Aubrey’s Surprise
Tsepo Ms. Patrick’s 5th Grade Eichold-Mertz Magnet School

Aubrey woke up and yawned. She pushed the covers to the side. She tiptoed down the hall into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. She was so excited because her mom had big news. She rushed downstairs into the kitchen. “Good morning, everybody!” said Aubrey. She fixed her plate and sat down. He brother Tyler was half asleep. Their mom stood up and said, “I have big news. I am going to have a baby!” Aubrey dropped her fork and ran upstairs. She sat on her bed while tears dripped down her face. Her brother did not do anything. He was too young to understand. He was five years old and she was ten years old. Her mom came to talk to her. After the talk she felt better. She finished her breakfast and got on the bus with her brother. She told all her friends. When she got home her grandmother, Aunt Denise, and Cousin Sydney were there to stay for a while. They all talked and laughed and had fun. Mom’s eyes got big and she said, “I’m going to have the baby!” We rushed her to the hospital. My uncles, aunties, cousins, and grandparents were there. My mom named the baby April. I got to hold her. I was excited.

Mrs. Henderson’s 3rd Grade - Ariel W. Holloway Elementary School
One night I went walking with my two friends Akasha and Telaja. All of a sudden, we heard a loud sound. I said, “Let’s go check it out!” Telaja did not want to, so she ran away. Akasha and I called her to come back, but she would not return. We decided to investigate without Telaja, and we found a very strange old lady. She was wrinkled, dressed in all black, and had a crooked nose and smile. She told us that at midnight we would turn into vampires. We ran away as fast as we could. Later, I could not go to sleep. I didn’t feel tired. I started to feel weird all over. Then I heard a “creep” sound. I called Telaja and Akasha. They heard it too. They didn’t feel right either. We went back to the forest and found the strange old lady. We forced her to turn us back into human. Her magic backfired and turned her into a frog. We released her into the world. Telaja, Akasha, and I lived happily ever after.

Who Am I?
LaKendra Mrs. Jones - 5th Grade Ariel W. Holloway Elementary School

I attend Holloway School
Where my classmates can act a fool I’m in the 5th grade Learning to play spades

I go to church on Sundays
Getting prepared for school on Mondays I like church But not going very much

I have a dog
Who jumps around the house like a frog He jumps on the floor When someone knocks on the door

I have a loving mother
One brother A sister and a niece Dang, I wish I could get some peace

I love to play basketball
In the fall Sports are hard to master But somehow I’m going to get faster

My favorite color is blue
I guess you had no clue
I play my Xbox in the den
Who am I? Ken!

My Big Future Kamari
Mrs. Henderson’s 3rd Grade - Ariel W. Holloway Elementary School

I would love to be an NFL player because they get millions of dollars. I would help my mom and grandmother. I am kind, smart, and so proud of myself. I am so glad to be #99 for St. Paul’s football team. This is a big job to do. I will not give up because I have been playing football for six years. I am a defensive end and linebacker. I play offense and defense. I also play two other sports, basketball and baseball. I want to play more sports. You have to dig your future out of the muddy waters. When my uncle passed, I made a promise to him that I will play football and make it to the NFL. From this day forward I will push myself to that point. I will work on it and say, “I can! I can!”

Ms. Lambert’s 4th Grade - Ariel W. Holloway Elementary School
Do you know smoking can kill you? Smoking is a very hazardous habit. In my opinion, I think people should have never created tobacco or drugs because they are bad for your health. Smoking can trick your brain into thinking that you can’t live without it. Smoking can damage your teeth and give you lung cancer.
The first reason I think smoking is a hazardous habit is because it tricks your brain into thinking you can’t live without tobacco. Some people are unaware that they are doing anything wrong. They will start putting tobacco packages everywhere. If they decide not to smoke, then tobacco packages won’t be all over the place. They will have a clean house.
The second reason I think smoking is a hazardous habit is because smoking can damage your teeth. Some people are unaware that their teeth are yellow. Once they see their yellow teeth they will try to brush it off, but it is there to stay. Their teeth will be as yellow as corn on the cob. If they didn’t smoke, their teeth would be gleaming white.
The third reason I think smoking is a hazardous habit is because smoking can give you lung cancer. Some people think their lungs are fine, but they are not. First your lungs are pink, but when you start smoking your lungs turn black. Your lungs could be black like the night with no moonlight or stars. If they didn’t smoke, their lungs would be clean and healthy.
In conclusion, I think smoking is a hazardous habit. Look at what smoking can do to you. I advise you not to smoke.

A Trip to Disney
Ms. Knight’s 5th Grade - Ariel W. Holloway Elementary School

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world where would you go? I would take a Disney Cruise to Disney World. This is what my trip would look like. First, we will take the cruise. Next, we will go to Disney World. Finally we will enjoy the big night show.

My Nanna drives Mom and me to the cruise ship. Oh, my gosh! I am so excited! I can't wait to get on the cruise-ship. This ship is bigger than any ship I've ever seen before. We go to the pool and jump in but we didn't realize that the pool was shaped like Mickey's face. Aaaah! Aaaah! is all I could say as I went down the huge slide. The Disney cruise was so much fun.

After all of the excitement on the cruise ship we finally made it to Disney World. The amusement park was so enormous and excitingly cool. Mickey Mouse greeted us with a big hug and Mickey ears for both of us. We wore them all day. The rides were so much better than any other amusement park I'm ever gone to. But the best was yet to come.

If you think Disney is cool you should see it at night. There are laser beams everywhere. The electric parade is bigger and better than any Mardi Gras parade I have ever seen. There were fireworks bigger than the Fourth of July. Everything was exciting at night.

As you can see the best way to travel to Disney World is on a Disney cruise ship. Don't forget your swimsuit. Be prepared to get a big hug from your favorite character at the amusement park. Get ready for the biggest event of the night, the big parade with the laser show laser show. If I could take a trip anywhere in the world, It would surely be Disney World. I love Disney World!

Ross Steps into the Spotlight Cornealius Mrs. Henderson’s 3rd Grade Ariel W. Holloway Elementary School

Ross and his dad were playing football in the backyard. He wanted to try out for the football team at his school. At first he was nervous. His friends helped him calm down. The coach let Ross be on the team. The team was called the Steelers, and Ross played very well.
In the first game Ross was the quarterback. He threw the ball to Jay. Jay caught it and made a touchdown. They beat the Panthers nine to one. Ross became a superstar. He played for every team and got to the nationals. Ross was a champ. He won many trophies. Every team named him Most Valuable Player.

The Princess Who Cried Help Cheyenne
Mr. Mdluli’s 3rd Grade Ariel W. Holloway Elementary School
Once upon a time there was a fairy princess named Isabella. Isabella lived in a far, faraway country with her mother, father, and two wicked stepsisters. One day Isabella wanted to go to the store. She asked her wicked stepsisters to go with her. One of them said she had ironing to do and the other one said she had cooking to do. So Isabella decided to go alone. On the way she met a fierce looking lion. He roared loudly. But Isabella said he sounded like one of her wicked stepsisters. She continued on her trip to the store. Then she heard the growl of a big grizzly bear. She thought it was the sound of the other stepsister. So she continued her trip to the store. There she bought candy, sodas, and some chewing gum. As she left the store she saw the face of the grizzly bear and it didn’t look like her wicked stepsister. She immediately cried for help and began running back to the castle. Halfway there she met the roaring lion. It did not look like her wicked stepsister. She cried with a loud voice, “Help me! Help me!” The wicked stepsisters stopped their ironing and cooking to find Princess Isabella. They found her and brought her back to the castle. Isabella thought maybe they were not so wicked after all. She invited them to her room to share some candy, soda, and chewing gum. They lived happily ever after.

School Trouble
Alise Mrs. Jones’ 5th Grade Ariel W. Holloway Elementary School
Mrs. Walker has a stupendous class. However, there’s one special person I would like to talk about today. Her name is Yolanda Harris. She makes A’s and B’s and is always on A/B Honor Roll. She does her work very swiftly and often gets it right. Nevertheless, two new girls came last Friday. Their names are Sarah and Rebecca. They came here riding on D’s and E’s. All of a sudden, Yolanda ended up being dragged in with all their mess! In addition when they were in class they were always passing notes about what they were going to do the next day and who they were going to taunt. So of course they were always distracted when it was time to pass in their work, or they never finished what they were supposed to do. Mrs. Walker saw how different Yolanda was acting, so the next day as were lining up for P.E. she asked her to stay. She told her how she was going to fail the 6th grade if she kept on fooling around with those girls and how she would not tolerate this behavior from her. Yolanda went to P.E. but unfortunately had an argument with Sarah and they had a fight. Mrs. Walker was not happy about this but Yolanda did go back to her good ways until she yelled at Mrs. Walker for trying to talk to her again. As a result, she made her stay after school and write 300 times “I will never yell at Mrs. Walker again.” Yolanda became friends with two more messy girls named Jill and Dinah during the time we took the ACT Aspire test. Mrs. Walker tried again to talk to Yolanda, but she just wouldn’t listen. She failed her first and second ACT. She finally passed the third one because she told her parents what she made and they talked some sense into her. Yolanda fortunately met me, the author, Alise Horn, and we became the best of friends. She stays out of trouble and is back on Honor Roll.

AkashaMs. Gardner’s 3rd Grade - Ariel W. Holloway Elementary School

Once upon a time there were three sisters who had magical powers. Day by day they had to wait to use their magic for twenty-three years. One day they decided to use their magic no matter what. They had been waiting to use a powerful spell. They used it travel into the future. They stood in a circle and joined hands. They turned invisible and visited faraway lands. When the spell ended, one of the sisters became extremely ill. This was punishment for using magic too early. All three sisters lost their magical powers and are just human.

Vestio, the Basketball LegendWill5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Sullivan
Once, there was a basketball legend named Vestio. But Vestio was different, he was blue goose, and the first to play in the MBA(Mice Basketball Association).

Vestio graduated from Ellie Fant High School. He did great in school and in basketball, so he received a scholarship to go to play basketball at Mun Key University. Their mascot is a chimp.

During Vestio’s first year there, he didn’t start because there was another blue goose named Questo there that started where Vestio played. However, Questo tore his ACL in the National Championship and Vestio went in for him. Vestio was really nervous that they were going to lose, but then he hit a half court buzzer beater for the win.

Two weeks later Vestio got a call from the head coach of the MBA team, the Orlando Potion, and the coach said he wanted him to be their newest player! Vestio accepted the offer and flew to Orlando.

Vestio averaged 638 points in his regular seasons, 211 steals, 59 assists, and 32 buzzer beaters. He went on later to win all 14 Championships he played in and made it into the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately for Questo, he was left undrafted, gave up basketball, and became a garbage man.