The Winter Journey
By Abby Austin – 5th Grade – Ms. Hurley

“Whispers! Tiger!” shouted Shadow. “I found a stream full of fish!” Then all of a sudden a graceful tortoiseshell and white she- cat with amber eyes appeared out of the shadows .All of a sudden a grey, white, and tan she-cat with blue eyes appeared right behind Tiger.
“The stream is about five fox lengths away”, said Shadow. “We will have to be careful because its leaf bare.” “So are we going to cross the stream?” asked Whispers. “Yes,” said Shadow. “Are you crazy? We’re going to freeze to death!” screeched Whispers.
“Don’t worry, the stream is very shallow,” said Shadow. Once that was settled, they headed toward the stream. “When do you think we can eat?” complained Tiger. “I’m starving!” “Soon Tiger very soon,” said Shadow. They kept walking, but didn’t notice the storm that was to come.


What, what, what
How do you use your what?
What, what or what
WHAT, or simply what
What?!!! Or what
Choose quickly
It’s important
Do you use it like
What, or what? I like WHAT
Again I ask what

Red Riding Hood By: Abbie Council Elementary School

Once upon a time, there were four kids: Jack, James, Jenna and Jamie, their mom was a teacher. They lived by an abandoned house. It was their grandma’s birthday.
The kids wanted to go see their grandma. So, their mother took them to see her. There was a hilarious wolf and he helped them find their way to the grandma’s house.
When they got to grandma’s, she was awake and watching T.V. She exclaimed,” My magnificent grandchildren. You came to see me on my birthday!” The children chimed back,” Grandma, how old are you?”
“Thirty-five,” said Grandma.
Jenna questioned, “You are?”
Grandma said, “No, I am sixty-three.”
“Wow! You are as old as….”
“Jack!” exclaimed Jenna, stopping Jack from going on.
Later on they sang “Happy Birthday” and ate cake and ice cream. Grandma opened her present and it was a new pair of slippers.
“I love them!” exclaimed Grandma.
They left Grandma’s and on their way back home they said by to the wolf.

I WILL SOAR Catelyn Austin Elementary – Grade 4 – Ms. Delaney

I am thankful for my family’s roots and I value my grandfather’s troops.
I am thankful for my grandmother’s girls; they are as extraordinary and as precious as pearls.I am delighted with all that teachers do; because they help direct me and you.I am thrilled with my father’s love; he says that I am a blessing from above.With all these gifts I will succeed; because, I have everything that I need.I am special.

Guardian Warrior
Austin Elmentary – Grade 4 – Ms. Delaney

Do you know the Guardian Warrior? Do you have any idea of who I’m talking about? I’m here to tell you about the actual story of her. She was born in the year of 2000. As a child she did not understand her special powers. Like other children she went to school and was an excellent student.

When she was nine she got her first ninja outfit, which included a pair of swords. She was trained to use these powerful swords to combat evil. One day her training was put to the test. Darkness was rising and invading the land. She was able to defeat these forces with her swords of light. She had no idea her training was that important; because, she was able to drive back these forces by ambushing them with her power of light.

RecessClaireSt. Ignatius- Third Grade - Ms. O'Connor

Time to play outsidewe’re going to go swing this timewhen we swing we will play some gamesafter we swing we will go on the slideafter we slide we’ll go insidethen eat some smiley fries that makes us smilewe’ll play some more after we eatthat’s the fun about this treat.

What Mass Means to Me

St. Ignatius 3rd Grade - Mrs. O’Conner

At Mass I always sit at the end. Receiving Holy Communion is very special to me. I truly believe that the bread and wine are the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is always in my heart, my soul and is there with me wherever I go. Roses are red, violets are blue but Jesus Christ is always with you. I’m SO CATHOLIC…I give thanks to all the Saints.

St. Ignatius 3rd Grade - Mrs. O’Connor
Gymnastics is my all time love. I feel my best when I am doing gymnastics. I can do many tricks and love that every time I go to gymnastics I learn a new stunt. Not only do I learn new tricks at gymnastics I meet new people and have made good friends through gymnastics. When doing gymnastics I can truly be myself and it feels great to be able to be myself. Gymnastics makes me happy and I am so thankful my parents introduced this into my life.

My Magic Cake Christalyn Prichard Preparatory School - Fourth Grade - Mrs. Guy
Hi! My name is Mary Fairy and today I will be baking a cake for my mom’s wedding. I started getting the ingredients and I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and I saw some Magical Cake Dust on the ground. So, I put the dust in the cake. When I turned around, my cake was singing to me!! So I took the cake to the sweet doctor and he said it had cakitous. I waited. Then, I heard my I-phone ringing. It was my mom asking where the cake was. I took it to the wedding. When we got there, the cake started singing to my mom. I was so embarrassed, but my mom thought it was the best gift ever. Whew!!!

The Not-So-Good Campsite
Haley Prichard Preparatory School - Fourth Grade – Mrs. Guy
One day at school, the whole class had to go on a camping trip. Me and my best friend Dalancey (she was a breath of fresh air), we chose the woods because it was as scary as an enchanted forest. When I got home, I Face Timed Dalancey so we could pack up for the trip. I packed my I-phone, my charger and my charger’s charger. Dalancey packed clothes, torches and a first aid kit. My dad Cameron dropped us off and told us to call him if we needed him to come pick us up. We got settled, then I turned on my cellphone and I didn’t have any signal. So, later on we went to sleep. Then I heard a weird sound. I unzipped the tent and grabbed a torch. I looked to the right and left. I saw wolves!!! I started running and stopped at the end of a cliff. Then, Dalancey comes on a vine to save me. She is as brave as a superhero. Later on, we called my dad and we went to my house. When we went back to my house, we went to bed because we had school. We got to school and we couldn’t wait to tell the class about our amazing adventure. I will never forget that Not-So-Good Campsite.

Ferrin Prichard Preparatory School - Third Grade – Mrs. Lethonta Whitsett
God is the greatest person ever! Have you heard about the many great things that He has done? He died just for us. He loves me and you very much. God is peaceful also. God has a special plan and place for me and you. God helps you know what really matters. God is greater than we can imagine. When I heard about God , by my teacher, He just sounded like a great person. That is why I wrote about Him. I love Him so much because He is so nice. He has never left me when I needed him. Never give up on Him. I really want to go to Heaven to be with God some day. Until that time comes, I will think about His greatness.

Prichard Preparatory School - Third Grade – Mrs. Lethonta Whitsett

Heaven is joyful. Heaven is beautiful. It is in the sky. I see it every day. Heaven is the most peaceful place ever. Heaven is bright with the brilliance of God. There is absolutely no stress there! You will always be happy. It is a great place for you. There are great plans for you in Heaven. Heaven is as real as where we live now! God lives in Heaven! God is a really good person. He restores souls. He is awesome. My grandpa is in Heaven. He is very happy in Heaven. He is looking down at us and smiling. I love Heaven.

The Super Bowl
5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Sullivan
Hi my name is Branson and I'm at the Super Bowl and it is Seahawks vs the Saints. They just started running out. Go Seahawks. The Seahawks are kicking off. Saints drop it. The Seahawks get demolished and it’s first down for the Seahawks.They pass a shotgun pass and it’s 2nd and inches. They hand off to Marshawn Lynch and that’s 1st down for the Seahawks.

They go for a Hail Mary and it’s a touchdown. Saints’ ball on the 35 yard line. They run and get 2nd and 8. This is so cool. Now it’s 4th quarter and thirty seconds on the clock. The score is 72 to 70. The Saints are winning but it’s Seahawks’ ball...3. 2.-TOUCHDOWN AND THAT IS THE BALLGAME! YAY!!!

St. Patrick Catholic School - Grade 6 Grab your cleets, glove, and hat and don't forget to grab your bat.Over the fence is a home run.If you get one it's lots of fun.Also one, two, three, strikes you're out .Get one of those your likely to pout.Baseball is really fun to play win or lose it's a great day.

Christmas DayRebekahSt. Patrick Catholic School - Grade 6On Christmas Day,I lay on the hay,Ready to playIn 1...2...3...I bounce with joy,realizing baby Jesus was born.

Snow Day
Snow DayReady to snowCold and windyReady to go

Candy Canes Lindsey
St. Patrick Catholic School - Grade 6

Candy canes are white,
Candy canes are red,
Candy canes are sweet,
to eat at night,
A refreshing taste of mint,
Candy canes will always be filled with Christmas magic,
Oh sweet candy canes,
Christmas would never be the same without you!

In The Wild
St. Patrick Catholic School – Grade 6
In the wild beast roam
In the wild plants grow from all angles
In the wild monkeys swing from vines and carry their dinner to the branches they call home
In the wild mighty pythons slither to gobble up their prey
In the wild a new baby elephant washes herself in the bay and waits for her mother to help her home
In the wild giraffes stampede the tall dry grass in herds as big as buses
In the wild as the sun sets on the horizon the animals and plants find their families to rest for the night
until the next day’s sunrise to forever play
In the wild

The Song In My Head

When the rhythm begins and the instruments kick in the song in my head gets louder and louder,
a symphony of a thousand drums play in my ear,
when it comes to the chorus the beat gets faster and faster like a roller coaster gone wild. Then the tempo gets softer and slower and so do my senses.
I slow down and as the song ends
I snap back into reality and turn off the radio.

St. Patrick Catholic School – Sixth Grade
Dragons aren't just lizards with wings
Most are mighty, powerful, but cannot be seen
As cold as ice. As hot as fire
Dragons are keen beasts of the unknown
From their shining scales that cover their body. Forked tongues and whip thin tails.
With colors so bright or dull.
Along with ever color of the rainbow
Wingspans of 40 men
Fangs as sharp as razors
Dragons aren't just lizards with wings
With gills, horns, and ridged claws
Venom, nausea, or death
Dragons will never just be lizards with wings...

Meow, hiss, purr Kittens are cuddly bundles of fur.
Undecking the halls, playing with yarn balls, and tiny kitten claws. Snoozing in pots, tearing up cots, ruining lots of your favorite things. Running around, and jumping up and down. Kittens are wuddly bundles of fur. Waking you up in the middle of the night, making up fights with inanimate things ,and showing its fright Kittens are cuddly, wuddly bundles of fur.

PoemDarby St. Patrick Catholic School – Grade 6When the sun sets on a beautiful day,The night come out to play.When you rest your little head,in your warm comforting bed.The ones of the night,come into sight.As your fast asleep in your bed,things are dancing in your head.Soft little dreams of candy and sweets,triumphant victories and tasty treats.But as the sun rises on a new day,the night can no longer playBut, as the sun sets once more,you slowly begin to snore...THE NIGHT IS AWAKE