Friday the 13th
By Jamal Brown
Calcedeaver- Eleanor Bristow
It is the most Evilest Day of the school year. The students were terrified. Some of the students did not want to get out of bed. I did not believe in the legend of Ghost of Friday the 13th. As soon as I made that statement the lights started to flicker and weird sounds started to come from the basement. I went down to the basement to investigate. There was a bucket filled with blood. When I turned around I screamed, “Ah-h-h-h-h!” I rushed up the stairs followed by an enormous shadow. The shadow engulfed me and I was never seen again.

Calcedeaver - Eleanor Bristow
Six sided snowflake
Not seen in the summer.
One out standing snowflake.
Where does it go when the sun melts it away?
Following one another to the ground.
Lovely snowflake dancing around.
Amazing snowflakes. Who doesn’t like them?
Kind snowflakes being so peaceful and graceful.
Everyone who loves snowflakes will be interested.

My Dog Charlie
By Brenna Johnston
Eleanor Bristow

C- Caring
H- Happy
A- Awesome
R- Respectful
I- Intelligent

A Goat That Did Not Eat Grass
By Annslee Snow
Calcedeaver - Eleanor Bristow
Once there lived a farm goat that would eat anything….but grass. One night the goat decided to go outside and look for food because the barn door was open but the cages were locked. So the goat ate the cage and got out. The other animals cried, “Get me out, please”, but the goat did not listen he just kept walking. The goat said, ”BYEE a- a- a”! Once he got outside he saw a refrigerator. If you are wondering how they kept a refrigerator outside I don’t know. Then it started raining. The goat saw lightning. The goat thought “The whole reason that I got out was to get food.” So he waited until the lightning struck and ate the lightning. After that the goat became hungrier. The goat was at the refrigerator. The goat then fell asleep because he had had a long night. In the morning the goat was hunger and he was half asleep. The goat then tried to eat grass and loved it. The goat ate all the grass and then went to sleep in the barn. The cows were still mad at the goat because he had not let them out when he had escaped.

Alexis the Great
By Alexis Weaver
Eleanor Bristow

A- artists
L- loving
E- Entertaining
X- Xtraordinary
I - Inventing
S- Sportsmanship

The Crazy Shark
By Dakota Williams
Calcedeaver Elementary - Eleanor Bristow
One beautiful day a shark was hyper, so he went to explore the ocean. After a few miles, he wanted to stop and he saw a flat piece of wood. He bumped into the wood and hurt himself. He went to a fish doctor. He left and swam east. He saw a starfish. The starfish said, “Do you need directions?” “Yes”, said the shark. “How do I get home?” he replied. “Go west”, said the starfish. As the shark swam west he became hungry. He returned home and was ready to eat. His mother was worried because he arrived late for dinner.