Clothes Pins
Lily Phillips Preparatory School
The light breeze make clothes pins dance upon the line,
like people atop the line holding up their lives. I admire them, they hold up so much, yet they move so joyfully as if they have not a care in the world. The line connects them, brings them together.As the years go by you see less and less of these lines and pins, but you can be a pin, move joyfully, though your lives may be heavy. Stay together and let the line connect you.
SING IN MANY PLACES (a haiku poem)
Shannon Mary B. Austin, Mrs. Hurley, Fifth Grade
I sing everywhere,
I sing near also afar, Where will you sing friend.

Irritated Principal Brings Students to Local Zoo
Mary Michael 5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. SullivanHi, This is NGK news here. Today is about crazy stories. This one takes place at Troper Elementary School.

One day all the school kids were planning to have a food fight. They planned it at 12:30 pm. So twelve-thirty came along and they started the food fight. They threw mashed potatoes, green peas, pizza, broccoli, ice cream, and brussel sprouts. Three minutes later the principal came in and saw all the commotion in the lunch room. All of the sudden he saw a huge ball of mashed potatoes heading toward his face and it splattered all over him. He screamed so loud for the students to stop that you could hear it a mile away. He told all the students to line up and go to the buses, and they did. The principal told the bus drivers to go to the Gateway Local Zoo. The bus drivers drove to the zoo.

When all the students got to the zoo, the principal asked a worker were the lion’s pit was. The worker said to go to the left. So everyone got to the lion pit, and the kids were confused. The principal was so mad that he told the students to get in the lion pit. Only one kid did and he was from Africa. He told us he knew how to tame lions because he grew up near lions. Then all the kids joined in. They were safe because the African kid kept the lion focused on him. After two hours they went back to school and talked about the zoo and taming a lion.

Thank you for watching NGK news. We hope you liked it. That’s all for today. Bye.

A Day in Nickname City
C.L. 5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Sullivan

Chapter 1: My Oddest Meal Ever
“Ring, ring, ring,” my alarm went. I woke up, but my alarm clock wasn’t the thing that was ringing. It was my pet chicken, Gobble Leg, changing my radio to the “School wake-up channel.” I hate that station. My radio is named Beat Box. “Eagirl,” yelled my mom, “your world cooking fairy made you your breakfast.”
“Okay, Mom, I will be down there in a second,” I yelled back. I flew down the stairs with my little-big brother Baby Red. I was in the middle of eating my worms, eggs, and bacon. My dad, Skinny Stash, asked, “Do you want to come and run 5 miles with me after school?” Dad was slurping a sip of his hot coffee with his two mustache hands.
I replied, “No thank you, Dad.”
“Okay,” he replied back.
After breakfast I packed my bag for school. When I was done packing all my stuff, I flew out the door and glided to my friend’s house. I heard he got a new job!
Chapter 2: Secret Job
I landed by his mom’s car, and then I walked over to the door bell and rang it. Mrs. Turn opened the door and said, “Why hello, Eve, or is it just E?”
“It’s just E, or Eagirl,” I explained.
“Right. Jack, come on,” she told me and yelled, “Hmm, the O’Lan Turns’ are always coming down the stairs when they are going somewhere. I will go check on him.”
As she was turning around, Jack came down the stairs. He was tired because his bed is two football fields away from the stairs. The house was the size of four football fields. As Jack and I were leaving, I asked him about his new job. He said, “I did not get it.”
“You are lying,” I told him.
“How did you know?” he asked.
“Your eyes glowed (because he is a pumpkin),” I said to him. “Now tell me.”
“Okay the job is …..” he said. Then I passed out I think.
Chapter 3: Did I Fall Asleep?
“Wake up, E,” Jack yelled.
“What happened?” I asked.
“You hit a sign,” he said.
“Okay,” I said.
I looked at my watch and we were almost late for school. We ran as fast as we could; well, I flew as fast as I could. We got to school just before the bell rang.
After school I asked Jack what those two poles were in his backpack. He said, “Aww that. It’s the map of Nickname City Assignment.”
“Oh, okay,” I said.
I went home and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning and decided to fly to my uncle and aunt’s house. When I got there, I saw Uncle Lumber Stash mowing the lawn with one mustache hand, trimming the bushes with his second mustache hand, watering the flowers with his third mustache hand, and drinking a cup of hot coffee at the same time, and he still had his two original hands left. I said hello to my uncle, and …

To Be Continued

A New Friend Addisyn "Ruby" Council Traditional School - Mrs. Bowman -3rd Grade
If you walk around a tree and see me there,
What would you think of me?
Would you be my friend?
Would you be afraid?
Would you run away?
Would you tell me your name?
Can you play with me?
It's great to have a new friend!

The ChaseJosh 6th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Ackermann
Deep in the Amazon rain forest, a shiny coat of orange and black hangs over a tree. It jumps off spotting its prey, a deer. The tiger crouches low and follows the deer a few yards, making no sound. It creeps closer, unseen. It’s ready to attack.
The deer hears the tiger and takes off, closely pursued by the tiger. The deer jumps left and right, trying to shake the tiger off its tail. The deer is faster, but the tiger is smarter and more experienced. Still pursued, the deer jumps over a bush to the left, heading to a pond. The tiger follows, under the cover of the underbrush.
The deer makes it to the pond, thinking that the tiger is gone. It sits like a statue, staring into the underbrush. It decides that the tiger is gone. It walks away, relieved, but it hears a twig snap, and takes off, the tiger not far behind. The chase is on again.
The tiger chases the deer through the underbrush, darting left and right. The deer takes off at full speed, but it’s tired. It makes it to a clearing, in the middle, three very tall trees. The tiger climbed one of the trees and disappeared, the leaves as cover. The deer is a rock, petrified with fear.
The deer stares at one of the trees asking itself where the tiger is. The tiger jumps out of the tree and misses the deer. The deer runs a little while, its energy restored but depleting fast. The tiger finally catches the deer by cutting it off. It has gotten its prey.

The Surprise SubsIsabelle 5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Collins
Last week, on Tuesday Mrs.Collins said, “Class, we will be having a sub next week. I have to go to a math convention in California.”

The class shouted, “WHO WHO?”

She never told us who it was though. It was almost three o’clock and Mrs.Collins told Louise and me to come see her after school. So we did. “ Will you two girls do me a favor next week?” asked Mrs. Collins.

We replied, “Yes ma’am.”

“When the sub comes will you show her what to do? She is a new sub she doesn't know the the rules and where to go,” explained Mrs.Collins.

After school every day Ella waits for us so we can walk out together. She asked, “What did she tell you?”

“That is so weird because Mrs. Sullivan is having a sub next week,too!” shouted Ella.

On Friday, Mrs.Sullivan asked, “Ella, Evelyn ,and Laura, will y’all please help the sub next week?”

“ Yes ma'am!”

At recess Ella, Evelyn, and Laura explained, “Mrs.Sullivan told us that we have to help the sub next week and show him around!.”

On Monday we were waiting for the sub to come out of the classroom, but we couldn’t see who the sub was because the blind was down. Then all of the sudden, we see Taylor Swift walk out of 5A!

I screamed so loud that I got my folder signed for the first time! I couldn’t hold it back! I mean, it was Taylor Swift! I had too! I couldn’t hold it back!

After Taylor walked out of 5A,. Luke Bryan walked out of 5B! This time I was smart and I ran into the restroom and then I screamed!

Sadly, Mrs.Collins and Mrs.Sullivan came back because of rain and snow! So then Mrs.Peterson and Mrs.Butler had to sub. They were the meanest subs, too!

I Am FromJacob 5th grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Sullivan
I am from my parents. Both are fun and sweet. I always have fun with them. I like my parents.

I am from lazer tag and birthdays. Every year, all the boys in the grade are invited to a party. I usually have a lazer tag or dodgeball party. They’re way better than school!

I am from one pet dog. He’s fat (kind of) and cute. He is five years old. I love him most out of everyone in the family.

I am from bowl picks. I either come in 1st or 2nd. Last year I won $20.00 from getting 2nd place, and in 2012, I came in 1st and won $50.00!

I am from sports. I play basketball, football, and I used to play baseball and soccer.

I am from trips. I have been to Mississippi,Florida,Georgia,Orange Beach, Louisiana, and South Carolina.
I am from fishing. I have been in the Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo. I caught the 5th place Spanish! (Spanish means Spanish Mackerel.)

I am from the Toy Bowl. I went when I was a Bantam. (second grade football player.)

Yes. I’m that parent-loving, birthday-liking, lazer tag-playing, dog-petting, bowl-picking, sport-excelling, trip-going, fish-catching,toy bowl-riding boy.

That’s where I’m from.

The Boss,
Clark-Shaw Magnet School, 6th Grade

It was a typical NYC day. Busy streets, noisy people, and the typical tourists. It was music to my ears. I woke up, like any other day, at 5:30 A.M. to get ready for work. With being a lawyer I was always juggling cases and it was hard. I had a new case today like any other. As I was dressing I heard a faint wrrrrrrrr in the distance like a camera turning on its axis point. I stopped in my tracks but thought to myself ‘Oh, now I’m hearing things and I’m just in my 30’s, just great.’ and continued on in my day.
As I buttoned up my fancy suit I headed out into the horizon. The sun was rising and the sky was a beautiful, bright orange. Traffic was just starting to pick up so I decided to walk, so I could shake off my drowsiness. Walking to work, it felt like I had been for hours. I checked my watch, 6:21 A.M.
I’m going to be late! I started to panic. ‘I’ve never been late, EVER’ I thought and I wanted to keep it up. In my hasted and rushed thinking I decided to take a shortcut through an ally. Let me remind you that, Dark, Mysterious Ally + NYC = A Definite No-No!! So you know I was rushed and pretty out of my mind at that time.
Despite this, I still went in the ally. It was a straight shortcut to work, quick and placed conveniently in the area. It was almost like they looked into the future and built this just for me. I was walking through the ally and heard distant drops of water and rats scrambling around me. I never expected this to happen so please bare with me despite my ultimate stupid-ness.
I was walking through the ally and heard footsteps behind me. My heart skipped three beats. I turned around, there was no one there, and I decided I was going crazy. I started walking again (spoiler alert!) I didn’t get far. Four steps later and I heard running behind me, it was too late for me to react. By the time I tried, my vision was going black around the edges as the person behind me was choking me. I blacked out two seconds later.…
I’m not dead. Those were the three words I thought of when I woke up. I felt happiness and at the same time I was scared out of my socks. My watch, socks, and suit vest were not on my body. I looked at my surroundings, not good. I was tied to a chair with painful, rope-burning rope. The room I was in was the size of a cubicle, not very big, and the only thing besides me and the chair was a door that seemed to lead into a hallway. I tried the first thing that popped into my mind, since I watched a lot of old antique spy movies I rocked the chair back and forth, over and over until….
The metal chair, and me, slammed so hard to the ground that it could be heard from two miles away. ‘Well that epically failed’ I thought. Looks like my vast knowledge of Bruce Lee was doing me no good. As I was thinking what to do next, I heard the same set of footsteps that I heard down in the ally come down the hall. THUD THUD!! He then opened the door looked at me with amusement and gave me a, not so sweet, but scary welcome.
“Looks like you’re ready for The Boss to see you,” his words sent a chill down my spine.

A Character Description
St. Elmo Elementary School - Mrs. Joyner’s 5th Grade Class

Amanda is a 10 year old girl. She is afraid she is not going to make it to her next birthday because she is dying of cancer. She was born on October 31, 2004. She lost her parents 6 years ago. She was fun, loving, and caring, but after her parents died in a car crash everything in her life changed. Everyone at school used to be her friend but she’s turned into a dark and mysterious girl. She wears all black every day. She lives in a foster home and does not want to be adopted, but she is getting to old to live there. She wants to live on the streets alone, but she knows they won’t let her. Many people worry about her and how she acts. They will never know about her past, but they will know about her future. She only trusted her aunt, who died 3 years ago from cancer. She sits alone all day, every day depressed because people don’t understand her. She blames herself for her parent’s wreck. She was crying in the back seat of the car. Her mom and dad were not paying attention to the road, and she caused them to crash into a tree. They flew through a wind shield and died because they had no seatbelt on. She was the only survivor.

A tragic, but hopeful character description
Mrs. Joyner - Fifth Grade – St. Elmo

Liziana is a 16 year old girl. Her birthday is May 26, 1998. She is exceptionally afraid she won’t make it to her next birthday, because she is dying of kidney cancer. She was brutally beaten by her parents when she was eleven. Her parents were sentenced to death in prison 5 years ago. Liziana doesn’t fit in at school because she doesn’t have any friends. Parents worry about Liziana, but they don’t know what happened to her when she was younger and they never will. Liziana doesn’t want to see her parents again, because she is afraid her parents are extremely mad at her for telling her aunt the abuse she suffered by the hands of her parents. Liziana lives in a home for troubled kids, but they are about to kick her out because she is getting to the age where she can make do by herself. Liziana only trusted her aunt, but she died a tragic death 2 years ago. Liziana blames herself for what her parents did to her, but her parents were drug addicts. Liziana kept begging her parents to stop drinking, but whenever she did they would whip her until she bled. Her parents just keep beating her. She felt like she had no other choice but to tell her aunt, and her aunt got the police involved. Until this day, she prays not to see her parents ever again.