Aniya Grade 5 - Gilliard Elementary - Mrs. Curl
Once there was a girl named Maddy Smith who has the power to change into a wolf. Maddy has super speed, hearing, sight, and a good sense of smell. Maddy has friends named Shannon Kelly and Tom Okonowe. They don’t know about Maddy’s powers but Maddy will tell them when the time is right. Maddy, Tom, and Shannon were on their way to class when Maddy smelled another wolfblood in the school. Maddy followed the scent until she lost it. “Maddy are you ok?”Shannon asked. “Yeah I’m fine”, Maddy answered. “Ok let’s get to class before we get detention because I don’t want detention.” Tom said. On their way to class Maddy smelled the scent she had smelled before and it lead to a boy that was new to the school and his name was Rydian Morris. Maddy knew that Rydian was a wolfblood like she was. Maddy was angry she just wanted to scream but she held it in until after class. Maddy went up to Rydian after class and she asked what he was doing here on her packs territory. Rydian looked confused and then said,” What are you talking about I just moved here? “You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about you being here when you’re not supposed to.” Maddy told him. Rydian still looked confused ‘’what are talking about? I am so confused right now.” Rydian said. Maddy groaned. “This is what I’m saying you…Wolfblood…on another…wolfblood…territory and I’m that other wolfblood. Make sense now Geez. “Oh so I’m a wolfblood on your wolfbloods pack territory right?” Rydian asked. “Finally you get it.” Maddy said. “Well you don’t have to be so mean about it.” Rydian said. “Sorry. I’m just so angry right now because I can’t even tell my friends what I am and now another wolfblood shows up and now I can’t even tell them my secret now. I’m so frustrated.” Maddy told him. “Well we can be friends for real and I can help tell them with. How’s that?” Rydian asked her. “Sure you can help me tell them thanks.’’ Maddy said. “Well my mom said she will teach us about transforming safely and not wolfing out in public so if you ever wolf out in public you will know how to control it.”, Maddy told him. “Well thanks for your help Maddy.” Rydian said. “You’re welcome” said Maddy.

JaKayla Grade 5 - Gilliard Elementary - Mrs. Harrison


Grade 5 - Gilliard Elementary -Mrs. Harrison
The Prom

One day Paige was at home reading and her phone started to beep. She picked it up, and she had a voicemail from her school. It was about the school prom where guys asked girls. Paige’s heart started to race, and she called her sister Melanie who worked at a spa. Melanie made her an appointment for 6:00 after school. That time came Paige was a nervous wreck. When she arrived at the spa she hugged and greeted her. Then the both of them walked inside. 30 minutes later she walked out. She looked different then before with no pimples and no unibrow. She was changed after that. She went shopping, got her nails done, and went to the salon. The next day when she walked in the school they thought she was new. Boys were lined up at her locker, but she ended up going with her friend Brooke because she was lonely. They had a great time.

Grade 5 - Gilliard Elementary - Mrs. Curl The Epic
The battle was still going on and nobody’s giving up. Percy felt so worn out and tired that he thought he could sleep for a hundred years. Since this battle still didn’t end yet, Percy wouldn’t give up.

The gorgons took Greece’s most valuable treasure, The Gem of Power. The Greek accused the Romans of taking it. They didn’t know the thieves were the gorgon sisters. The Romans said they didn’t take their jewel. But the Greeks didn’t believe them. That was how the war started.

Euryale, Stheno, and Medusa were spying overhead. They cackled at how foolish the mortals were. Percy saw the sisters and ran to where the sisters are spying from. He took out a ballpoint pen from his pocket. The pen became a sword made of Celestial bronze.

He snuck up on Medusa, the only gorgon who can turn mortals into stone with her gaze. With one slash from his sword, Medusa was shredded into pieces. She was sent to Tartarus to reform again. The two remaining sisters turned around and saw Percy.

Euryale was furious. She kept trying to slash Percy with her claws on and on and on. But Percy was undamaged! “So you bore the mark of Achilles,” said Euryale, “No wonder I can’t destroy you.” All of a sudden, Percy slashed his sword at her.

Euryale got shredded into pieces on the ground. She reformed in 15 seconds flat! She could reform so fast. “Not sorry, demigod, “ Euryale cackled, “ Celestial bronze can’t destroy me anymore!” Stheno was also furious. Stheno shouted,” We will meet again, demigod!” And as if by magic, the two gorgon sisters vanished. Percy knew he will see them again and they won’t stop going after him until they fulfilled their patron’s wish. He knew their patron is Gaea the earth goddess.

Gaea: She is the goddess of the earth (ground) whatever. She forced her son to kill his father and take over the world. Her son is a giant. They are trying to conquer the world. Now the monsters are harder to kill because Thanatos, known as Death, or the god of death, is chained up so the monsters can escape the gateway easily.

Thanatos: He isn’t really the god of death. He just helps Hades or Pluto seal the gate so the dead spirits can’t escape the Underworld and be alive again.

Nastasia Grade 5 - Gilliard Elementary - Mrs. Curl CINDER
There was an inventor who wanted to make a leg for his daughter. Her name was Cinder. Cinder was a teenager and she was going to Hollow High School. She is very shy and kind of a nerd. Cinder liked the most popular boy in school and his name was Jay. All the girls in school wanted to go out with him.

The graduation dance was coming up in two weeks. Cinder wanted to go with Jay, but she never got the chance to talk to him except the other day. Jay asked Cinder if she would tutor him on Sunday for the math finals. She said “Yes.”

So that Sunday Jay was talking about the dance. He asked Cinder “Are you going to the dance?” She said “No, because no one asked me. He said “That’s too bad.” On Monday Jay asked Cinder to go to the dance with him. She was so happy and surprised that she said “Yes!” That day all the girls in school wanted to beat her up. She had friends that were soooo happy for her. There was this one girl named Amber who was so mad because she and Jay had broken up. She thought they were not through. At soccer practice on Tuesday a ball hit Cinder on the leg, and some of her skin came off. Cinder ran in the locker room and Amber saw her leg. Then Amber said “You better tell Jay that you are not going to the dance with him. “I will tell Jay that you have a metal leg.”. On the day of the dance Jay was so surprised and amazed at how Cinder looked. Out of nowhere, Amber came running up to Jay and started to tell Jay that Cinder has a metal leg. Jay just pushed her aside. He stared to dance with Cinder. Then, on the slow dance Cinder kissed Jay!

Grade 5 - Gilliard Elementary - Mrs. HarrisonEver After Upside Down
Once upon a time, in a whole different world there was a school called Ever After High. Inside the school the students were buzzing with excitement, because Throne coming was almost upon them. In the biggest dorm room, four girls were getting fairest for Float Building. Float Building was the biggest party of the entire year. The first girl who was getting ready was Scarlet White, granddaughter of Snow White. The second girl who was getting ready was Mackenzie Hatter, granddaughter of the Mad Hatter. The last two who were getting ready were the twin sisters Sapphire and Nikki Queen, granddaughters of The Evil Queen. What they didn’t know about that day was going to change their lives forever, and there was no changing that untold fate. The girls, oblivious to their foreshadowing destiny, headed down the stairs. As they stepped carefully down the staircase, they heard a peculiar cracking noise. It turns out that it was … a mirror portal to another world, our world. Unfortunately, their curiosity got the best of them, and they all stepped into the portal together. When they stepped out of the other side of the portal, they were in front of a small school (Compared to Ever After High). Apparently they were all transported to fifth grade in a strange world called earth. Then suddenly, they heard a loud lyre bell (that’s what they called it in Ever After) and a hoard of children rushed out of the school. If they didn’t move as quickly as they did, they would have been trampled by the stampede of eager kids. The next day, they went inside the school and participated, but one thing was off: everyone was calling them weird names. Everyone called Mackenzie, Neysa and everyone called Scarlet, Rosemary. Also, everybody called Sapphire and Nikki , Lala and Jakayla. Everything and everyone was Ever After Upside-Down. While tutoring Jay, Cinder told him that she couldn’t go to the dance with him. Then she ran home crying. At gym class the next day Jay asked Cinder to talk in private. Jay asked Cinder why she can’t go to the dance with him. She told him how Amber was going to tell him that she had a metal leg. He started to laugh, his arm was made out of metal too. There were two days until the dance, and Cinder didn’t have a dress. Cinder and her friends went to the mall to get their dresses for the dance. She got a long red beautiful dress. Jay was getting a tuxedo

Grade 5 - Gilliard Elementary - Mrs. Curl Sleeping Beauty in the City
Once upon a time there was a girl named Aurora. Stop right there this is not Sleeping Beauty, yes it kind of is but another version so … READ! One day Aurora was watching TV when she got text. It was her friend Abby. She said, “Let’s go to the mall.” So Aurora got her hoodie, put on her sneakers and ran out the door. At the mall their fav shop (JUSTICE) They looked around for almost an hour, finally they went to check out. The cashier had a wart on her lip and was wearing a witch hat (yes a witch hat) and a black cloak (coat and cape). She was being soo rude to the girls. She was mumbling “What ugly clothes not even homeless would wear.” This went on for what felt like forever. Finally Aurora said, “Ma’am mind your own witch wax, cause me and my friend like and think these clothes are cute FYI”. Then the witch (cashier) gave the girls a wicked evil stare. Finally she said,” You messed with the wrong witch”. Then she snapped her fingers and disappeared.

Grade 5 - Gilliard Elementary - Mrs. Curl
Once upon a time there was a happy village. The village lived in peace and were nice to everything they saw. When they had to they could use martial arts or their super powers.
So one day a king tries to take the village but he only had enough power to take half. He used the people as slaves. He was not a very nice guy.
Then a group of teenagers and adults formed to fight the king. The team was called the NTAAS The National Teenagers and Adults Super team. There’s this special kid who can do everything the people in the group can do. So one day he had a plan to get the other side of the village back and to beat the king.
He went and told the council of his plan. On the next day, the team teleported to the other side then someone sent out a wave of sleeping gas. Next they sent out shape shifters who turned into rhinos. Then the kid said, ``If they’re the king’s people tie them together.’’ If they’re our people, wake them up. I’ll get the king. After he got the king he tied him with the people and sent them off on a boat tied up.

The Sun Emma Smalling St. Ignatius Catholic School – Grade 3
The sun is always looking down
And it is always happy And it's yellow color Is almost like yellow taffy!

Zora’s Birthday
Chloe Gilliard Elementary – Grade 5 – Ms. Gaudet Once far in the Midwest, there was a girl named Zora. Her birthday was in the fall. Her parents celebrated her party in a haunted house. The next day Zora wanted to go to Kentucky, but she was already in Kentucky. Her friends had moved to Louisiana and so she had no friends. She told her parents about the new kids across the street that she was scared of. Her mother told her that she had friends forever and that was her sister Dora and her brother Alex.

Cheyanne Gilliard Elementary – Grade 5 – Ms. Norton African Americans did not have freedom. When Martin Luther King, Jr. came, he wanted African Americans out of slavery. There were many problems because white people got everything. When white people were doing things, African Americans were working real hard. So Martin Luther King, Jr. settled everything. So we should appreciate each other no matter what color we are. Due to this Martin Luther King, Jr. has a holiday and a street.

The Reading Kids
Daryon Gilliard Elementary – Grade 5 – Ms. Gaudet Once there was a lot of kids at school. The kids did not have any books. All they wanted to read and learn about was how to code the text, metaphors, personifications, editing, and many more. They wanted to learn all of it! The kids thought it was very fun to read books. The next day when the kids went to school, there was a treacherous cloud above them. It rained books. They were so happy that finally they had a book to read! The kids made really good grades on their tests, report cards, and progress reports. When they had time at home to read, they read, read, and read. That day forward, the kids read.

When you are reading, you can accomplish anything in life. People say reading is boring, but reading can be fun and exciting. So kids read, read, read, and be the best you can be.

Rainy Monday Dominic Gilliard Elementary – Grade 5 – Ms. Gaudet
One day I had to wake up for school. That morning I was real happy and I could not wait to go to school. I woke up, got dressed, then I ate breakfast. Then I started walking to school and on my way to school I found $20 on the ground! Out of nowhere it started raining money and I was amazed. Once I got to school I was telling everyone what I saw and they were stunned. That morning we had P.E. outside. On our way to P.E., we were talking about what happened. When we got outside we started playing. While we were playing a big dark blue cloud came and sat right over the black top. I looked at the cloud and it looked like the same one that I saw when I was walking to school. I was trying to see if it was when out of nowhere it started raining money again. When I got home I started watching the news. They were talking about how is rained money.

THE THREE FISH Hannah Gilliard Elementary School - Miss Davis - 3rd grade
There once was a fish, his name was Bubbles. He lives in the ocean and goes to Salt Water Elementary School. Today is his first day of school. "Be good", his mother said. "I will", said Bubbles. His grandma was fixing his lunch; "I packed you a tuna sandwich for your first day of school". "Grandma, we are tuna, tuna is fish", he said. Then he got the lunch his mom had made and went to school.

As soon as he got to school, he met his teacher, Mrs. Gobey. "Hello Bubbles", she said. "How do you know my name", he asked. "Your mother put your name on the registration form", she said. "Why don't you look around the classroom and make friends"? "Yes mam", Bubbles said.
A few minutes later...Bubbles looked around the classroom. Then he accidently ran into another fish. "I am sorry", he said. "What is your name", said the other fish? "Bubbles, and what about yours," said Bubbles? "Sea Sea", she said. "That is a pretty name, want to be friends"? "Sure", she said.

An hour later, Mrs. Gobey said it was time for lunch. So everyone got their lunches and sat by their new friends. Bubbles and Sea Sea sat together. Way in the back of the classroom, there sat a fish, a lonely fish, a fish that had no friends. So, Bubbles and Sea Sea went over to him and asked, "What is your name"? "Seaweed", he said. "Would you like to be our friend", they said. "I am Bubbles and this is my friend Sea Sea". "Sure, I would love to!" he answered.

After lunch, Mrs. Gobey said it was fish outside time (that meant we had to pair up and go outside and play with our partner). But, since there were only fifteen people in the class, my friend Seaweed did not have a partner so he got paired with me and Sea Sea and we all went outside. Suddenly, we all heard a beeping sound. It was a machine, a fish machine of some sort. We started playing with all the gadgets and buttons on the machine. It got really bright, then it got even worse. Mrs. Gobey was a kid again. We were in the past! We enjoyed playing and living in the past so much that we stayed forever and ever.

Spring Time
A Poem Jayde
Spring is butterflies and bees.Flowers blooming.
It may also be playing sports with friendsor riding your bike.Swinging at the park.Flying a kite.Wind and blue skies.The sun is a good feeling on your face.Maybe a few holidays and birthdays, too.You know summer is near.When swimming pools and water parks open.Have fun this spring.

Title: Short Story Thriller “Talking Addy”By: Iya Simone3rd Grade at Gillard Elementary School
There was a little girl, who went with her mother to buy a doll name “Talking Addy.” The doll will
always say, “I’m talking Addy and I think I love you.” The little girl’s father said he did not like that
doll, because talking Addy kept on saying “I’m taking Addy and I think I hate you.” The little girl did not
believe that her father hated talking Addy. The thing the father did to talking Addy was picking up the
doll and threw talking Addy against the wall, until one night the father got up from sleeping and began
downstairs and was trip by talking Addy. The mother rushed from bed to go downstairs to see what
happen. The father had tripped over talking Addy and the doll said to the mother “you better be nice to
me or you’ll be next!” Talking Addy ended up back in bed with the little girl and talking Addy looked at
her and said “you better be nice to me or you will be next!”

Kelvin the GreatKelvinCouncil Traditional School - Grade 3
Once there was a wizard named Kelvin who lived in a tower in a village called Zindork. Also living there were fairies, trolls, giants, and witches. Kelvin always tried to make everything better in the village. What Kelvin didn’t know was that there was an evil wizard named Andizark trying to take over the village.

So a green Leprechaun named Harry and his pet goose named Goose Goose went to the village to warn Kelvin that Andizark was trying to take over everything. Kelvin said the only way to stop Andizark was for them to get the emerald sword to make a force field around the village. Harry said the sword was at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.

The emerald sword was made by Merlin the Magician over one thousand years ago. The sword had a forest green emerald embedded in its handle. Its shiny steel blade was made using dragon fire and magic crystals. It is said that only the pure of heart can hold the sword, and it is only to be used to fight evil.

Andizark, the evil wizard, stole the sword many years ago from the Leprechauns, but he couldn’t hold it. He had this sword thrown to the deepest part of the Arctic Ocean so it wouldn’t be used against him.

The three of them went in Kelvin’s blue submarine to get the sword. A pack of wolves started chasing them when they got to the North Pole. Kelvin saw the sword glowing at the bottom of the ocean. Harry said he and Goose Goose would hold off the wolves. So Kelvin got the emerald sword, and he got back on land, but 18 Polar bears started chasing them. Andizarka would take over the village in 9 seconds 9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1. They made it back just in time to Zindork, feeling relief and joy that they had saved the village.

The Great Japan RaceKendallCouncil Traditional School - Grade 3
Once there was a rich person named Kendall. He had a lot of cool cars, and people were surprised that he had a thousand different models, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bugatti’s, Camaro’s, Jaguars, and more. He loved to drive them and show them off. But most of all he liked to drag race them.

Kendall raced against the best racers in the world. He was on a world tour and had to race in Japan with his black and blue Bugatti with a golden dragon on its side. Kendall had to race against Juan and his yellow Ferrari with a giant crazy panda bear on its hood. The rules were that the winner got the other person’s car.

The drivers had to race on the top of the most dangerous volcano in all of Japan. Kendall and Juan had to race in a circle with hot lava in the middle. They took so many sharp turns that the cars almost fell off. Each of them had to take six laps around the volcano. They had to do it in five minutes or the volcano would erupt!

Kendall and Juan were neck and neck and the crowd was cheering. Suddenly a bundle of other cars came racing onto the volcano; they knew that the drag race had begun. Kendall had a red button in the car and knew it was time to use it. Kendall pushed the button, but he didn’t know that Juan had pushed his button, also.

They went really fast on their last lap, but didn’t know that they both came to the finish line…. tied! Kendall and Juan both decided to settle this once and for all. In two weeks they would race on the narrow streets in the City of Lights-Paris. No ties next time; there must be a winner!