Harriet Tubman
By: Camille
Covenant Christian School – Grade 6

Getting beat
Nothing to eat Feel the heat

I am done
With everyone Running away There I will stay

Running for days
No food in my veins As parched as a desert My poor feet hurt

Wait! I am not done
I will go back and save everyone
Wet, cold, and running back Time to get my life on track

Come with me if you want your life
No more pain, no more strife Follow me to the railroad We must create a secret code
Look me in the eye and you will see
I am Harriet Tubman a woman of the FREE!

If Books Were People
By Mariah
W.J. Carroll Intermediate School

If books were people, they’d be my best friends, my enemies, my loves.
Their musty pages are filled with hidden secrets that dance off the paper like miniature ballerinas.
Their words hug me close, whispering like a mother comforting her child.
Isolation, just me and the characters, alone and peaceful.
Bliss like Elysium, escapism from life’s mundane drone.
Clear as an angel’s teardrop, pure as a diamond.
Books are friends who will never fail me, loyal until the end.

The Archer By: Kaylie Chastang Middle School
As a wood elf walks down the imperial city sewers I spy a rat. I sneak and wait
for the right moment to shoot the rat. POW, the arrow pierced the rat’s heart instantly
making it bleed to death. As Shadow Archer, the wood elf exited the sewers I was
guided by a monk named Ethan. He gave me all leather armor. Then we traveled to
Bravil where the oblivion gate was. I entered. Suddenly, I was swarmed by zombies.
Luckily, I had a grenade and a knight named Leslie, a wood elf, Ethan the monk, a
higher elf, and Keven, a dark elf all having heavy armor. Finally noticing that there were
too many I gave up. Leslie, Ethan, and Keven were still fighting and yelling, “Come on.
We can make it!” Suddenly, a boost of energy went through me. We were able to kill
the rest of the zombies. Then we found the cure, and the person who caused this
massacre from this day forward in that time period was called the Zombie Apocalypse.
20 years later the person who caused this, her name was Helen. I suddenly turned to
my friend, Leslie and said, “The person who caused the zombie apocalypse was the last
witch, who knew and used “witch craft”, I whispered. Then she said, “What! That’s
great!” Then they happily were honored and they continued their journey with monster

The Beach
Kirsten Meadowlake Elementary Creative Writing Club

Walking on the Beach, Splash!
Goes the waves, Looking at the sea, Water going under beneath my feet, I feel like I’m moving, Oh how wonderful the beach sounds.

When I look at the waves,
They like to splash, When I look at the waves, They make me want to fall asleep.
Plop! The sound of waves knocking down your sand castle.
Pop! The sound of drinks.Drip! The sound of me soaked.

Butterflies in Space
By: Lanee
Meadowlake Elementary

Once upon a time, there was a butterfly that was very curious. He wanted to go to space. So one day, he went to space. After 3 minutes he died. A spaceman named “Duck” found the dead butterfly. So later he brought it home and showed it to his family. Serenity, the spaceman’s son said, “Ewe” get that thing out of here. Jacob, his brother, said “Oh”, “Can I keep it for my dead bug collection?” Duck said, “Yes, you can keep it for your bug collection.” Elizabeth, the sister said, “Can I take a picture and post it on my blog?” Duck said, “Yes you can do that too.” So afterwards they brought Jacob’s dead bug collection to the museum. The museum said, “Let’s put those in the young dead bugs section.” Then they went home and had dinner. They ate Roman Noodles, my favorite. Jacob ate 6 bowls of noodles. He was really sad about giving the bug collection to the museum. He said “Dad can you go back to space to get me more dead things so I can start another collection?” Duck said, “Sure I can go back to space to get you more bugs for a collection.” So Duck went back to space. He found a living owl, but 7 seconds later the owl went “Woo Woo”, “Sniff Sniff” and died.
The End

St. Ignatius Fourth Grade - Ms. Goodwin

Dear Santa,
I don’t want anything for myself for Christmas. I want orphans to get good homes, nice parents, kind friends, and a fun brother or sister or both. I think all children deserve a good home, and an orphanage is not a good place for a child! A child deserves nice parents because parents are our first teachers, and they take care of us. Orphans need kind friends because friends support you. An orphan needs fun siblings so they have someone to help them in home situations. So that’s what I want for Christmas.

How Two Giant Robots Became Friends
Story by Joseph, Third Grade
Our Lady of Guadalupe Home School Group

One day, while some friends were playing, a cool red car drove by. “Follow
me,” he bleeped. The friends followed him to a damp cave where the car
went inside a robot’s mouth. The friends got scared! They started to run!
But while they were running, they crashed! Where did they crash? Well, it
was a robot (another robot of course). The first robot laughed! (He
thought they were a practicing circus.) The other robot turned on, but the
first robot laughed so hard that he fell in the water! He got out of
control, and the other robot saved him with a magnet! The small friends
(which were at the beginning of the story) got so scared that they dropped
their toys! Soon the two robots played with the toys until they became

Saint Agnes
Margaret St. Ignatius Fourth Grade - Ms. Goodwin
Hello, my name is Agnes. I was born in Rome, Italy in 304 A.D. My story began when I was only twelve years old. I was very beautiful, and for that reason, many young men wanted to marry me, but I would always tell them, ‘’Jesus is my only husband.” The governor’s son, who was a very powerful man, asked me to marry him. I refused and said ‘’Jesus is my spouse. He chose me first, so he shall have me.’’ By saying this, the governor’s son knew that I was a Christian and reported me to the authorities. I was brought before a Judge who tried to persuade me to recant. I refused. He threatened me with fire on a torch, but I did not flinch. They took me out to the streets for the people to laugh at, but instead they felt sorry for me and tried to save me. No one dared to touch me except one man who was blind, and I cured him. I was condemned to death, but as happy as a bride on her wedding day because I was finally going to meet my spouse, Jesus Christ. Emperor Constantine’s daughter built a basilica in my honor. I am the patron saint of young girls and of the Children of Mary.

Mobile Cinderella Haleigh 5th grade - Indian Springs Elementary

Once upon a time a teenage girl named Robin returned from hunting. She walked inside and put her bow down. “Where have you been? Mother needs you,” said her step-sister, Molly. “Here you have chores to do” said Robins step mother, holding out a long list. Robin grabbed the list of chores and started working.
Then Robin heard the doorbell ring. “Hello” said the royal coachman and handed Robin a letter. “Step mother, we have mail!” hollered Robin and put the letter on the coffee table. Moments later Robin heard her step-sister, Lily shout,” yay, we got invited to the royal family Mardi Gras Ball!” Robin’s step mother came into the living room. “May I go to the ball?” said Robin. “Maybe, if you finish the chores that I gave you” said Step Mother. “Okay” said Robin happily and quickly grabbed the chore list and did her last few chores. She was done in a snap, and yelled, “step mother I am done!” “All ready? Well, you have seven more hours until the ball. Go do something,” said step mother. Robin grabbed her bow and ran out the door.
As Robin was heading over to her hunting area, she saw a deer. “Hello” said the deer. “Aaahh” blurted Robin. “Please don’t be afraid I am just looking for someone to talk to” said the deer. “What happened to you?” asked Robin. “Well I used to be a king, but one day I was bored in my castle and went hunting. Well, I had come across a piece of land,” said the deer.” What happened next?” said Robin, as she sat on the cold ground. “Then a witch appeared. She said some spell that I could not understand and turned me into a deer. After I was turned into a deer, she said the only way I can turn back into my regular self would be if I ate a moon pie from the float with 3 deer on it,” said the deer. “Hey, that parade is today. I will go get the moon pie for you,” said Robin. “You would do that for me?” said the deer. “Of course,” said Robin and started walking to the parade.
When Robin got to the parade it had just started. She waited for the float with 3 deer. Suddenly all the floats stopped. The 3 deer float was in the very back of all the other floats. Robin started running to the end of the parade. When she got to the end she yelled, “Hey, throw me a moon pie! “ Then a moon pie flew in the air and landed right on Robins face. Robin got the moon pie off her face and ran back into the forest. The deer was still where she left him. “Here is the moon pie you wanted,” said Robin and opened the pack to give to the deer. The deer ate the moon pie. “Why is it not working?” said Robin. “Oh, I forgot part of the story. The witch said I have to eat the moon pie and then wait until dark” said the deer. By now it was time for Robin to get dressed for the ball. “Hmm it is a Mardi Gras ball. I should wear a Purple and Green dress” Robin thought. Robin looked in her closet and saw a beautiful striped box at the bottom of her closet. Robin opened the box and saw a gorgeous purple and green dress. Robin took it out and tried it on. “It fits! I should wear this to the ball” thought Robin. Robin walked outside to the deer. “I am going to the ball. You want to come?” said Robin. “Yes,” said the deer. Robin and the deer started walking to the castle. “Hey its night, you should be changing back,” said Robin. Then Robin heard a noise. She turned around and the deer had turned back into his regular shelf. “I’m back! Thank you for all that you‘ve done. How can I repay you, Robin?” said the man. “It’s okay” replied Robin, “just be my date. “ He took Robin’s hand and walked her to the ball. They danced and danced all night long. Then the man led Robin to the royal family garden. The man looked at Robin and asked, “will you be my queen?” “Yes,” said Robin. The next day they were married and Robin was a queen. She and the king lived happily ever after.

Dolphin RescueKenley 5th grade - Indian Springs Elementary School

Once upon a time there was a very pretty sea fairy named Seashell. She was collecting magical crystals like the other fairies. She was about to go to take a break and eat lunch when she heard a high pitch squeal!! She knew what it was, a dolphin calling for help! She flew out of the cave and bumped into an evil troll! She was knocked out and left there. She was awaken by another squeal. She stood up and had a huge headache. [Even fairy`s get headaches.] She flew up to see how many evil troll`s there were and saw only one. That was good! She flew into a tree and went on a branch to watch. She needed a way to get around the troll. She had it! She would just stay in the trees and walk on the branches.
She tiptoed through the branches past the troll and flew out to sea. She traveled for a long time and was running out of pixie dust. She saw a boat heading out to sea. She landed on the boat and flew into a cabin window. In the cabin, she saw a big soft bed with flowers on the bed side table. She couldn’t help it, she landed on the bed and fell asleep. She was awaken by voices. Someone was coming! Seashell hid in the flowers and stayed there. They voices were right outside the cabin door. She took her chance and flew out the window on to the deck. She was on a cruise ship. She had no idea what to do!!
The only thing she could do was fly away, but she was running out of pixie dust. But then she remembered she could call mermaids in her mind!! She called the mermaids. They called back and told her to fly to some rocks near the boat so the humans couldn’t see them. She flew out and sat on a rock. She saw a glimmer of a tail, the mermaids!! Seashell told them about how running into the troll made her forget to put extra pixie dust in her pouch. One mermaid, called Starfish, said that they would help and find the pixie dust sand that they use to make sure they weren’t seen by humans. They found some and gave it to the fairy. Seashell used her magic to turn it into fairy dust. She sprinkled some on herself and put the rest in her pouch.
She heard the squealing again. Starfish said, “Do you hear it too?”” Yes I do,” said Seashell. “Yeah well, we better go and save it. Ok?” said another mermaid. “Fine,” said Starfish,” let’s go.” Soon they saw a fisher’s net at the bottom of the ocean with a dolphin stuck in it. The mermaids went down and ripped the net open to release the dolphin. They mermaids pushed the dolphin up to the surface. As it gasped for air, Seashell sprinkled pixie dust on its wounds to heal them. The dolphin squealed thank you and swam away. Seashell thanked the mermaids and flew back home. Seashell told the fairy queen her story about the troll, the mermaids, and all about the dolphin. The queen ordered a wonderful celebration because of Seashell saving the dolphin. They invited the mermaids to the party too!! YAY!!!!