Thank You, St. Ignatius Catholic School for the first submissions to the 2015 Young Authors' Anthology!
I Am From...Rosemary 5th Grade – St. Ignatius Catholic School – Mrs. Sullivan
I am from having lots of birthdays.
When I was three, I had a carousel come to my house. At age five, Chuckie Cheese. At eight, sleepover. Ten, water slide and eleven ears pierced.
I am from lots of trips.
At age, four one and ten I went to the Bahamas for Christmas or Easter. When I was first eleven I went to Brazil and saw the Corcovado and some of the World Cup.Also Mexico to see my baby cousin.
I am from great summers.
When I was six our family bought a Dauphin Island beach house we spent all summer there except when we were at summer camp. It was so much fun! We got to play fun activities and go on the blob.
I am from Three long ice days.
When I was ten we got out of school for three days because of ice rain.We had snowball fights.sledding times and ice skating in boots.
I am from cool pool days.
When the air is hot my family goes to the Country Club Pool.
We would play on the slide and diving board every on all day. We would get cold popsicles on those really hot days.
I am from lots of schooling.
A couple years ago I moved from UMS to St.ignatius. Fun field days and long cold hours of work. I can’t wait to graduate that will be time to celebrate!
I am from lots of family holidays.
Every Christmas I go to grandma’s to eat and open presents. Every Thanksgiving I eat at my aunt’s house with the best turkey of all!
I am from lots of sports.
Swimming in the Winter and Summer. Tennis and Volleyball in the Winter also. Basketball in the Spring.
I am a trip taking, party having, Summer loving, pool swimming, school hopping, ice day hoping, sports playing, and holiday enjoying type of girl.

I Am From
5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Sullivan

I am from sitting on the boat on the weekends with my
family and feeding the fish with some white bread.
And from wondering why I had a life jacket on, but
not my brothers. Then, I found out why, I could not
swim, but my brothers could.

I am from playing with my dog, Pepper, and loving long
walks with him. I always was the one to feed him. I
always gave him a treat even though I was not
supposed to.

I am from going to Disney World at least twice a year.
And loving it every time I went. The magic was so fun,
but now my little brother gets to experience the magic.
My favorite part was always the castle, and the fireworks,
but I was scared of the fireworks when I was very little.

I am from watching my brothers go to school every day,
but them not wanting to go. I wonder why they never wanted
to leave home. I would watch them come home
complaining about how much homework the have.
But I never understood why they complained.

I am from learning to ride a two wheeled bike, with my
dad as my teacher. I was so very scared at first, but after
he let go I knew that I could do it. Then, I ran into a tree
because I was not looking where I was going.

Yes, I’m that boat-riding, dog-feeding,
Disney World-going, brother-watching, bike-riding girl.
That is where I am from!

The Magic RingElla 5th Grade-St. Ignatius Catholic School-Mrs. Sullivan
It all began when it was a hot summer morning and I was still sleeping, which was not normal for me because I am an early riser! My mom was kind of getting worried so she walked into the room and said, “Ella?”

There was not a response. “Ok well, maybe she is still sleeping!” Mom exclaimed.

Then from there, my mom waited and waited, and still I had not awakened. After an hour went by, Mom finally said, “That is it. I am already late for a meeting and Ella has a babysitting job in 15 minutes. I need to wake her up!”

She was not kidding. She woke me up.

Then I told myself out loud, “I wish I could go back to when I was two years old and I could wake up at what ever time I wanted. I mean, I dont know why I am so tired.”

After that, the ring that mom gave me for Christmas started shaking and smoke started puffing out, and I disappeared. Then I was two again! This must be a magic ring. I felt so small,well I guess that was because I was. Well then a couple weeks went by and it was great being two again! Then one day, I thought, “I don’t want to be two for forever; I mean, I have been gone for a long time. How am I going to find my present?” I thought to myself, “Well, the ring did this to me,so this was my wish: I wish to go back to where my life was.”

Then I saw flying cars and talking animals. Uhh, I was in the future! “I wish to go back to the present.” I was back to the present!

I was back to my normal life. I never ever wished for anything again with that spooky ring on!

Ode to Woodlands Lost Due to Deforestation
Castlen – Fifth Grade

Long ago, evergreen forests loomed over the homes
of our ancestors.

Now only faint memories waft over stumps that
used to be.

Memories of children playing among the gentle
maples, demolished by agriculture.

Memories of couples leaning against once proud
sycamores, slaughtered by paper production.

Memories of friends joking under the branches of
caring Japanese cherry blossom trees, swallowed by
the wooden furniture industry.

All natural beauty that we know will be inhaled
by the greed of humans, if we do not stop taking
advantage of our forests.

Maddie 5th Grade, St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Sullivan
I Am From

I am from having trips to North Carolina, Tennessee, Phoenix on the Bay, and the beach. In North Carolina we all swim in lakes, and play games with all my cousins, on my mom’s side. Most of them are boys. We got in trouble for being too loud at ten o’clock at night.

I am from having dogs as pets. Having thirteen in all. One night my dad was getting the car late at night and my brother Chance saw a shadow under the car and a little dog came out. We kept him for about a week and named him Socks because he had little white paws. We found someone to take care of him and now he has a nice home.

I am from playing sports, volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, basketball. My least favorite was basketball. My most favorite was volleyball, because it is fun and easy.

I am from preschool at St. Paul’s with Ellis Bennett. Ellis and I were friends. When my other friend Peyton Hass, my other friend, and we would get in fights, I would go to Ellis. That’s how we became friends.

I am from playing and hanging out with my friends, Isabelle Jouve, Rosemary Wilson, and Ellis Bennett. One time we all went to Isabelle’s house for Halloween and all of us played hide-and-go seek outside.

I am from going to grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve because it is my grandfather’s “Hoot’s” birthday. One time in third grade I fell off a scooter and broke my arm.

I am from snow accidents. One time we were going on the ski lift and my board got stuck to the snow and I hurt my ankle. Then when we came down the mountain, my dad went first and I started crying because everyone had left me up there. Finally, I came down.

Yes, I am that trip-taking, dog-owning, sport-playing, preschool with Ellis, Christmas at grandparents, snowboarding kind of girl.

That’s where I am from!

5th Grade, St. Ignatius Catholic School, Mrs. Sullivan
The Muffins

In every neighborhood, there’s always that house - that spooky house that’s always for sale. In this case, it’s the house that’s right next door to Rainey’s house. It has been up for sale for a couple of years until one day. That dark and gloomy day, Rainey and her mom were driving into Village Square, her neighborhood, when they passed that house. The For Sale sign had big letters on it that spelled out S-O-L-D! Rainey couldn’t believe her eyes.
Then, Rainey leaned over to her mom and exclaimed,”Look! That house has sold!”
“What are you talking about? That house sold? It’s been for sale for about five years!” declared her mom.
“Should we bake some muffins or something to welcome them to our neighborhood?”
“I don’t know sweetie. They look pretty busy, and someone who buys that house must be blind but…well sure, why not?”
“Thanks, mom!”
They pulled up in their driveway, and Rainey jumped out of the car. She ran inside and straight to the kitchen to get out the ingredients. She made sure she had everything and then got started.
Everything was done and all they needed to do was put the muffins in the oven. “Everything is done mom. I need you to help me put the muffins in the oven,” announced Rainey. Her mother jumped up and grabbed the muffins out of the oven. Then, Rainey placed the muffins in a basket and brought them next door.
She knocked on the door softly. The house was silent. She knocked on the door a little louder again. “Come in,” screeched a little crackling voice. She tried to open the door, but it was locked. She tried again later. Then, she decided to leave the muffins at the door step.
The next day, she wanted to bring more muffins, so she baked more muffins. She needed a basket to put them in, so she went next door and saw the basket at the doorstep. She walked up to the doorstep and saw that the muffins weren’t in the basket. She put the new muffins in the basket.
She was prepared to knock on the door, but it was already cracked open. “Come in,” cracked the voice. Rainey opened the door. She stepped inside. “Come closer.” A big chair turned around and, sitting in the chair was a little old lady hunched over. She stood up and started hitting everything. “Where are you,” cracked the small voice. Rainey hid under the staircase.
Rainey took long deep breaths. When she had calmed herself down, she peeked her head out from under the staircase. Then, the lady appeared at the top of the staircase. Rainey felt breath on the back of her neck. She turned around slowly “Dogs!” she shouted.
The dogs started barking. She tried not to be so loud. Then, the lady walked in. The little old lady grabbed her and asked, “Do you want to sit down with me and have a muffin?”
“Um…I think I should be getting home.”
“Just one. Oh, please direct me to the couch,” pleaded the lady.
Rainey directed the woman to the couch. “Do sit down,” instructed the lady. Rainey sat down. The little old lady asked, “Did I make a mess?”
“Yes ma’am, just a little bit.”
“I’m not surprised, for I can’t see.”
“You can’t see? Do you mean you’re blind?”
“Yes, as blind as they get. I can’t see a thing.”
“But, how did you appear upstairs, and why were there dogs? Why did you knock everything down?”
“Oh, the elevator! I took the elevator upstairs because I can’t see the steps. The dogs are Betsy and Anna, my guide dogs. They were helping me find you. I probably knocked everything down with my cane. I move it around so I don’t run into anything, but my cane does.”
Rainey realized that she actually needed to go home. So, Rainey left.
The next morning, she woke up and wanted to see Ms. Cook, the little old lady, so she got dressed. Rainey pranced out the door and noticed there was a moving van in front of Ms. Cook’s house.There was a lady in her early thirties standing outside it. Rainey confusingly asked, ”Are you moving in?”
“, I’m moving my mother out.”
“Yes. She needs to go to a nursing home.”
“Ms. Cook? The blind lady?”
“You’ve met her?”
“Yes, I have.”
“Here is her nursing home room number. Come and visit her sometime.”
Then, the moving van pulled away, and Rainey whispered to herself, “I will.”

Christmas Day
Eichold-Mertz Magnet School, Grade 3

As far as I’m concerned Christmas is special to me for many reasons. First, I get toys from Santa. Second,I get to spend time with my family. Lastly, we go to my godparent’s house to exchange presents. On Christmas I open my presents up as fast as a cheetah!

First, I get toys from Santa. My sister and I get good presents for Christmas. I wish Christmas was everyday, but it can’t be.

Second, I get to spend time with my family that’s splendid. I get to unwrap presents under the Christmas tree. Then, my sister and I go to our grandmas and have a big party. Without my family on Christmas, I would be as mad as a bear!

Lastly, we go to my god dad’s house to exchange presents. His house is big so we go there every year. My sister’s god mom pulls cards to tell us to give our toys to.

Finally, as far as I’m concerned Christmas is special to me for many reasons. First, I get toys from Santa. Second , I get to spend time with my family. Lastly, we go to my god dad’s house to exchange presents. So what are you thankful for on Christmas?

Weird AdventureSkylar Eichold Mertz Magnet – Fifth Grade

There once were two girls named Kylie and Kyla. They love to go on wild adventures. This adventure was the wildest of them all!

Kylie said “Let’s go to Dessert Island!”

“What is it called again?” said Kyla.

You will see when we get there said Kylie. “Let’s sing a song until we get there,” said Kylie. “We’re going on an adventure to Dessert Island! We’re going on an adventure to Dessert Island! La, la, la, la,la,la Lollipop!!! Did you like that song?” Said Kylie.

“Yes, are we there yet?”

“Actually we are, welcome to Dessert Island.” They saw huge banana sundae boats, with mounds of whip cream. The boat’s oars were made of chocolate that touched the chocolate milk river. The girls ran and jumped in the boat and started eating the brownie coated seats. There was a big old mean monster made out of chocolate ice cream. He had a pet duck shaped like a cupcake. They laughed at that pet duck. They said it was as funny as bear riding a unicycle while juggling. There were cookies with glasses and chocolate milk mustaches. Kyla and Kylie kept eating big chunks of the huge banana sundae boats. They said the food was good. The girls were so stuffed that they had to take a nap. When they woke up they were in the monster’s lab. They were really scared! Good thing Kyla always keeps monster antidote in her backpack. Kyla sprayed the monster antidote on the monster and he turned into two vanilla milkshakes. The girls slurped up the milkshakes and prepared to leave the wonderful island. Kyla thanked Kylie for another weird adventure. The girls laughed all the way home with jam-packed tummies.

The Little BoyBy Christopher 3rd Grade - St. Ignatius School
There was a boy. His name was Thomas. He loved to play football, but he was not very good. However he practiced a lot and he got better and better and better. His team only lost one game. Then they won the championship! They went to celebrate at the Dew Drop Inn. Thomas said, “I’m going to play next year.” They won all their games, except the fourth game. He was the most popular kid in school. He played quarterback, running back, and wide receiver.

When he went to college he was the best player on the team! He was drafted to the NFL. He went to the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks won the Super Bowl! They all like him.

He is the best player in NFL history! He was then traded to the Miami Dolphins! He was better than anyone at quarterback, running back, and wide receiver!

I Am From...Laura5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Sullivan
I am from a neighborhood of sport playing in the rain or shine, light or dark,cold
or warm, dry or wet, getting all muddy from playing tackle football.

I am from traveling to football games all around the U.S. From Dallas to San Antonio to New Orleans to Orlando to Miami. Staying in hotels as nice as the Empire State Building.

I am from nature races in the rain to drinking hot chocolate on snow days. Having no school,and sledding on the golf course with all my friends.

I am from crazy people riding four-wheelers to alligator hunting in the rain. From hunting ducks in conditions like no one could think in a lifetime.

I am from sitting by the fire telling stories while others play in the snow.

I am from drawing pictures for contest and for my self.

I am from traveling for basketball tournaments. Such as Pensacola, Biloxi, and Hattiesburg. For golf such as Birmingham, Al , Jackson, MS, and Orlando, FL.

I am from swimming In the Louisiana marsh for skeet with my brother and my brother’s godbrother.

I am that sport-playing, football-traveling, nature-racing, hunting-duck and alligator, four-wheeler-riding,story-telling, picture-drawing,basketball and golf-traveling, Louisiana-swimming person.

I Am FromGabby5th Grade -St. Ignatius Catholic School -Mrs. Sullivan
I am from hot and sunny days in Alabama. From swimming and yelling. From riding on boats and tubing. From falling off diving boards to dog dying.

I am from traveling in a car and on a air plane. From Tennessee and ice skating. From waterslides and swimming. From Mexico and eating a lot of food.

I am from having fun. From the fair and spinning really fast. From riding rides to riding roller coasters. From water slides to eating burnt popcorn.

I am from dog dying. From dog falling in cold water. From dog going swimming. From chasing my dog. From getting bitten by my dog.

I am from cheerleading and doing dance. From jumping and doing stunts. From doing leaps and kicks. From stretching and cheering.

I am from playing with my friends and spending the night with my friends. From going tubing with my friends and jumping off the boat with my friends.

I am from going to school. From learning and taking tests. From playing on the playground and jumping of swings.

I am from going to mass. From praying and altar serving by myself. From reading the bible and listening to the readings. From singing slow songs and fast songs.

Yes, I am from sunny day-loving, car-traveling, fun-having, dog-dying, cheerleading-doing, friends-playing, school-going, mass-attending, kind of girl!

That’s where I am from!

I Am From Mallory 6th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Ackermann
I am from hot summers down South, from spending time on hot sandy beaches,

from swimming at night in the pool, and from collecting seashells in the cold water

at the beach.

I am from the fields in Mississippi, from picking flowers in the meadows, from riding horses in the high grass, and from riding four wheelers.

I am from shopping at the mall, from finding the most beautiful shoes, from trying on exquisite clothes, and from polishing my nails.

I am from cooking at home, from creamy chocolate chip cookies, from frying or boiling shrimp, and from melting grilled cheese.

I am from happy Fridays, from eating juicy pizza, from watching interesting movies, and from winning board games.

I am from crafting all day, from cold splash paint, from sketching or drawing, and from stringing bracelets.

Yes, I am that night/swimming,
and all day/crafting girl.
That’s where I’m from.

Trip to HawaiiEllis5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Sullivan
December 16, 2014
Dear Mom and Dad,

Guess what? We just won an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii! Here’s where I think we should go. We probably will go when you finish reading this.

First of all (this one goes to Mom), there are amazing spas. While relaxing in a pool, we could drink smoothies. We could get massages and ooh! Maybe we could even go to a luha! I think you might be hooked on going!

This one goes to Dad. We could hike up a volcano . Then, we could go fishing and swimming. My brothers would love the fish in Hawaii! That sounds fun doesn’t it?

Last, but certainly not least. Who doesn’t like Hawaii?! There are luaus, volcanoes, beaches, hula dancers, and so much more! Just think. Bonfires on the beach and comfy beds. I even found a hotel that can still be free!

Please, please, please can we go? I’ll never ask for anything again. Just promise you will think about it. I’m watching you!

Your sweet daughter,


Stephanie Farmer

5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Collins

Inside the building


Across the hall


Up the court


During the game


Under the net


Down to play


With the ball

COOl !