Sophia’s Totally Tough Tongue TwistersBy: Sophia
These tongue twisters are totally tough!Try to say them three times fast without making any mistakes. I dare you!Sidewinder Sally Snake slithers slowly sideways.Mother Mallard makes much money matching mismatched mittens.Ritzy Rosie rocked royally riding around in a red racecar.Crazy Cohen’s carrots cracked; crunch, crack, crunch, crack, chew.Patrick Proudly picked party people politely.So, how did you do? Is your tongue totally twisted yet?

Story of My Lifeby Ariana
My life is awesomeThat’s how I blossomI’m very brightSo my light glowsAnd as long as I have care I growI know my mathAnd everybody knows their ABC’s and 123”sIt’s a breezeBut I don’t workWhile my family makes money

Zebra Sharks
By: Eli Zebra sharks are at riskEating fish in reefsBeing caught to eatReduce the sharks caughtAnd let them be!
Seen in coral reefsHoping to survive this feastAt a huge riskRepresents the seaKind and friendlySave them!

PandasBy: Cooper
I saw one in Washington D.C.I hope they’re alive for my children to see!They’re black and white and hang from a tree.They’d better stay alive or I’ll have a bad dream!

Dodo, Where did you Go-Go?By: Shamaree’Ian
Dodo ~ DodoWhere did they go, though?We hunt them.We eat them.Please stop, because we need them!No more time-They’re gone! Good bye!It was not a stone, or a rock, or a fly-It was humans. I cry.Oh DodoWhere did you go-go?

The Missing TigersBy: Hayley
Tigers are missing! Can’t you see?We are not playing the game “hide and seek!”Help keep them from becoming extinct!Would you like to be missing from your family?

Little Dodo BirdBy: Trezure
Little Dodo Bird-Are you next,Following the big dodos?You’re on the 10 most endangered list;There’s just a few of you left.Are you almost gone forever?What can we do to save you?

PandasBy: Trusler
Are you here?Are you there?Are you anywhere?Pandas. . . Pandas. . .YOU might not care-
But I can’t bareTo lose this bear!

Endangered Tiger HaikuBy: Trinity
They are almost gone.Tigers: The World’s Biggest CatsCan you believe that?!

The Lone Red WolfBy: James Cyrus
Red wolf~Eager to kill,Deer I hunt and eat.
Will you hunt me?Only a few are left,Living miserably,Fighting to survive.

STOPBy: Mattox Haywood
Please, please stop!Put down the weapon!Lemurs are good!What did they do to you?There are only 40 left.There are more students at my school than that.So please don’t harm them.
Imagine if you got shot with a bulletYou are guttedAnd skinned. . . It would hurt!So, think about that.

Oh, Why-O Rhino?By: Tomicah
O, why-O, why-O, old rhino, rhino?!You are almost extinct!Soon you’ll be gone in a blink!If you all go and die,I’ll begin to cry.If you need help,Just give a yelp!
I’ll send people to help!So, don’t cry-O, cry-O, old rhino, rhino!Your species time won’t be over!This isn’t the last game of red rover!No cry-o, rhino, rhino!O, why-O, why-O, old rhino!

Ivory-Billed WoodpeckerBy: Emmalee
The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker:Would you help this animal, please?!Because. . . this has got to stop!Oh, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker!Are you going to be here still, to knock at our door?Because. . . This has got to stop!

Jazz It Up With Reading


When you read you get better and better each year. I learned when you read you can write better no matter what grade you’re in at that time. Last year I was in Ms. Cink class. She was the best teacher I’ve ever had! She taught me how to read, write, and spell! It’s a great feeling to see that everyone is so proud of me for reading at a third grade level although I’m only in second grade. What book do you like to read? I like to read Princess and the Pea! I learned that the mighty mighty middle is the juicy detail. I love to read better than anything because it’s fun when you read. You get all the detail you need from the story. The mighty middle is a middle of a taco. When you read and you don’t know the words just keep swimming then go back. It’s like these magical people come help you. You can read is something you should repeat to yourself in order to be your own motivator. Do math and other things you like to do! Sometimes you have to take a test on reading and math, but it lets you go to higher levels once achieved. Some don’t know how to read even at six years old, but teachers give you a chance to practice until almost perfect. Reading brings knowledge and understanding. My birthday is January 30thand I will be eight years old. My family always tells me I have a big vocabulary to be so young! I have a passion for reading because I jazz it up and make it fun! The most boring story can be jazzed up through imagination and many other things! If I can do, so can you now let’s all jazz it up this year with amazing reading!