One Christmas
Council Elementary School – Third Grade
(With excerpts from “Twas the night before Christmas” by Clement Clarke Moore)

There was one Christmas when Santa got lost! It went like this…
One year, I just couldn’t wait for Santa to come and change my fate. I was at school and my teacher said “We have a test on the history of our state”. And up on the chalkboard she wrote “Homework: Study famous people and heroes”. Oh, how I dreaded that work, but, yes, I did it, for old Saint Nick. But that night (Christmas Eve) he didn’t come! I stayed awake (with my homework that is), but not one sign of him! Not one! Then I knew just what to do! I fled and I flew, turned every light on, even the attic’s, with all my might! Just as I did so, there arose such a clatter*, I ran to the hall to see what was the matter*! Then what to my eyes should appear?* ‘Twas old Saint Nicholas. All happy and no fear.
And that is the story of how Santa got lost.

Edward Jenner is the Hero for Smallpox
By Sienna
Homeschooled - 4th grade

Edward Jenner was an intelligent physician and scientist who invented a vaccine to treat smallpox. He was born on May 17th, 1749 in Berkeley, UK, and was the sixth and the youngest out of his siblings. He went to a few different colleges, such as the University of St. Andrews, St. George's University of London, and was medically taught at St. George's Hospital under the guidance of John Hunter. With the help of the dairy maid, Sarah Nelmes, and his background in medicine, surgery, and natural history he created the vaccine.
Smallpox is a deadly disease that causes nausea, scarring, muscle pains, high fever, a rash of little read bumps, and even death. Few used to survive this disease once they were infected. The few that survived were left with scarring for the left of their lives.
Edward Jenner first conducted an experiment for smallpox in 1796, after Sarah Nelmes told him that she would never have smallpox because she had Cowpox. He experimented on a child of eight years, James Phipps. The boy was Jenners' gardeners' son. With permission from James' father, he started his first test. After making two cuts in James' arm and injecting a tiny amount of cowpox puss, his reaction was normal with a small fever, but after several days he soon was in good health. This is how Jenner's treatment was brought to life. The vaccine is now known as Vaccinia.
Jenner deliberately did not patent his discovery.
With Edward Jenner's keen observation to nature and the help of James Phipps, we no longer have to fear this disease.

The Buffet
5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs.Sullivan

Once there was a buffet, but it was a fancy buffet. A girl named Keatra set up a fancy dinner and a show for guest. Another girl helped, but she was different. She wore a banana dress and macaroni shoes. Keatra wondered about this girl. The girl worked away, but never talked. Keatra never got the girl’s name. Keatra noticed that for the past few days, the girl always wore a green diamond necklace. Keatra walked up to the girl and tried to take the necklace. Then, the lights went out. When they turned back on, the girl was gone. Keatra thought, “I must be dreaming.” So she went home.

The next day was the buffet. A lot of people came to the buffet. The entertainment was a cobra dressed up in a ballet costume, and it danced the night away. Keatra was waiting for the girl to walk in. Then, out of the corner of her eye was the girl holding on to her necklace which was glowing. Then, a koala came in. Everyone thought it was so cute with its big eyes. The koala looked at the girl and she nodded. Then the koala started to use karate on Keatra. A banana man walked in and found out the girl was an alien. The banana man also found out that the koala was a robot. The banana man saved the day and the buffet.

Rock Star Crashes Health Spa
6th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School -Mrs. Ackermann

It was a normal day at the Health Spa in November. The jazz band was going to play a couple of songs of for the clients and the staff. When it was time for the band, a Rock Star showed up instead. He had long hair, a mustache, and a beard to the floor. He brought his speakers, so when he would play his music it would be ear blasting. Then he sang a couple of rock songs, and you could see him flip his hair a couple of times. Then he smashed his guitar so hard that he broke it. The whole Health Spa was dancing around. By the time he was gone, he had a manicure, a pedicure, and his beard and mustache were gone.

Thank you for watching NGK news. We hope you liked it. That’s all for today. Bye.

Baller Elf,Legend of the north PoleWalker5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic SchoolMrs. Sullivan
In Columbia, nah, I’m just kidding. In the North Pole, an elf was practicing his crossover moves. His name was Toby (Remember the name. Hey! Remember The Name! I love that song! Anyway I need to continue.) Toby was no ordinary elf. He was a Baller Elf. In case you don't know what a Baller Elf is, a Baller Elf is a descendant of Jonas “Toys” Magee, who was the best player to ever play in the Elf Basketball Leagues. Toby just finished elf college, which most elves typically finish at a young age, and was entering the EBL Draft. Toby wanted to live up to everyone’s expectations by getting picked first, but he feared that his rival, Liodis Swanera would get picked first.

The Rookie Showcase was about to start and Toby was playing point guard. Toby had an amazing game. He scored 77 points, 34 more than the previous record. He ended up getting drafted first and won 7 Championships with the Polar Bears. Liodis Swanera, however, went undrafted and quit basketball. Toby’s number is now retired and he went down in history.

The Locked ClosetClaiborne 6th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Sullivan
Last year, before we got out of school for the summer break, Hannah, Bella, Kaytie and I noticed a closet door that was always locked. We started wondering what was in there. We had heard Mr. Jacob say never to ask what was in there and then overheard Mr. Kenner talking about it. It was a big, sturdy, metal door with a triple lock on it. It was really heavy and scary looking.

The next day the door was cracked open. I grabbed Hannah, Bella, and Kaytie and we snuck inside. When we walked in there we saw something surprising. There was a disco ball and dancing pigs. We walked down the hall and there was Ms. Megan doing people’s nails and makeup. In another room there was karaoke and a basketball court. In the last room there was a snack bar with a taco bar. This was not what we were expecting.

Right then Mr. Kenner saw us and gave us detention for the rest of the year. He is such a jerk that doesn’t care about others feelings. I felt so bad about the detentions that I didn’t go to school the next few days. The rest of the year was rough. We sat at separate tables at lunch and we weren’t allowed to do any after school events. We couldn’t have any electronics and we weren’t allowed to participate in any things like plays or even art class. Why do the teachers have a secret party room and we don’t. I really wanted Mr. Kenner to get sick or something and I didn’t think that it was fair for him to give us all of those punishments. After it was all over we learned our lesson and listened to our teachers.

5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School
Mrs. Sullivan
To one cornerQuicklyBack out frontSuddenlyOver to the otherDesperatelyThrough the airGracefullyFor the winHopefullyInto the hoopSkillfullyLike a miracleCrazilyOn behalf of meHappilyBOOM!

Where I’m FromChamblin -6th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic SchoolMrs. Ackermann

I am from the summers down Southfrom swimming in the oceanfrom wrestling in the sun
I am from delicious mealsfrom meals of fried chickenfrom meals of homemade mac & cheese
I am from winters in Alabamafrom belly sliding on icefrom skating in boots on ice

I am from going to schoolfrom math to Englishfrom doing homework

I am from eating seafoodfrom eating crawfishfrom eating shrimp

I am from watching footballfrom cheering on the Saints and booing LSUfrom cheering on Alabama and booing Auburn
I am from Artfrom sculpting dayfrom painting a whole new world of imagination

from splatter painting a pictureI am from a life of exercisefrom walking two milesfrom running a treadmill
I am from fishing in the Southfrom tubing behind a boafrom swimming in a lake
I am from bike riding in my neighborhoodfrom playing red light green lightfrom playing freeze tag
Yes, I am that swimming in the sun, fried chicken-eating,belly-sliding on ice, homework-doing, seafood-eating, football-watching, art-making, exercising, fishing in the south, bike-riding, playing-outside kind of girl.That’s where I’m from.

Declaration of Recess Rights
Gus 5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Sullivan
Hello! This story is about when there are three situations on the recess field. The school is suggesting to cancel recess. But that won't happen when I, Gus Thames, come in. I must write a letter to Mr. Blackburn not to cancel recess. But will I be able to write the letter on time to save recess?
Dec. 16, 2014
Dear Mr.Blackburn,

I have heard about the pick-pocketing, rioting, and the foul language problem on the recess field. And I understand why you want to cancel recess. But you must not. But I also know that Johnny is the one who has been pickpocketing. Every recess he is the only one I've seen with mask and a hood on his face. So he`s guilty!

The rioting, the tackling, the fighting, the fire and the war. I know it is terrible! But I know that the military, the navy, and the air force can put the riot down. But Jimmy was the one who started it. We must teach that kid a lesson! Or two.

Last but not least, the foul language. It`s been bad for years. Oh the shame of it! I know the police can put the foul language down. I also know that Johnson started the language. This is the declaration of recess rights. So sign here .

Your loyal regular,

We’ve got to keep recess. Jimmy, Johnson, and Johnny were sent to military school. I became the school president. I got awarded with 1,000,000,000 dollar reward. Also I got a homework pass till high school. So, it was all a happy ending!