Flames Soul

By: Sade
10th Grade Rain High School
The flame was mesmerizing as it repeatedly grew and got smaller and dimmed.
The candle went out, leaving behind coldness and darkness.
As if the flame represented a person’s life.
The flames grows, the person grows mentally and physically.
The flame gets smaller, the person ultimately feels smaller because adversities in life.
The flame dims, which represents a person letting these adversities over power them; consuming their life.
This cycle repeats.
Then the flame goes out, representing death.

Reality Appears
By: Kaitlynn
10th Grade Rain High School
Slowly, creeping, waiting.
The suspense wall all around.
No one made a noise.
Not even one little sound.
But all around us, slowly creeping near.
Just the very thought, could bring someone to tears.
No way to know, the things, the things that rest in store.
The weight of it standing, at your very front door.
The circumstances change, in one short year.
Reality, reality, will slowly appear.

Blue Decade
By: Megan
11th Grade Rain High School
Those memories they held,
Warped into another age.
Wrapped into a blue cloth, to a time in which music played
Fingers that glided across the keys,
To a beat that controlled the world.
Feet tapped on the floor, making the ground shake
Fingers snapped that sent vibrations through the air.
They walked to this beat, even though the world slowly fell into despair
Staying close to the blue cloth that could have brought them back.
Now back to their own time, they listen for the beat that had previously ruled the world.
No longer hearing it, due to the sounds from the outside world.
They sigh and listen longer, knowing that there’s something there…
Now hearing the sounds that they had previously heard.
The dripping of the pipes that brought melodies with every drop,
The wind that skips and breaks through the walls.
They now know the truth,
That the melody is still there, back into the hearts of those who know it.
Now the beat continues, wrapping the world again with the blue cloth in once did.