusting others.So of all, let's celebrate, because I refuse to let another door slam in my face!!!

by Jimia
Chastang Middle School

It’s funny how things in life is
Making problems and answers like a pop quiz.

Time goes slow then fast at the same time.
It’s just an illusion to mess up your mind.

See beliefs make life so real.
It’s like being high then taking a chill pill.
It gives you that feeling like your flying.
But a bird with wings knows that you are lying.

We do things that we know aren't right.
When the truth hits us hard there is no fight,
taking things to a better height,
almost to a better life.

Some of us see the future when we dream.
When we wake up, we don’t know what it means.
Till later on when it replays affront our faces like a broken record.
Given us the full story with a full lecture.

All of us have friends some part of time, right?
Kindergarten to 12th grade I think that friendship is tight.
Even if one of us is in trouble, we both be there together.
We mend things like glue, that’s how best friends be forever.

We have disagreements and fights that we take to the heart.
But that doesn’t mean we always stay apart.
After that fight the fire within us will continue to ignite.
Some of the friends are traitors.
You accept them in your life and the next thing you know they becomes haters.

And some want to leave this life,
instead up growing up as a man or a wife.
As a friend, I would've said, "You said you will go away", but I find that hard to believe.
Even this is a cruel hard world, but still, why would you leave?
You seem pretty confident when you said those six hateful words to me.
You don’t seem to realize you have friends and family that care about you, THAT you don’t see.

I'm on a verge on crying a fountain full of tears.
Even we hadn't been friends for all your elementary years.
That doesn’t mean you have to commit suicide.
Taking all your memories of your friends and family and your pride.

I'm hoping that you were lying
Turning it to a sick joke telling me that ''I can’t believe that you thought I was dying!''
But that serious look you gave me, told me to stop smiling.
Every time you admit this I had to bite my bottom lip from crying.
But anyway, Did you ever wonder what's it’s like to fall in love?
Imaging you see white doves streaking the sky above,
I mean, things that it gives you.
You probably wondering is it fake, is it real, is this true?

You searching deep in space,
trying to find the truth.
You found it now, but you have a tear-stained face.
But all you ask was the actual proof.

So you thinking back to the memories of how this dude or girl broke your heart so many times.
And you think that this person was suppose to give you back that you lost, and you saying ''That’s mine''.
Then say your parents wasn’t there for you
So this whole love business that going through your head is new.

You don’t want to be moping around your baby brothers or sister.
But every time you look around you, you see a tornado or a twister
You can’t express your feelings to people, because you make them feel bad.
Your life is so twisted; it’s so sad.
You want to yell out what's on your heart for everyone to hear.
So you can lift up the heavy weight that’s on the atmosphere.

You lost a fight; You win a war.
Can’t go that far, because you leave a scar.
In a battle so deadly you have to choose between life or death.
Cutting you so badly like a supreme master chef.

So life have different perspectives.
Finding new clues and different stories like a detective.
I hate to say it, but you need to let go.
The past, the relationships, all the things you do know.