Myth Story: How Dalmatians Got Their Spots
Cate 4th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Goodwin

Long ago, there were two little puppies named Dot and Spot. They were Dalmatians, but they didn’t have any spots on them. One day Dot was napping, but Spot wanted to play, so Spot woke Dot. Dot got mad, and they started a puppy “fight”. They kept playing until they heard a twig snap. They quickly turned around. Before they knew it, they had been puppy-napped by Slobbery, the Bulldog.
Not long after that, they were trapped in an old shed with Slobbery. They begged him to let them go free. Slobbery refused. They tried to escape, but there was no way out. One day, Slobbery accidentally left the door to the shed open. Dot and Spot were small enough to fit through the bars, so they squeezed through them. Before they could totally escape, Slobbery caught them, and he backed them up in a puddle of oil. They were covered in black, sticky oil!
When Slobbery put them back in the cage, the puppies came up with a plan. That night, they slipped through the bars and started running. They ran all the way back to their house. When they were running, some of the oil dripped off and left them with spots all over. So that is the story of how Dalmatians got their spots!

Storybook Dream
Grade 5 - Mrs. Young
Brazier Elementary

Imagine being able to become a character in your favorite story book. One day I woke up with enormous wings. I was astonished by how huge they were. Then I spotted a blue piece of paper that said, “You are a tooth fairy.” I didn’t know what to believe.
The next day, I woke up in a magical place and I was dressed up like a fairy. There were not any other fairies and my first task was to try not to wake up the children that I had to get teeth from. It was so complex because every time I tried to get a tooth from under the pillow, the child kept moving. The first day did not go so well.
One day I had to work all day long to get all the teeth I had to get. I was as busy as a bee! Then when I was getting a tooth from underneath a pillow out of nowhere the tooth started talking! I jumped back and fell off the bed. I got back up and asked, “How can you talk?” We woke the little boy up from his nap. His parents rushed in, I grabbed the tooth and zoomed out the door. Suddenly, I woke to realize it was all a dream!

What a Pest!
Grade 5 Mrs. Young
Brazier Elementary

Is there a pesky insect that gets on your nerves or you want to get rid of badly? This insect buzzes in my ear every time I go outside. I hate them and the reason I feel this way is because they bite me and it itches badly. They are irritating and if I could get rid of them, I just may.
One reason why I would want to get rid of mosquitoes is because they like to drink my blood. Yuck! Whenever you are playing outside, do you have this same problem? I don’t think I’m the only person with this problem because I can see other people’s blood in their stomachs too. They are as fat as pigs from biting and drinking blood!
Another reason I would exterminate the pesky mosquito is because of their aggravating buzzing in my ear. When they get close to my ear it gives a thunderous BUZZZZ!. I immediately begin swatting it away from me before it can land on me. Do you have this problem with mosquitoes as well?
The last reason is I think the world would be a better place without mosquitoes because after they bite me I am full of little red lumps. The bites itch really badly but I can’t scratch them because I fear they will become infected. The place where they bite can swell up like tiny mountains and they do not look very pretty.
If I could get rid of mosquitoes, I would. I think it would make the world a much better place. What pesky bug would you get rid of?

My Pumpkin Sculpture
Grade 5 - Mrs. Daniels

I’m going to tell you about my pumpkin sculpture that would be memorable, mind-blowing, and breathtaking. If I could make anything out of a pumpkin, I would make Maximum Ride and her flock family. There are many reasons why I would make them but I doubt I would have room on the paper for them all.
One reason is because it would grab people’s attention. The wings attached to their backs would really catch people’s attention. They have wings because they are genetic experiments. All of this is why I think they are awesomely-amazing!
Another reason would be because I love their characteristics. All of them have the strength of grown men even the smallest and she’s 6! Another characteristic about them I love is that they can be extraordinary when they want to be and vile when they need to be. The last characteristic is that they are 98% human and 2% experiment.
The most important reason would be is it could keep me busy. One way it could keep me busy would be because I have to aggregate and buy materials. Also, it would take me months to finish it because I would have to sketch a lot to get it perfect.
To conclude, it would be commendable to do it. The experience would be awe-inspiring because I would be able to spend time with my family and friends. We would have a phenomenal time together. This is why I would carve Maximum Ride and her flock family.

Grade 4 Mrs. Harris
Brazier Elementary

In my opinion, bullying is wrong. Many students are bullied at school and no one even knows it. I feel that a person being bullied should be protected from these bullies.
Bullying can affect students in many ways. I am against bullying because it can cause serious harm to someone. For example, if someone is allergic to something and you force food down their mouth they can become sick. Another example is that when you pick up someone by their shirt this can choke them. If you throw someone to the school locker or floor they can break something on their body. So, to sum it up bullying can be very dangerous.
I am against bullying also because bullying can make students feel left out. They will start to feel lonely and not make new friends. They will play by themselves at P.E and be afraid to play with the nicer students. These students will have a silent voice and hold their fear inside of their minds.
Also, if someone is being bullied their grades may drop. This student may not want to come to school because they are scared. They may skip school and hang in dangerous places. So, bullying can affect a student’s grades and they will not be able to do their best.
Bullying is not cool because it hurts. We should do everything we can to prevent bullying!

Excelling In SchoolBraxton Grade 4 - Mrs. HarrisBrazier Elementary

I think it is essential for students to excel in school for many reasons. First, I feel this way because an education is an important part of our future. If you are a great student you can accomplish great things in life. The only way you can get a good education is by doing your best in school. Sometimes if you try to be a bad student, it could stop you from going to college. If you want to go to college, you mostly have to have good grades. I hope one day that I will be able to get a college education. So excelling in school will help me get a scholarship for college. Next, most importantly, excelling in school also depends on your conduct. I think you should have good conduct which will lead you to great grades! If you have bad conduct and you are smart, you could fail that class if you don’t bring your conduct up. So, having great behavior is essential for excelling in school. The best advice I can give a student is to make good grades and have great conduct. If you do this, you would excel in school and have a great future.

Let’s Talk About PlantsChristal Grade 3 - Mrs. WatsonBrazier Elementary

So let’s talk plants. Have you ever wondered how many plants are in the world, maybe 1 million! What is the need for plants? Let’s go underground to discover how plants come to be.
Did you know plants are living things that grow on land or in the water? Plants are living things that can be separated into groups. The reason plants can be separated into different groups, deals with the adaptation or different problems in their environment. Plants will grow within their life, but they may have problems as they get bigger. If a plant can’t fix their problem, then it won’t be able to grow very big or even spread out to new environments. The only way plants can spread out to new places is by hands of people replanting them or by the seed being blown by the wind.
Plants are also important in helping make their own food. Plants are able to make their own food through photosynthesis. Plants must have water, light, and air in order to make photosynthesis. Plants help us in many ways. We use plants for medicine, food, and clothing. If you ever ate greens or cabbage that formed from a seed that turned into a plant, Yum!!!!!! So people use the herb from a plant for sprains, cuts, or even a cold. Finally, we all wear t-shirts. T-shirts are made from a plant that makes seed pods to create cotton. So next time you put on a shirt or pants, look at the label to see if it’s made from cotton. If it is, you are wearing something made from a plant.
The next time you look at a plant, think about how that plant helps us. Some are pretty to look at and smell, while others are used for food, medicine, and clothing.

IF SUPERMAN REPLACED THE PRINCIPALJah’Nya Grade 3 Ms. RadfordBrazier Elementary

Today was a weird day! Our principal turned into SUPERMAN. It first stared like this. She called me and my friends Nygeria, Jamya, and Destiny to her office. SHE was not there SO we went to the classroom and we saw Superman. ’’It was the principal,‘’ Destiny said.
“It’s not that bad because the school will be safe,’’ Jamya said. If the school gets on fire he would put it out in a snap!
‘’It’s not that super bad,” Destiny said. He came and rearranged the whole school. He rearranged the outside and he used his heat vision and also used his super senses to recycle material.
That’s all we heard from Superman. He packed his bags and we all said bye.

What I Think About RespectMadison Grade 3 Mrs. WatsonBrazier Elementary
In my opinion, respect means being nice, helpful, and kind to others. Respect means not talking back to teachers. I believe it is very important to be respectful to others because you want them to be nice to you.I feel you should always show respect to your classmates, teachers, and parents.
It is important to be respectful to your classmates. I always show my classmates respect because if I don’t, I won’t have any friends. One way you can show respect to your class is treating them like you want to be treated and that should be with dignity and compassion. You shouldn’t bully anyone unless you want to get bullied and that’s not how you earn respect through bullying.

You should always show respect to your teachers at all times, not some of the time. It is important for me to be respectful to my teachers because if I don’t pay attention to them I will get C’S or even D’s on my report card. To be respectful to your teacher means paying attention, not talking or out talking the teacher, listening, waiting your turn to speak, and following all classroom rules. Being respectful to your teachers makes their job easier.

Finally, parents should be shown respect. If you can be good in class, treat your friends with respect, then your parents need to be shown respect as well. When your parents ask you to do something, it should be done without an attitude. Having great manners is a sign of respect. For example: If I’m told to clean my room, I can respond by saying “yes ma’am.” The more respect you show your parents, the more they are willing to do for you.

As you have read, showing respect is not all bad. It’s actually a good thing to do. If you haven’t shown respect to someone, try it. You will catch more bees with honey as my teacher says.