Fractions of Me
Henry St. Ignatius Catholic School

1/6 of me is a pianist:
Hearing the light sound of myfingers upon the key board.

1/6 of me is a brother:
Joyfully playing like a full time friend.

1/6 of me is an artist:
Throwing my thoughts upon a piece of paper.

1/6 of me is a horseback rider:
I like the free feeling of gallopingas fast as we can go.

1/6 of me is a tractor rider:
Pushing the clutch and pullingThe choke it is almost like driving a car.

1/6 of me is a sailor:
The soothing feeling of the boatgently gliding over the water is great1/6+1/6+1/6+1/6+1/6+1/6=All of Me

By Alexxis 6th Grade – Calcedeaver Elementary – Teacher Eleanor Bristow
Raindrops fell on ground.
The raindrops made a puddle Around my feet, SPLASH!

By Christopher 6th Grade – Calcedeaver Elementary Teacher Eleanor Bristow
One of the many problems that the United States faces is obesity. People find stress relief in junk food and snacks. In one year 3.4 million adults die because of obesity. More than 25% of people in the world are obese. Obesity is also a threat to the lives of children. Most children aren’t fit enough to run a mile in under 12 minutes. During the summer instead of playing in the nice weather most children sit inside and watch television. One solution to this problem is to cut down on junk food and eat healthier. You can also exercise and get healthier and fit. We can also fight this monstrosity as a country by getting the government to cut down on the grease and fat that is put in food.

The Spy Race: Colton
By John
6th Grade- Calcedeaver Teacher Mrs. Eleanor Bristow

Background: The U. S. and Russia are on the brink of another cold war, both nations need spies. They will take extreme measures to gain recruits; even kill, steal, and destroy.
Walking home from the movies one night Colton felt someone was watching him. He looked back and saw a strange black car that seemed to follow him. He took detour after detour to try and mislead the car, but somehow it always stayed on his trail. Suddenly, just before making it to his block, the car sped up. Before he knew it the car was in front of him.
“What do you want’ Colton yelled, just as two men got out of the car, “We want you,” the men stated, “It’s time for your mission.” What does this mean” Colton thought as they blindfolded, gagged, and threw him in a car “I’m only a 20 year old college student and NBA hopeful, why would they want me.” Colton was uncertain that he would live, or see his family ever again.
After what seemed like ages, Colton felt the car come to a halt. He was then pulled out of the car into a secret lair where they took off his blindfold and removed his gag. He met this man who introduced himself as Agent Jackson, Agent Jackson then announced his partners were Agent Coleman, Agent Jones, and Agent Tanner.
Agent Jackson began to explain to Colton, “We have been monitoring you since you were a baby, when you were young, we made an agreement with your parents, that on your 20th birthday we’d bring you here to train you and use you as a spy on the CIA. 20 years ago a corrupt Russian spy informed us that a Second Cold War would begin the year of 2017. Immediately we began bringing children here, planting chips in them, erasing their memory, and sending them home. Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff, after you finish your training, you will be going to,” the captain interrupted, “Jackson, I have some important information for you, and your little conversation will have to wait.”

Mystery Vacation
Noah Council Traditional School

Howard was busy. Busy with homework. It was a cold Friday night, a day away from Christmas break and his teacher had loaded their backpacks full of homework. He was so tired because it was 10:00 p.m. and he was on his 4th subject. Out of 10. He hated being burdened like this. Well, maybe hate is too strong of a word. Let’s just say he really, really, reaaalllly disliked it. He just liked to sit back and relax. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way if you’re the smartest kid detective in the state.
Howard was 10. His favorite color was blue. His favorite bird was a robin. His favorite subject was…oh, forget it. He was an average boy, ok? Well, except that he was super smart. Kids usually asked him to solve mysteries. He got the nickname Howard Clue. Then, they changed it to Clueless Howard. Then, to Clueless. It was probably a bully that nicknamed him. Clueless finally finished his homework. Then, the family took a vacation to Illinois. It was a dumb move to me. It was like, what, 10 degrees up there? In December, it must have been super cold.
They stayed at a hotel called the Snow Flake. It kind of suited the place – they didn’t even have a thermostat. They had gotten registered to room 247. They went in and flopped down on the squishy bed. Clueless heard a voice talking about a robbery. He asked his dad if he could go outside. He said “Yes.” Clueless opened the door and a man in a suit with a green and yellow striped tie and a purple hat jumped back in surprise and asked Clueless how much he had heard. Clueless answered “All of it.” Clueless heard the man’s crooked teeth clattering when he talked. Another man in a blue suit with a badge told Clueless that the man was a witness to a plane hijacking. The plane was full of gold and jewels. Clueless asked if he could go and see. The man told him to ask his parents. Clueless asked his mom and dad and they said he could so he went.
When they got to the runway, Clueless asked the witness how it happened and the witness started talking. He said he was walking down the road with a heavy coat on. When he was walking, he heard an engine sputtering. He ran over to the runway just in time to see a storage plane take off. The cop believed every word of it but Clueless wasn’t so sure. He whispered something to the officer. The officer immediately said to the witness that he was under arrest and handcuffed him. The witness sputtered, “What did I do?” Clueless asked him when he saw the plane. The witness muttered that he saw it after the blizzard. Clueless said that when there was a blizzard, the planes are grounded because the runway is icy. He exclaimed, “That witness is lying through his crooked teeth!” The witness confessed and admitted the he stole the gold and had lied.
That was some vacation!

Christa, 6th GradeLott Middle School

Ode to SoccerSoccer so funWhen I kick you,You fly to the sun.It sounds like a gunshot,Bang! Then I score a goalAnd it ties the gameMy friends all play
Soccer with me.It is so fun don’t you see.When I play, my mom and dad are there,They scream and shout and get in my hair.At the end of the season,We have to quit for this reason.I will play next year as you all know,So come on down and see the show.

Hannah , 6th GradeLott Middle School

Ode to a FairytaleFairytale, FairytaleLike a dreamYou spin a webAnd nobody knowsHow you will endYour story twistsYour story turnsWhich is the beginningAnd which the endI can read you over againSometimes I wonderIf you willEver endDear fairytale,I will love you till the end.

Randall , 6th GradeLott Middle School
Ode to the SkyThe sky, the sky,Oh how beautiful you areThe sun shinesSo brightFeeling the warmthOn my skin.It reminds me ofBarbecueAs tasty as smoked sausage.At night I hearThe crickets singA soothing littleLullaby.The sky,the skyOnly peaceful thoughts come to mind.

CliffhangerBy KatieSt. Ignatius – Third Grade
Hi, my name is Minty and I have a big problem.I never finish my sentences.My mom had to type this. It always ends up like this…I want a What is your So, yeah Cliffhanger

My Perfect FriendBy Katie
As soon as I saw herI knew it was trueI was too shy to askBut instead it was youI replied “yes” and the next thing I knewI was playing with youDon’t wait for friendshipThis just goes to sayYou’ll find yourself on your next playdate

Kennedy , 6th GradeLott Middle School

Ode to Kenleigh Rene CootsShe dances like a bunny.It is so funny.She is so sweet.She likes to stomp her feet.She likes to dance to theFrozen song.
She wiggles,While we giggle.She giggles,While we wiggle.She lean along with a bean.

She doesn’t cryWhen she eats apple pie.She does cryWhen she doesn’t eat apple pie.She’s single like a PringleAnd ready to mingle.

Karleigh, 6th GradeLott Middle School

Ode to an Auburn Game
We are drivingDown the road.Stars sparkle the night skyCrickets chirp and toads croakWatching us as we go by.The day of the gameThe smell of the chili.And watch the noisy city.The eagle flies;The crowd roars.The funnel cakes; they’re better than pies!By the way: GO T’IGERS!

My Dog Cookie and IBy Rhonda6th Grade Calcedeaver Elementary – Teacher Eleanor Bristow
My dog Cookie is the very best dog I have ever had. She loves me and I love her. She is so much fun. When I play music she starts to sing. She likes to chow down on bones. I sit beside her while she chows on her bone. She protects me and I protect her. I treat her like she needs to be treated. Cookie is a wonderful dog.

How Klawdeen Got Her Long FingernailsBy Leah3rd grade – Calcedeaver Teacher Eleanor Bristow

This is the story of a Koala named Klawdeen. Klawdeen got her name as she got older. Klawdeen’s mother gave Klawdeen the name when she noticed that her finger nails got longer each day. Her mother cut Klawdeen’s finger nails. The next day Klawdeen’s finger nails were right back long again. As Klawdeen was climbing an eucalyptus tree her mother noticed that the tree sap was the reason Klawdeen’s finger nails were getting longer and longer each day. Klawdeen always climbed the eucalyptus tree every day.

PRINCESSBy Layia4th Grade – Calcedeaver Elementary Teacher Eleanor Bristow
Princess that is
Ready for anything
Negative thoughts and being
Called mean names.
Ever showing how a PRINCESS
Should think and behave.

FRIENDSBY BAILEY4th grade – Calcedeaver Elementary Teacher Eleanor Bristow
FairReady to hugIntelligentEvery helpfulNiceDarlingSo sweet

Seattle SeahawksBy Matthew4th Grade – Calcedeaver Elementary - Teacher Eleanor Bristow
Blue, Green, and white they wear.Everyone screams and stare.Making touchdowns every drive.The defense and offence will striveTo win in the end zone.

SpringBy: Alexis
4th Grade – Calcedeaver Elementary Teacher Eleanor Bristow
Sun shiningPretty flowersRobins singingIn a tree.New year’s sprouting aGarden of flowers.

SWISH!By Gunnar4th Grade – Calcedeaver Elementary Teacher Eleanor Bristow

Swish!! Is all you hear.Oklahoma City is the team to fear.When KD and Russell are hereA victory is near.OKC is here win!

The SaintsBy Abraham3rd Grade – Calcedeaver Elementary Teacher Eleanor Bristow
It’s the Saints run up to them you will faintGet up throw the ball Because tonight you meet the saints.The Saints, The Saints, The Saints Tonight you meet the saints. Get up call hut because tonight you meet the saints, Turn around they will whip you. Because tonight they will win the game. They are the Saints we are the Saints The mighty mighty Saints. We have the skills because we are the Saints.

The Big GameBy Anthony3rd Grade – Calcedeaver Elementary – Teacher Eleanor Bristow

Long ago when Indians were in trouble only one person didn’t worry his name was T. T. These other tribes were kidnapping our people but T. T. was not worried.

T. T. was strong, athletic, the best at hunting, and at stick ball. He has been chief twice. One night the fire tribe struck and kidnapped the Chief in his pajamas and left.

They woke up T. T. He checked to see if everyone was O. K. but the Chief was gone. T. T. saw a symbol that they had left and he knew it was the fire tribe. He left to start his journey.

T. T. traveled through snow and rain. When he made it there he tried to save the chief but the fire tribe stopped him. The fire tribe wanted to make a deal. If you win at stickball you will get your Chief back but if you lose you will be a slave. They played stick ball for three hours and T. T. won and he saved the Chief. The Chief appointed T. T. Chief of the tribe.

The FrogBy Eleanor3rd Grade – Calcedeaver Elementary -Teacher Eleanor Bristow
One day my friends and I went swimming. We jumped off the diving board. One of my friends did not jump because she was too scared. She saw a frog and jumped off diving board. As it turned out the frog was a butterfly sitting on the diving board. She jumped for no reason but she was not scared to jump anymore. She would always jump off the diving board when she came to my house.

The Life of a Penguin Named PeterBy Gabrielle3rd Grade – Calcedeaver Elementary School – Teacher Eleanor Bristow
There was once a Penguin named Peter. He was shorter than his family. He had two friends named Alexander and Bailey. They were taller than he was too. He wished he could be taller. One day when he was walking he saw his friends. They asked him if he wanted to swim with them. He said, “O.K.”. He swam for a few hours and when he got out of the water he was taller than ever before. He was even taller than his friends. His friends wanted to be tall too so they jumped into the water and swam until they were taller. They all lived a good life being tall.

Everything Is Amazing
By: Peyton
3rd grade - Calcedeaver Elementary

Everything is so amazing! So great and grand so big colorful I just don’t know when it will all go away one day. I hope it won’t go away but that’s what happens I do say. So enjoy it now don’t give it all the amazing stuff away. People throw away amazing stuff away every day. It just doesn’t make any sense. Anyway that’s why I think everything is so amazing!

Senior BowlBy Zack3rd gradeCalcedeaver Elementary Teacher Eleanor Bristow
Once upon a time I was at my dad’s house and we went to the senior bowl. We tailgated, ate free food, and met the players. We saw the game and left at halftime. That was one of my favorite experiences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!