Fall, oh wonderful fall.
As a leaf dances through the air
And spins like it doesn't care.
I play outside, cause there's no bees.
Now is the time to rake the leaves.
As I do them for awhile,
When I'm done, I have a pile.
All the pies are well and sold.
Wear a jacket cause it's cold.
Today was fun I had a ball.
These are the reasons why I like Fall.
Chastang Middle School

The New YearBy: Alicia Chastang Middle School

New Year, new me, the year has just begun.
Staring up at the magnificent sky, clouds moving side to side, as beautiful as can be.The breeze is a relief, flowing through the leaves of the dancing green trees.

“It’s time for lunch” all the children hear.
Running with gleeWith a twist and a turn, the fun has just begun. Sitting close together while eating under the big green trees.

The new year has just begun.Children are jolly and having such fun,
Not a care in the world, showing no fear.
Swinging from branch to branch through the tall green trees.

The day has come to an end.
The sky is starting to darken, the clouds are starting to fade.
The breeze is a relief,
Flowing through the leaves of the dancing green trees

The new year will always come again.

The girl that had no face
By: Sierra
Chastang Middle School

The girl that had no face was an interesting girl, indeed. Knowing what’s there when she has no eyes to see. Knows how a flower smells like when she has no nose to smell. Knowing what a Danish tastes like when she has no mouth to taste as if her face is there, but invisible. Now I know what you’re thinking, “How is this even possible?” Well, I can tell you the whole story. She once had the most beautiful face in the whole world. Women were jealous because they wish to have a face like the girl’s. All the women decided to go to the Witch’s tower to ask the Witch to get rid of the girl’s beautiful face forever. The witch gladly agreed to take the face of the girl because even she was jealous. The witch disguised herself as an old woman who sold beauty products. She was going to give the girl facial cleanser that a face removal spell inside. The witch spotted the girl and offered her the facial cleanser. The girl eagerly accepted the gift and ran home to use the product. She rubbed the facial cleanser on her face and in an instant, her face disappeared. But her face was still there, but invisible. For the witch felt horrible for the girl that had no face.

Lost FriendshipBy: Leslie Chastang Middle School

Hi my name is Kaylie Janae Riggs and I am a very nice, trustworthy girl. Well some people think that I tell the truth too much, and it caused me to lose some of my friends. And I think that it’s true too. Well here is how it goes…….

It was a normal boring school day and there was nothing I could do but sit and watch the teacher teach class and take notes, but on the other hand my best friends were doing what they did best, which is jank people. I on the other hand, wasn’t too fond of making fun of people, because I knew that it was wrong to talk about people, but I guess everyone is not the same.

Kaylie!!!! One of my best friends, which was Mayan yelled scaring the blueberry’s sugars out of me. “What do you want Mayan, you see that I’m trying to take notes and you should be doing the same”. “I know, but who takes notes”, she said. “Well I do and you should be doing the same”. “You are starting to act like lame.” Lame, the words repeated in my head. “Who even says that Mayan?” I do-but before she could finish her sentence the bell rang letting the class know that it was time for lunch.

The class quickly rushed to get in line. Gosh!!! “You guys act like you never ate a day in your life,” my other bestie, Tamia said. “Some of them probably didn’t,” said Mayan, which caused all of my friends to laugh, but me, because I didn’t find anything funny to laugh at. “You guys are so mean to people”, I said, as we were sitting down eating our lunch. “No, we are not we are just being honest”. “Yea too honest “I said.

“Anyways, Kaylie are you going to the store with us “mmm I don’t know I will have to see what my mother says”. “Come on Kaylie. Please, you never hang out with us like you used to. “Fine, I will go with you guys. Happy?” “Very,” said Mayan.

“Class line up,” the teacher said as we finished lunch. The students quickly lined up and exited the lunchroom heading back to class. “Ok class we have ten minutes until the bell rings to dismiss”. With everyone quietly conversed with their friends. Nearby, on the other hand, Mayan and my other friends Tamia, Kenya, and Jade were being the usual, loud. Sometimes I wonder how we all became friends. It’s weird, right, a quiet and honest girl like me having friends that are mean and cruel towards others.

"What are you thinking about?" asked Jade. “Oh nothing" I said. “Well aren't you guys coming?" asked Kenya." Yea we’re coming" we said in unison.

We all walked out the school doors and hopped into Mrs. Rights’ car which was Mayan's mother. "Hello Mrs. Right" we all said at the same time as she sped off unto the highway."Hello sugar plums where are we off to today". "Oh, mom we’re going to the mall today to do some shopping," Mayan said.” Honey's," Mrs. Right replied. Soon after she said that we pulled up into the mall parking lot. "Ok have a fun time girls I will be right in this spot when you guys finish ok?" She said as she handed us ten dollars each. "Okay we all said and exited the car".

Once we entered the mall we went straight to the closest store which was Rue21. We all bought a skirt and a handbag except for jade she went straight to the food court. Jade why didn't you buy clothes and a hand bag like us". "I didn’t buy that because I was hungry and I can do what I want with my money,'' she snapped. "Ok no need to get feisty" said Kenya. "Whatever" said Jade as we headed to the next store we all went our separate ways.

When I got to the perfume section I seen Jade coming up to me with a Michael Kors watch.'' Hey Kaylie can you do me a favor'' asked Jade. ''Depends'' I responded. ''Well can you stick this in your purse for me?'' she asked. ''Jade what are you doing? I am not stealing that watch for you,'' I semi yelled.

I guess my other friends must have heard me, because they all came rushing over to where we were. ''What’s going on over here'' whispered Kenya. ''Well Jade wants me to steal her this watch'' I said.'' What? I never said that. I said that Jade is lying straight through her teeth. ''Kenya why would you lie on Jade like that,” asked Tamia. ''I am not lying. I'm telling the truth,”, I said stunned by Tamia. '' I don't think that Kaylie needs to be our friends anymore guys said Jade. ''Yea maybe your right ''I yelled, crying while running out the store.

Maybe they shouldn't be my friends after all, and next time I will choose my friends wisely.

The end.

Honest and Faithful
By: Alicia
Chastang Middle School

I am honest and faithful.
I wonder about my future.
I hear birds singing.
I see snowmen dancing.
I want a better life.
I am honest and faithful.

I pretend to be a teacher.
I feel angel wings.
I touch summer clouds.
I worry about my sister or brother.
I cry for lost family people.
I am honest and faithful.

I understand my family.
I say a big house is coming.
I dream about my future.
I try to do my best.
I hope to pass.
I am honest and faithful.

"Clever and Thankful"
By: Syncere

I am clever and thankful.
I wonder what my future will hold.
I hear the wind howling.
I see the blue clouds floating in the air.
I want a big house.
I am clever and thankful.

I pretend I'm quiet.
I feel powerful.
I touch my thoughtful things.
I worry about my grandmother.
I cry about my uncle.
I am clever and thankful.

I understand people's pain.
I say things will work out.
I dream that I will succeed in school.
I try to help others out.

I hope my future is easygoing.
I am clever and thankful.

Chastang Middle School

Have you ever been bullied? Bullying is not a good thing to do. I think bullying is bad. Some people think bullying is just somebody saying something to them just one time!!! Bullying is somebody saying something two them more than one time. A bully is not somebody that’s coming up to you saying your ugly or you stink. If you know you don’t stink, and you know you’re not ugly then just don’t pay any attention to what they say. Because if you are like me, I would tell people,“ Words don’t hurt me!”. Words don’t have legs or hands.
I have been bullied before, and it doesn’t feel good. I have wanted to do some stuff that I knew I really should not want to do. I shared my feelings with my family and my teachers. They told me some stuff that I really didn’t know. So if I were you, I would watch who you talk to and watch what you say around people, because everyone isn’t your friend. I had to learn that the hard way. And some people will tell you that they will keep your secrets to themselves, but then end up telling the people you do not like.
People will be your friend just for what you have and just to know your secrets. Middle school is probably the worse years of your life. I hate when somebody gets bullied. I’m sure you have been bullied before, and I’m sure you did not like it. So why do it to somebody else? Some people go home and cry and don’t talk to anybody about it. You need help if this is happening to you so we can make this bullying stop. If somebody says something to you, you don’t like it, and you think they are being rude please tell somebody so we can make it stop….