My Glamorous Trip to Hawaii
Zion Craighead Elementary

June 12, 2000, John, my family, and I went to Honolulu, Hawaii. When I got on the airplane the waitress was just passing out peanuts. “Do you want some young man?” She asked. I said, “No mam! I’m allergic to peanuts, bees, and seafood.” But I told her she was as pretty as five shinning diamonds.
We had just arrived the next day at 3:30. When we got off the airplane people came and gave us a tour around there city. We went to the restaurant. They had big, juicy hamburgers. They showed us our house we was going to stay in. It was big.
I asked my mom can we go on the beach. When we got out there, it was black sand on the beach. I asked my mom why the sand is black, she said because they have underwater volcanoes. So we played for a little while, then a lady came out and gave me a Hawaiian necklace. “Thank you!” I said.
On the way home my mom asked me ’’what do I want to eat tonight?” I told her I wanted a big, juicy, delightful hamburger. She asked, homemade or from the store? She said, “Homemade.” I said, “Ok!” She said, “We are going home tomorrow.” But why? I asked. She said, “Because school starts in a week.”
The next day we packed our stuff and went and got on the plane. I was going to miss this place, it’s all right’’. Mom said, ‘’we will come back next year, I promise.” “All right, I guess so,” I said. When we got home I called my grandma and said hi, and how awesome it was.

The Bite
Victavia Craighead Elementary
One day a Girl Scout group went on a camping trip. There were five girls on the trip, Amy, Kate, Sarah, Maddison, and Katy. After they put up their tents they went to play hide and seek. Maddison had already caught Amy, Kate, and Katy but they could not find Sarah. Sarah had fallen asleep behind a tree in the deep woods. When she woke up her leg was bleeding. Sarah tried to walk, but she couldn’t, then she started to yell for help. A couple of minutes later, her friends and Girl Scout leader found her bleeding and took her to the hospital. When they got there the doctor said, “She could go back camping, but she cannot walk.”

Once the camping trip was over, Sarah was at home watching TV and realized that the TV was really loud. She turned the TV down, but it was still loud! So she wobbled to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and her ears were all black and gooey. She screamed, but her mother was at work. She called Amy and asked her to come over. When Amy got there, Sarah’s nose and nails had changed. Her nose was black with little holes in it, and Sarah’s nails were extra-long and black. Amy says, ‘’I think a werewolf might have bitten you.’’ Sarah said, “I couldn’t have been bitten because I would have remembered.”

Sarah starts crying, then Amy asks, “Does Sarah have a laptop?” Sarah gave Amy the laptop and asks, “What are you doing?” When Amy got the computer, she searched for the cure of a werewolf bite on google. Sarah looked at the computer screen and told Amy to go to a website called “” When she clicks it, Amy pressed the ‘’search’’ button and types the cure for werewolves. Amy read out loud and told Sarah that the cure is in Germany. Then Sarah said, her family is taking a trip to Germany and she can take a friend.” A week later Sarah, Amy, and Sarah’s parents are on their way to Germany on a plane. When they landed, it was late so they went to sleep. It’s a full moon and Sarah can’t sleep. She went to the bathroom to splash some water in her face. When Sarah looked in the mirror her hair was big, puffy, and dark. She went and woke Amy. All of a sudden, Sarah dashed out the door. Amy was too scared to follow so, she just laid back down and waited for Sarah to come back. When Amy woke up the next morning, Sarah was on the side of her looking normal. So Amy took out her laptop and found the cure.

Sarah’s Mom dropped Sarah and Amy off at the mall. Then Amy said that we needed to go to a store called “Potions and Antique Books.” Amy said that they needed a potion called the silver bullet. They bought the potion and left. Amy said, they needed to go to the library and ask for a guy named Alex. When they found Alex he said, “The cure was in the woods where you had been bitten.” Sarah said, “We leave in two days and asked if Alex could come?” Alex said, “Yes!” Two days later Alex met Sarah and Amy in the woods where they had been camping. Amy showed Alex where they had found Sarah. Alex pulled out a silver gun that was fully loaded for protection. He told Amy and Sarah to stay back while he left to find the cure. An hour later Alex came back with a giant tooth. He told us to meet him tonight before the sun went down so he can give Sarah the cure. Amy and Sarah were waiting on Alex. When he came he told Sarah to drink some of the silver bullet potion and take a bite from the softened tooth that had been soaking in the silver bullet potion. By the time the full moon had risen Sarah was tucked into her bed not remembering a thing.

Wonder World Timothy
Craighead Elementary
Once upon time there was a magic place called the Wonderland. It’s a place where knights and castle are. A princess who ran the castle was having a birthday. The prince said, “Let’s throw a birthday for you.” The princess said, “Let’s throw it tonight!” The princess went upstairs to dress up. When she walked downstairs everybody said, “Surprise!” Everyone was speechless when an old lady walked in. She was going to capture the princess. When she got close she gave her a poisoned apple. The princess bit the apple and fell out! The prince didn’t see the old lady until he looked at her and he shouted, “A witch!” At the bat of an eye, the witch had already taken her to the Underworld. The Underworld was a horrible, nasty, and terrible place like the devil’s world.

To rescue the princess from the tower the prince had to go the Underworld to rescue her. The prince got on his white horse and said, I will rescue her and bring her back to the castle. When he got there he was he scared, but he was still brave! After he got there, he saw her up in the tower just sitting there. He saw the witch was nowhere in sight. He went there to tell her that he was going to rescue her, until he saw the witch was coming back. So he rushed to hide from her. The witch used her powers to get to the top of the tower.

The prince said, to get her back to the castle he would have to go back for backup. So, he went back to the castle to go get his five best knights. They went back to the Underworld to go save the princess. When they got there, they had a plan. So they climbed up the tower to get the princess, but when they got there it was too late, the witch had already killed the princess. The prince said, “NOOOOOOO!” He gave her his last kiss and a tear fell down her cheek and on the middle of her chest. Then a light shone on her then, BOOM, she came back to life. Then the prince took her back to the castle. The people were happy and excited and they lived happily ever after.

My Adventure around the World Tanasja
Craighead Elementary
One day I was tired of working. I usually do all the work around the house. I am the oldest, so I have to do all of the work. One day I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to take a vacation. I went to my room and packed my bags and asked myself, “Where do I want to go?” I said, “Instead of going to one place, I can travel to different places.”
My first week, I decided to go to Paris. When I went exploring in Paris I went to different restaurants. I was having a great time in Paris. The food was as lovely as a rose. I wanted to go to New York so I said, “New York here I come!” By the time I got to New York it was night. Once I found a place to sleep, I took me a good nap. Then I decided to go somewhere else so, I said, “Where should I go next?”
I decided to go shopping. I was trying on all different kinds of outfits. Finally I found the perfect outfit. The shirt was as red as an apple. The pants were as blue as the sea. I decided to find some shoes. It took forever, but I finally found the most wonderful shoes. They were beautiful. At the end of the evening, I was finished shopping.
When I was done with my adventure, I returned home. My flight was long, but I made it home! When I returned, my family had a welcome back party for me. I was glad to be home and my family was too. I was as happy as can be. I was happy to see my family again. I was going to tell them everything about my trip!
When the party was over, I told my family all about my adventures. I told them about my trip to Paris. I also told them about the wonderful hotel I stayed in. They were excited when I told them about my perfect shopping trip. Then I went upstairs and brought them the clothes I bought them. They got more excited when they saw their clothes. Then we all had one big fashion show.

My Family Cruise Kamirah
Craighead Elementary

On May 2, 2014 my family took a cruise. On the cruise they had a lots of food. We went on a Carnival Sunshine Cruise Ship. We went to a lot of islands. They also had 24 hour room service. There are many different types of cruises. You have Carnival Dream and Carnival Sensation.
We went on Carnival Sunshine. We did not go on the Dream or the Sensation. We had to drive for 6 hours. It was a long time because we had to make lots of stops. We had to take vans because there was not a lot of room in the cars. On Carnival Sunshine you got to do a lot of things on this boat.
You had a game room and an arcade. They had a hot tub, a swimming pool, and an adult area. They had plenty of food too! Especially the Guy’s Burger Joint. That joint was the most outrageous place on the ship. The children could go to Camp Carnival. It was terrific!
We went to different islands. We wanted to experience a lot of things about the islands. We went to St. Thomas, Nassau Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk Islands. They were all attractive islands. When we got to the Bahamas, we went to Atlantis. Atlantis was cool! You got to do a lot of swimming there.
The rooms were very pretty. In our room, we had a balcony with two chairs. My cousin and I had bunk beds. We were not allowed to touch the drinks in the fridge because they were three dollars. The good times were over and it was time to head back to Florida. The cruise ship docks and security checks to make sure that we didn’t take anything. They took our bags. Then they brought those vans to us with our luggage on them. Afterwards, we left the cruise ship to go home. I had so much fun!

The Girl with the Weird but Fabulous Life
Julia Craighead Elementary
Once upon a time there was a girl named Selena Feltzo. She was at a friend’s party she was told not to go to. While she was talking to her friends, someone who didn’t go to their school was pouring something in her drink. Then that person who poured something in her drink turned into an evil, nasty, wicked witch. She realized that she had seen that witch before. Everybody ran out of her friend’s house terrified. Selena had been cursed with the powers of a wizard.

Now, one year later her family and she booked a cabin. She was going on a vacation with her family. They were going mountain climbing and snowboarding. While they were unpacking she looked out the window. “Those mountains are as high as the clouds!” she exclaimed. “I know, that’s why I’m only going snowboard---“Her older brother was cut off by her scary, nasty, and icky sneeze.” “I think I just caught a cold and that’s horrible,” She exclaimed.

She tried everything she possibly could have tried. She even tried drinking nothing but water for a whole day. She just couldn’t get rid of that cold. So Selena got tired of it and went mountain climbing. Suddenly two people fell and she used her powers to hold them. It was harder than bricks, but she saved them! They became good friends after they got to know each other.

Selena is now engaged to, Harry, one of the lives she saved two years ago. It is the day before her wedding and she’s hanging out with, her sister-in-law to be, Emma. “I’m so happy that I don’t know what to do!” Selena exclaimed, “I’m so happy for you two love birds,” Emma exclaimed! The two girls hung out for a while. They decided they should get some rest. Both needed to get ready for that big day!

“I’m so nervous that there are a million butterflies fluttering in my stomach,” Selena exclaimed! It was her big day to become a wife. After they kissed and the ceremony was over, they celebrated their wedding. Three years later, they had a beautiful family. Their two girls were named Star and Vanessa Feltzo. Their one boy was named Michael Feltzo. Their family was a beautiful complete family.

One Way Ticket
Craighead Elementary School

As I was coming home from school, I saw this moving truck at my house. I ran in my house and everything was in boxes. I saw my dad and he said, ’Pack your bags.’’ I asked, “Why are we packing?” My dad said, “We’re going somewhere special.’’ I was as happy as a clown. As we were packing, I saw this picture of my mom and dad .I put it in the important stuff box. I ran downstairs and got me a snack. Then I went outside to get some fresh air.
My dad and I were driving to the airport. When he asked, ‘’you’re hungry?’’ I said, “Yes.’’ We stopped at McDonald’s and I said I wanted a “Big Mac. ‘’ My mouth was running, the “Big Mac was so delicious. We were at the airport when he had to give the lady our tickets. We were on the plane when the lady with the food cart gave me and drink. The drink was so refreshing!
When we landed, we went to the buffet. At the buffet I picked up a lobster, eggroll, and pizza. It was so delightful. I took a bite of my hamburger. It was so juicy and enjoyable .Then I ate some of my lobster. It was so buttery .Then I said, ’’Do you think it’s going to be like it was in Mobile Al?” “Yeah son you just got to enjoy it, ‘’ he said. When we were done, I said, ‘’Where do we stay? ‘’ “Kentucky Drive,” my dad replied.
We arrived at our new home. It was like a condo house. It was white and had a pool in the back along with a basketball goal in the front. It had 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It was so pretty. ‘’This is home sweet home,” my dad said. I went in the house. It was so cool! It had carpet floors and white ceiling. In the back, there was a shed and a dirt bike. When I got upstairs, I saw my room. The trip to New York was remarkable!

The Missing Golden NuggetsIndia Craighead Elementary
On March 27, 2012, my family and I were on our way to begin our family reunion. It was a very long, noisy and boring ride. On our way to the family reunion the sky started to get dark and gloomy. The ride was so long, it felt like I was waiting for Christmas. After five hours on the road the tire was flatten by a thick and sharp piece of glass. My dad and I got out of the car and looked around, very far from us in an open field a man stood watching us in an abandoned house. The next two hours on the road I had just awaken from a deep sleep. I started to think about the old man I saw in the abandoned house, it reminded me of a murder case I saw on the news, because the policemen said, “The murderer lives out in an open field in the state of Ohio.” The thought made me shiver with fear so I started to rap funny songs with my little sister, Jaylin. Afterwards I fell asleep again. I started to feel car sick from sleeping and moving around a lot. While I was sleep I had a terrible nightmare and I woke up from my sleep crying my eyes out. My mother asked,” Girl what is wrong with you?” I replied, “I’m not sure.” Finally! We made it to the hotel where my family was meeting. It was a very long drive, so I went straight to sleep once I got to the hotel room. The next morning arrived and I woke up as bright as the sun. I was so happy to see my favorite cousin, Dymond. I met up with Dymond downstairs where we ate and talked. I told her everything about what had happened. She said, “That’s weird because my tire was flatten too…and I saw a man in an abandoned house.” I started to get a little scared again, so I changed the subject. I asked her,” What will we be doing today for the family reunion?” She replied, “I really don’t know.” Later, the same day the family rode a red bus to a train station in Ohio. It was my first time riding on a train, and it was a BLAST! Dymond was embarrassed because people kept looking at us funny because, we really acted up on the train. We went to a very huge and beautiful mall. There was an escalator and we rode on it. It was 110 feet tall. I also ate a hot dog as long as my arm. After two more stops, we returned to the hotel. We laughed, smiled, cried tears of joy, and reunited with our most dearing family.

March 29, 2012, I was in a huge room with my family, when all of a sudden the lights turned off for in the whole hotel. It was very dark. The lights turned back on. I looked to the right side of me and it was the man who I saw in the abandoned house. I didn’t know what to do. I screamed and ran for the door but it was locked. I yelled, “WHERE IS MY FAMILY, YOU CREAP?” He replied in a very calm voice,” You should not worry, just handover my golden nuggets and your family will return”. I did not know what the man was talking about, maybe he’s losing his mind. The man tied me to a blue chair. I was getting angry because I did not like to sit still. He left the room and locked me inside. It felt like I was in an ice cube. I started to sing to myself. POW! POW! I heard a gunshot and I flinched. I broke loose out of anger. I heard Dymond’s voice,” INDIA RUN!” I ran, ran and I ran. I found the room where Dymond’s voice was coming from. I locked myself inside the room with her. I asked “what is going on?” She replied, “He is the man who killed Mrs. C. Lee for the gold nuggets.”

My Cruise to MichiganGregory Craighead Elementary

One day, a long time ago my family and I went on a cruise to Michigan. My family and I was on a vacation for a week to go spend time with my brother. My brother is a truck driver and is still training. While on the cruise, my brother and I couldn’t stand by anybody else. When my brother and I were throwing the football, he threw it fast as lighting and hit my cousin. When the ball hit my cousin the juice wasted on his white suit and his suit became red as an apple.

While we were on the cruise we got a list of awesome things we could do. The first thing we did was went fishing. The fishing rod my daddy bought was as long as a snake, I was like wow! The fishing rod could reach over 20 feet. The next thing we did was fix food with our family. The food was cold as ice. The final thing we did was play tag. I was running fast, like a cheetah, to beat my brother to base.

In the kitchen, the food was almost done. When the food was done I could already taste the big juicy hamburger I asked for. For snack I ate chili cheese nachos with jalapenos. The jalapenos were hot like hot sauce. The drink was very cold. Dr. Pepper drink is my mom’s favorite drink.

When it was time to go to sleep, we had to brush our teeth. When we went into our rooms 2 people had to share a bed. Justin and I shared a bed, Jay and Core shared a bed, and Jimmy and Jarine shared a bed. When we got under the covers we were very itchy. The bed was very bumpy like speed bumps. The pillows were very rough. When we went to sleep everybody put their clothes back on.

In the morning when we got there we went to my brother house on 1602 Claudia St. and celebrated. This sure was one of the best trips in my entire life. It was one of the most tremendous trips I’ve taken. When it got dark we had to go back home. I really did enjoy this trip. It was a trip like never before. My brother Jimmie wanted to stay, but he couldn’t. On the next day, when we made it home, I asked my mom, “Will we go back next year?” She didn’t reply back.

Mobile’s Spectacular Snow DayDestinee Craighead Elementary School
Once upon a time, Mobile had a spectacular snow day. The news said, “Something great!” The lady said, “School was out due to a snow day.” When the newscaster said that, all I could think about was having a sleepover. Then we’re going to play games in the snow. After playing in the snow, we’re going to have mouthwatering snacks. It was going to be the best snow day ever!

I asked my mom, “If I could called my friends to come to the sleepover.” She said, “Yes!” All of my friends came to the sleepover. We had a nail shop and a fantastic Dance Party. I was happy as a lark. I had the best time of my life! While dancing, we dressed up. We used mom’s heels and dresses.

Then we played games in the snow. We had to put on gloves, scarfs, and jackets. We made fashionable snow-women, using dresses and bows. After that we made snowballs into a pile. With the snowballs we had a snow ball fight. It was Fantastic! Last, we made snow angles. Some were perfect, and some were big, and some were small. We were cold as ice.

Finally, we had mouthwatering snacks. We baked cookies. Next, we all had spectacular s’mores. Then, we had movie time. We had popcorn and drinks. It was like we were at a real movie theater.

At the end we played truth or dare and told spooky stories. One of the girl’s dared a girl to go into the basement all by herself for ten sec. She was super, duper scared! When she came out, she was totally freaked out! The other friend made a dare to go into the bathroom and say,” Bloody Mary 3 whole times. She was so scared. Last, we had to go to bed, we already had on pajamas and said,” Good Night!”

My Extraordinary Trip to CaliforniaDamarion Craighead Elementary
Once upon a time I took an extraordinary trip to California. I had so much fun on the plane. The flight attendant gave out delicious ice cream. It had delicious Hershey chocolate syrup. My ice cream had gorgeous sprinkles on it. It was as good as a chocolate sundae. I even put chocolate kisses on it. It was the best ice cream ever!

When I got off the plane I went to a stunning mall. I bought many pairs of shoes that were good looking. The mall was as attractive as a butterfly. I even bought clothes to match my shoes. I went to a remarkable food place. I ate pizza that was so good! It had big macaroni with juicy pepperonis on it. I bought 3 boxes of pizzas all for me!

When I left, I checked into my hotel room. At my hotel room I ordered big juicy hamburgers. They had grilled meat patties and melted cheese. It was as good as a juicy Whopper. The juice was just running down my mouth. The hamburger was gigantic! I couldn’t even fit it in my mouth. It was really good!

The day finally came when I had to go. When I got back on the plane I fell asleep. The ride on the plane was a magnificent and made me feel pleased to get back home. When I got off the plane, I drove to a store to get me some gas. Taking that long trip made me hungry again. So, I got something else to eat. I was very full.

Taking the trip to California was very awesome. I would really like to go again. The next time I go, I would make sure I get one of those big juicy hamburgers and the delicious ice cream. It was a lovely trip to California. Hopefully, I could go in first class. California is now my favorite state. It was the best day ever!

A Bank RobberyBrian Craighead Elementary
One month ago when I was riding my bike down the street to make a deposit for my mom, I saw a black van in an alley way beside the bank. I went down the alley with my head down. I turned my head and saw that it was safe and looked into the van and there were four men in the back of the van. I turned my head before they caught my eyes.
I went down the alley and got back on the sidewalk. I tied my bike around the pole and ran inside the bank but, it was a long line so, I said in my mind, “There’s going to be police here any minute” but, it was too late! They kicked down the door and said “Everybody on the ground, now!” A woman pushed the alarm button. One woman tried to run out the back door, but the man shot, “Pow!” she was pierced on her arm and she fell on the floor. The man said, “Why did you shoot” she tried to run, but the women crawled out the door quietly in the alley way and there were two police cars blocking the alley. The police ran towards her and picked her up and put her in an ambulance and asked “What happened?” I tried to get out of the bank, but one of the robbers shot me in the arm.” There are two guarding the door and two in the back and they are heavily armed. The man closed the door and rode away.

They sent me out there to tell them to give them a jet to Mexico and I told them “Get us out of here please!” Then I ran back inside. One hour later the jet arrived and the police picked up the microphone and said “Your jet is here! They looked out the window and said “Whoa that’s a lot of cops!” They got scared as they looked out the window they saw three snipers pointing there rifles at them as they looked through the window. “Please tell your snipers to stand down or we will kill one of the hostages.” The police hurried to put the sniper’s down. The police said “They’re down now release the hostages.” The robbers said, “We can’t do that!” “How do we know that you want fire at us?” The police said, “We won’t!” The robber said, “Ok!” Now release the hostages, “No!” They told us to line up single file I said, “O God, this is like school.” The man said, “Shut up!” Then he hit me in my mouth. The other robber said, “Come on! Stop he’s a child, man!” The man did not want to do it, the robber punched the man in his face and fell. The man said, “To get in line, you’re not one of us. “He got in line and we walked out the door.

We went outside and stopped the man. He said “I have to get the money.” The man went back inside and got the money and said to himself, “Nothing but lowlifes, they’ll do nothing but hold me back.” So, he got the money for himself and ran out the back door and got in the black van and rammed the police car. As soon as I heard the crash I thought it was gun fire so I dropped on the ground and held my head. The robber in the van was still driving so the police chased after him on Rickarby Avenue. They tried to ram the robber but he was going at a high rate of speed. They could not catch up to him so two of the police officers went around the block and set up a barricade. The robbers were looking back at the police and they did not see the cops in front of them. They crashed and luckily the police did not get into the wreckage. One robber was pronounced dead on the scene. As for the other two, they were sentenced two to five years in prison, but one was released because I told the judge what had happened but, now it’s just a memory!

The Surprise VisitAzure Craighead Elementary
Hi my name is Azul. I’m from Spain well that’s where my parents are from, but I grew up in the U.S.A. My parents, Rosalind and Gary grew up there. When I was six, my parents got divorced. I never knew why, so when I asked my mother she would always change the subject. I decided that, I would go on a hunt to find my dad’s picture. So that night when my mother was asleep, I went in her room to look in her special box. When I found his picture I felt like the saddest person on the earth.
He was dark chocolate. Which means that he had very dark skin. So did my mother, but I was very light. I had his eyes, nose, and his mouth. He was a very handsome man, but for some reason they got divorced. When I went to sleep and woke up I asked my mom “Mom, please tell me about my dad. I’ve been asking about him for half of my life!” She told me “Since you want to see him so much, then why won’t you go to him!
In my head, I had mixed emotions. I was excited, but I was sad because of the way she screamed at me. I felt like my heart was going to explode! I went in my room and started to cry my eyes out. Twenty minutes later, she came in my room with two tickets and two suitcases already packed. I was extremely confused. She told me, “Azul, I knew you would one day ask about your father, so I packed everything you would need.” She told me, “YOU LEAVE TOMORROW MORNING!”
As I was riding in the plane, I saw amazing things like humongous mountains and a beautiful sunset. When I landed in Spain, I saw lots of people. I forgot which one was my father. When I saw him, I ran with my arms open but I didn’t get any back. He just stood there with his hands to his side. When I got to his house, I went to the guest room to get dress in my PJ’S. He came in the room right behind me. He said, “Do you love me?” I said, “Yes and no, I don’t know what type of person you are now, but I know that you are my father and will always love you no matter what.” “Good,” he said. “I knew I would spoil you and if I keep spoiling you, you would be spoiled all your life and I didn’t want that to happen.”
After that, I decided to call my mom and tell her all about it. She told me, “I was so brave to go back and talk to him to get things straight.” I decided to stay with him the rest of my stay to get to know him better, and start over with him.

My VacationAaliyah Craighead Elementary School
Last year I went to Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is really fun. You should go there one day! In my opinion, it is spectacular! When I went to Atlanta, I went to Six Flags and Golden Corral. The most fun part was the waterpark. I love Atlanta Georgia. Allow me to further enlighten you about my trip to Atlanta.
When I went to Six Flags I played with fake guns. It was awesome! Every time I got hit my body lit up! Now that was cool! You should go to Six Flags one day. It was fun riding on a rollercoaster. If you have never gone to Six Flags you are missing a whole lot of fun.
Next I went to Golden Corral. I ate so much food that it felt like my stomach was going to explode. I ate a big fat juicy hamburger. Now that was delicious! I went to the cotton candy stand. They had any color you could think of. I had an awesome time!
Then I went to the waterpark. Now, that was a whole lot of fun! I had to have a float on because the water was too deep for me. The most favorite part was when I got on the waterslide. That was fantastic! You definitely should go to the waterpark one day.
Finally, I went home. I had an awesome day. The most amusing part was at the waterpark. I hope I go to those three places again. I had a blast! If you go there one day, you would have a lot of fun. That was the best day of my life!