Math Blues
Christina – 6th Grade – Clark-Shaw Magnet School
They try to give math a happier spin
“How many times can this number go in?”
As if you are part of some numerical clique
Because you can find a square root extra quick.
It’s always “add up”, “times up”, “divide up”
That keeps me looking down, counting down, feeling…yup,
I can’t find the angle for a celebration
When numbers and math are in the equation!!!

A Mother’s Experience
by Trinity
Eighth Grade – Burns Middle School – Ms. Plovanich

You are only 3 weeks old and you are currently in my grasp; I am afraid to hurt you, yet my arms are secure. My eyes are content with watching. Mine and yours haven’t met yet but my finger and your hand have. My ears are yearning for just one laugh. I love you, little girl, I promise I do.
Time has flown by and now the month you go by is 5. You have 3 teeth now, and they gleam like the moon. Your laugh is beautiful and even your cry makes me swoon. I love you, baby girl, for I will always love you.
You are 7 years old and you’ve had your first karate match. I loved every minute I swear. My favorite part was when the board soared through the air and collided with the chair. You are a talented little one and coming along are you. You’re a tall little girl, 48 inches are you.
Now you are 19 and you’re old enough to experience life on your own. I still worry though, instead of a beautiful young lady getting in the car off to college with her best friend, I see my little girl who barely has 3 teeth at 5 months.
My daughter is 27 and is walking down the aisle. I sit front row while your father walks you down. I smile as you smile, eyes connecting with mine for a split second before your soon-to-be connects his arm with yours, slowly approaching the center so that you may be claimed as his.
My baby is 32 now and bears her own child. His grin is crazy and eyes are wild. He reminds me of my little one as she reminds me of myself, smiling down at my little one.
My daughter is 45 and now she is kneeling down crying, mourning for the loss of my earthly presence, but now I am above. It’s okay, my little girl, for I will always be with you; now you must dry yours eyes and turn around. Your little one needs you. Fear not, my baby girl. We will be reunited in the next world.

Burns Middle School
Do you see her?

She stands over there

At the water

With a handful of flowers

And a heart full of


She goes there every other day

Sometimes without those

Sad little flowers

But most often than not

They remain in her hand

She releases those flowers into

The water

And watches them float away

How could she waste such

Beautiful flowers?

I always thought

What I didn't know was

She brought flowers to

Her love, each time
It’s like he

Rejected her

She cried while dropping the

Flowers for the last time

And she never came back

I never found out what had

Happened on the last day

The flowers were different

They were dark instead of

The usual bright flowers

I suppose I couldn't help her

After all,

There was no way that

I could help her

Because she was still in

Denial that he would

Wake up and start

Pretending he wasn't


Green Grass
Seventh Grade - Burns Middle School – Ms. Plovanich
Green Grass
Dead Grass
Summer Sass
Winter Class
It’s always sunny
It never rains
For here our crops die
In vain
Some people would kill for sun
Like I would for rain
I wear my hair
In a bun
Because of the sun
Never fails
To give me

Calloway-Smith Middle School
My City
I see people everywhere
With an unforgettable stare
I see moms crying
While their kids lie dying
I see people on the street
With nothing to eat
This Is My City
Where kids roam
While their parents are at home
Where people chant “Black Lives Matter”
While blood splatters
This is a place
Full of disgrace
My City

"Unseen Visions of Earth"
by J'Maya Bell
Nature at its best
Am I possessed ?
A walk in a garden ,
You'll become obsessed
Colors everywhere
Red , blue , green,
Possibly the best thing
You've ever seen .
The sun shines bright ,
Blooming each and every plant
A bee takes a flight ,
So does the little ant
Winds taking their rounds ,
Passing all of earths things
Lifting leaves up from the grounds ,
Butterflies dancing with their wings
Clouds are now dark ,
Now hearing the dogs bark
They sky was just clear ,
But the sky roars as you hear
Water drops fall ,
Running and hiding
4 ledgers may crawl ,
The storm is now tough
The sea believes it's enough ,
Waves try to jump to shore
But father storm wants more ,
Father light strikes areas
From here to there ,
Pushing electricity through the ground
Brightening up the air ,
The water becomes louder
Getting stronger receiving more power ,
Families of winds come together and spin
No one knows who will gain the victory ,
No one knows who will win
It gets very quiet ,
Father storm is now tired
And so are the others ,
By now Earths' creatures are sleep
Soon it was morning ,
And again nature had its colors

By Iyana
Calloway Smith Middle School

My Mind Focuses On The Life Around Me
But I Focus More On The People That Surround Me
There Is Much Gun Violence In My Community
That No One Wants To Be Unity
My Life Started Noticing The World As I Seen Hurt People
But The People In My City Don’t Care
I Live In A Community of Endless Broken Dreams
No One Really Cares About Education Anymore
And You See A Few Going To School Or Trying To See New Things
Where There Are Others
Who Think It Is Cool To Have A Gun Or Whatever They Call A Tool
To Me I Look At It As Nothing
You're Nothing
That Is What People Thought Of You
And You Made It Happen
When You Were Younger You Had Dreams
But Now You're Happy With Being Nothing
You Used To Think Going To College Was Cool
Now You're Doing Nothing
You Sit Around Not Even Thinking About School
Being Nothing
Studying Nothing
Learning Nothing
There Is Everything For Someone To Do In Life
Many Opportunities Are Open
You Could've Been A Kid Who Lost Their Life At A Young Age
But You're Here On This Earth Today
Still Doing Nothing
Being Nothing
Learning Nothing But To Be A Bum
So You Need To Teach Yourself To Be Something
You Need To Change Your Mind About Life As You See It
You Need To Think About The Opportunities In The World
Because You're Still Living
Because You're Still Here
Because You Still Have A Brain That Can Learn
Because Deep Inside You Are Someone.

Jazz Age
Madison Brooks
Causey Middle School - 6th Grade - Ms. Parker
Daniel and I were headed to a party last night when I saw a man walking down the street alone. He had nice features, but something was not right. I looked him up and down until I saw it. In his right jawline were four-inch stitches and a stitch that continued halfway around his neck. By the time I had turned around to tell Daniel, we were too far away to see.
When we finally reached the party, I got out of the car, leaving the memory of the stitch-man behind. The party was wonderful. Daniel and I danced all night and ended up winning the “Dance Until You Drop” contest. But something still wasn’t right. I looked through the crowd nine times and finally gave up. I was being so silly, I shook off the feeling and turned back toward Daniel. Then I saw it, through the window was the stitch-man.
The look of hatred on his face was enough to make a grown man cry like a baby. His gaze continued on straight to me, and then I recognized him. Through that window, was the face of my little brother. A face that would stay implanted in my mind forever. A face that I would see every time I closed my eyes until the day I die.
That night I woke up at midnight to find the room dark and empty, as it should have been. As I started to drift off to sleep, I heard a noise. Not a BANG, but a simple thud downstairs. As I began to slip out of my bedroom door, I fell to the floor unconscious.
When I finally woke up, I was in chains in a dark, wet place with cloths over my mouth and eyes. A deep, scratchy voice broke the lonely silence. The words were so incomprehensible that they sounded like a foreign language. “You ruined my life.” The mystery kidnapper said, “Now you will spend yours alone and scared like I have all these years.”
“What have I ever done to deserve this?” I cried.
“My whole life you cast me away and when I finally succeeded on my own I was hit by some hot-shot in a Model T Ford,” he ranted. “Then after I went to the hospital to get these stitches I found out my bank account had been completely emptied by your filthy, greedy husband.”
“Daniel would never do such a horrible thing!” I argued.
“Oh really?” He protested, “Because this withdrawal slip from the bank says otherwise.”
“Who are you?” I begged.
“All you need to know is that I’m your worst nightmare.”
For three months, I sat behind the wet, dark barrier between me and my freedom. Losing more and more of my sanity and trust in my husband every day. Finally, the police came and rescued me from that horrible place. When I was finally allowed to leave the police station and go home, I pushed myself away from Daniel. Eight months later the police found the kidnapper dead in the middle of a field. The doctors believe he died of inconsolable grief, but I don’t believe he had enough heart to even become remotely sad. The police officers held a memorial for him and invited me. Daniel offered to come, but I told him I had to do this alone. Even though he kidnapped me for three months, I just wanted to see his face. As I walked to his coffin, I looked upon him to see the face of my little brother. A face that would be implanted in my mind forever. A face that I would see every time I closed my eyes until the day I die.
All Buildings Must Fall
By: Ryker
Clark-Shaw Magnet School
I watched as the horrible human workers destroyed my grandfather. One hit was all it took. He was so old, I thought of all the things he’d taught me, and cried. As the workers cleaned up the mess I heard one of them talking, “Boss said to take down all the buildings in the area for his new mall. We’ll get the rest tomorrow. Little did I know what that meant. I went to sleep with troubling dreams about the workers. The next day they came back with their machine, and it was coming right at me! I started panicking, but I couldn’t move. I was a building. “NO, NO…please. Don’t do it! Plea……”
Later that day…The workers cleaned up and headed home. As they walked to the truck they heard something that sounded like, “Help.”
“It’s nothing,” they thought and drove away.