Becoming Leader
By: Lexi
My blood ran cold when I saw my leader lifeless. I bowed my head as I thought,She served her clan well with curage and for that I thank her. I looked up to see LittleFeather. He nodded and mewed,"Now you shall be leader of StormClan."
I'm Stormtail, deputy now but leader soon. Our leader served her nine lives already. Her last life lost by protecting our clan from rouges. I shall now prepare for the journey that is to come.
I follow LittleFeather into the medicine clearing. He disappers into his cave. I wait until I hear his mew,"Swallow these herbs." he mewed. I did as I was told and swallowed the herbs. LittleFeather's mentor, FeatherFur, went to HolyClan soon after he started his training. Yet he is a true medicne cat.
"Let's go so we can make it before moon high," LittleFeather mewed. I mewed my reply and follow him out of the medicne clearing.
I climbed the great stones and stoped short when I heard LittleFeather's mew,"You must be excited! Becomeing leader and all!" His remark surprised me and I turned to face him."Well to be honest I'm nevous. Will HolyClan even accept me?" I keep walking and I heard his mew again and I stopped. "Of course they will." I nodded and smiled.
I listened to HolyClan call my new name,"StormWing! StormWing! StormWing!" What? This wasn't suppose to happen! They should call me StormStar... I shook my head and stared at the row of cats calling my name. Then I woke up and stared at LittleFeather. He stared back and mewed to me,"What is it? You became a leader after all, right?" I mewed back,"I became leader but, they called me StormWing not StormStar." I shook my head and stared at him with a questing look.
Then I saw LittleFeather Stare right past me and I turned my head around to see a bright glow on my back. I looked at him for something then the glowing stoped to reveale vast wings! I flapped them and I flew!"Wow! They are huge and ,well, unexpected!"LittleFeather mewed. "Yes they are and useful."I nodded and purred."My kits will love to play with them indeed!"

The Moon
Fonde Elementary
Third Grade – Mrs. Hall

The moon is earth’s only natural satellite. The moon has plenty of craters because asteroids hit the moon. The reason that asteroids it the moon is because they come out of space from gravity. There are different types of moons like half-moons.
You can go to to look at the calendar of moon phases. It is very unique. You can put in the month, year, and the Hemisphere that you are interested in and it will generate the different moon phases for that particular month.
On you will find the Full Moon Names and Meaning. It has a title for each month with a description. For example, May is considered The Flower Moon. The reason why it is called that is because flowers come in full bloom and corn is ready to plant in May. May is also called the Corn Planting Moon and the Milk Moon. Check it out for yourself. It is interesting.
There is a nice activity for children and parents to do together on the above website. It is called Lesson For School Teachers. You can follow the simple instructions for students. A parent or guardian needs to assist with the activity. Children will have fun learning about the many different phases of the moon.

Best Friends for Life
Fonde Elementary
Fourth Grade – Mrs. Walsh

Have you ever had a BFF for life that you loved and adored even when the person had some flaws? I have a best friend that can be very annoying at times to others, but she is my very best friend that makes me happy.
My BFF is Jamauri. She attends Fonde Elementary School with me. We have been friends since second grade. We had the same teacher named Mrs. James in the second grade. We have had Mrs. Washington for the second time this year. Mrs. Washington taught us in third and she is teaching us now in fourth grade.
Jamauri is the type of child that is very outspoken. Therefore, she sometimes say things out of turn. I understand her. I respect her. The reason why I understand my buddy is because I can get out of hand sometimes. She does not judge me or make me feel bad. Now, we discuss our behaviors sometimes. We even encourage one another on how to respond to people. We talk to each other so that we are respectful to adults.
Don’t get it mistaken, I do have other friends. I enjoy the life of others. Jamauri is my best friend for so many reasons. Although we have other friends, I believe we both get jealous of one another when we hang with someone too long. We will sometimes hang with our other friends to make each other jealous when we are mad at one another.
There is a girl in my classroom that just lost her best friend from the class. They even spent time together away from school. Her best friend just went to Texas. The girl that is left here is very sad lately. I already know that if Jamuari leaves, I am going to be sad too. I can never replace her. She is my BFF for life.

Who Am I?
Re’Nasia Fonde Elementary - Third Grade – Ms. Chism

My name is Re’Nasia and I like to write. Writing is my specialty. My favorite color is purple. I work hard in school. I accomplish the A and B Honor Roll every time on my report card.
My favorite subject in school is reading. I adore reading new material. I look forward to writing and creating new stories. It is absolutely fun writing stories. Outside of reading and writing, I like enjoy pets. My first pet I ever had in my life was a cat. Its name was Goldie. Poor Goldie has died.
My favorite sport is basketball. When I grow up I plan to be a professional basketball player. I will be a police officer once I am done playing basketball.

Fonde Elementary - Fourth Grade – Mrs. Washington

Do you look at WWE? I really enjoy WWE. I watch it often when I am not playing.
How much do you know about WWE? It is the largest professional wrestling company in the world. WWE is responsible for WWE Raw and WWE Smack Down in more than 150 countries.
How do you really feel about wrestling? Did you know that it is really a story line like a Soap Opera? In other words WWE is scripted. Even though it is very fun to watch it is really made up.
Even though I found out that wrestling is unreal I will continue to watch it and enjoy it. Rey Mysterio is my favorite wrestling star. He is 5’6”. He weighs about 175 pounds. He is from San Diego, California. His famous move is 619.

Being Healthy
Mariyah Fonde Elementary - Third Grade – Mrs. Walsh

One day there was a brother and sister named Andy and Annie. They were eating foods that were not good for their bodies. They enjoyed fried foods, chips, softs drinks, and plenty of candy. They had to go to the doctor for a physical. Their mom took them to the doctor once a year to ensure that they were in great health.
Dr. McDonald had the children to make a list of things that they ingest on a weekly basis. The children had all types of foods, but they did not have fruits or vegetables on any of their morning, noon, or evening menus. Dr. McDonald was shocked that nothing came back on their physical because they were not eating nutritious foods on a daily basis. Dr. McDonald expressed his love for McDonald’s but he had to take the time to eat healthy foods. He wanted his body to stay strong. The siblings confessed to Dr. McDonald that they were going to limit their trips to McDonald’s and start eating a balanced diet so that they can have stronger, healthier bodies.
When the siblings got home they announced how hungry they were. Of course, it was convenient for dad to go to McDonald’s and order the family the special dollar burgers, but mom reminded the family that they had to start eating the correct foods for stronger bodies. Dad was a little frustrated because he was too lazy to actually walk into a store. Therefore, mom was given $39.99 to go to the store and purchase the family bananas and other healthy foods so that everyone could stay in shape.
Always remember to stay healthy and stay in shape by eating a balanced diet of healthy foods!

Why Am I on Earth?
Jameriyah Fonde Elementary - Fourth Grade – Mrs. Washington
Hey! My name is Megue Cycle. I have one sister named Hegue Cycle. My dad’s name is Gueme Cycle. My mom’s name is Jegue Cycle. We live on Smiley Planet where all we do is frown. I attend Sunnyville Elementary School.

I had a long, hard day! It all started like this. I was talking to my friend Jamecowa Saho. When we were talking about school I was so happy about having A Honor Roll that I had a smile a big and as shiny as the sun. When I caught myself smiling I begged my friend not to tell anyone especially the people who were in charge of us. The mean girl, Smaigue, saw me smiling. She told the counselor of the planet as quick as the blinking of my eye that I was smiling and not frowning. I was sent to this place called Earth. I was so made, but my family told me to go ahead. They could not rescue me.

When I went to Earth it was weird and had way too much light. I was hungry. I wanted some gueberries. I ate these things called Hot Fires. They set my mouth on fire. If felt like mini bombs were popping in my mouth. I was getting a little nervous because I wanted to see Jamecowa. They told me that I had to stay for a week on Earth. That was the hardest week of my life.

I went back home excited. I talked with Jamecowa. She said she missed me as much as I missed her. I fell in my family’s hands. I was mad at Samigue. I promised to always frown! I never want to go to Earth again.

My Parents’ Story Vinny Fonde Elementary Third Grade – Mrs. Carter
My mom was born on December 15, 1969. My dad was born on October 1, 1964. When my mom and dad were young they had no IPads, no computers, and I-Pods.

My dad liked swimming as a kid before having to hide in crates in a boat for safety. At the age of 19 he left Vietnam. My dad met my mom on vacation to Vietnam to visit his dad. My mom was thirty-four when she met my dad.

They got married on June 1, 2005 in Vietnam. My mom came to America with my dad. One year later they had me of course! My brother came nearly a decade after me.

Beyonce’s Story
Jadae’ Fonde Elementary Third Grade – Mrs. Carter
Beyonce Giselle Carter Knowles was born September 4, 1981. Now she is 33 years of old. She was born in Houston, Texas in the United States of America. Currently, Beyonce resides in Manhattan, New York.

Beyonce’s occupations are singing, son writing, producing records, and a business woman. She has been active since 1997. She is still presently on the scene. Her parents are Matthew Knowles and Tina Knowles. Her labels are created by Colombia records. She has one daughter. Her daughter’s name is Blue Ivy.

Beyonce is married to Jay-Z. Beyonce was named after her mother’s maiden name. Beyonce’s first solo tour was in 2004. Her favorite make-up to wear is Mascara.

Fonde Elementary
Fourth Grade – Ms. Stasiak

Oh Cupcake Cupcake
You smell with such delight!
Oh Cupcake Cupcake
When can I bite?
Oh Cupcake Cupcake
When I hear the bell ring
I know it will be time to eat you!
Oh Cupcake Cupcake
With blue icing and rainbow sprinkles on top.
Oh Cupcake Cupcake
How I feel the heat brushing on my chin
Oh Cupcake Cupcake
You are such a delight to me!

When I Grow Up
Fonde Elementary
Fourth Grade – Mrs. Washington

When I grow up I want to be an electrical engineer or a chemical engineer. I would like to change the world. I want to be known as a person who made an electrical device that will be known as a life changer. Or, I would like for one of my chemicals to save lives.

The following is a reason why I would like to be an engineer. The Smart Board that we use in our classrooms today was made by an electrical engineer. The tooth paste that should be used twice daily was made by chemical engineers. Chemical engineers are very important in our everyday life. Electrical Engineers are important too!

I will stay at Fonde for the fifth grade. Then, I’m going to Clark Magnet School for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. I will attend my four years of high school at Davidson High. Finally, for college, I’m going to go to University of South Alabama. All of the above schools have outstanding academic programs.

It’s All About Me!
Logan Fonde Elementary Fourth Grade – Ms. Fielder
My name is Logan Mosley. I was born December 26, 2004. Also, I’m ten years old. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is pizza. Yum! My favorite fruit is red apples. My favorite chips are Takis. My favorite drink is Gatorade. My favorite Video Game is NCAA 14. My favorite TV show is Teen Titans Go.

My favorite sport is Football. My favorite SEC football team is Alabama! Roll Tide! My favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid Long Haul. My favorite hobby is to ride my bike.

My mom and dad names are Samantha and Daron Packer. My favorite candy is Reese’s Pieces! By the way, I have one sister and one brother. I am the baby boy of my family.

The Life of a Girl
Fonde Elementary - Third Grade – Mrs. Hall

Oh my goodness! Do you really understand the life of a girl? It is hard being a girl. It is way too much work. Hey, I enjoy my life as a girl.
I know this girl name Brittney. She is a true girlie girl. What do I mean by that? She has to get her hair done every day. She had to study extremely hard to achieve great grades. She just seems to be under so much pressure for a third grader.
Well! Life as a girl was becoming too stressful for Brittney. Her grades started dropping from As and Bs to Cs and Ds. Her mom had a conference with her to let her know that everything would be alright. Then, Brittney’s grades soared high again.

The Secret PassageIsabelle5th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School - Mrs. Sullivan
As I walked down the staircase to leave for school, I accidently bumped into the wall. There, in the wall, a passage had appeared out of thin air. When I was about to tell my mom, my curiosity got ahold of me. I just had to see what was at the end of that passage.
Slowly, I crept through the passageway. I was a bit scared at what I would find on the other side. I had bumped into this wall many times. This portal had never opened up. Finally, I reached the end. I slowly turned the door knob and walked through the threshold of the door, not knowing what I would find at the other side.
When I stepped out, I realized I had entered a totally different land. Here, there was wildlife and lush foliage everywhere. Little huts and cottages poked out from under the hills. I felt awkward and out of place.
Then, I saw a young girl (about my age) walking along a path to a cottage. She was very pretty, and she wore a blue dress. I quickly ran to her and I asked, “I just came here. Could you please tell me where I am?”
“You are in Alandia.”
“Who are you?” I asked.
“I am Ranasha,” she replied.
“I am Isabelle. I came from a passage that lead me here,” I answered.
Then, a troubled look appeared on her face.“You cannot be here,” she told me hurriedly.
“Why?” I asked.
Ranasha replied, “Along time ago, your kind and the people of Alandia used to be friends. One day, your people started to make evil decisions and bad choices that we didn’t like. There were a number of other reasons that led to the war. Finally, we had a war against each other. Alandia won. Your kind were outraged. There was only one thing left to do: we erased the memory of Alandia from all humans. Only a few people were left with this memory. If any humans are seen here, they will be severely punished. You must go.”
“I still have one more question,” I said.
“Well hurry up, what is it,” Ranasha said.
“What is so special about Alandia?” I asked.
“Alandia is a place of magic. Everyone here has magic, even me. One major reason the war started is because your kind wanted our magic. They were greedy. They got very mad,” she said.
All of the sudden, I woke up. Everything had just been a dream. As I walked down the hall to go downstairs, I wondered if there really was a portal to Alandia.

The Amazing Adventures of…….Steve?!?!?
6th Grade - St. Ignatius Catholic School

“Today on The Amazing Show, we will be talking to a special guest about his or her greatest adventure, so let’s get to it!” says the host.
“We must pick a name out of the box and that person will tell us about their adventure,” the host says.
“The winner is……...Steve?!?!?!” the host says very surprised.
“OMG!! I win?!?! Thank you to my family and friends for making this happen!!!” screams Steve.
“How are you still living?” the host whispers under his breath.
“Ok, so I had many adventures so which one do I choose?” says Steve happily.
“ have time to think. Now we will be back after this commercial break!” the host shouts.

“You should buy the one and only rocket blaster! Launch a rocket up into space and watch it speed down!” the commercial guy says.
“It is only $499.99! he booms.

“And we are back! SO, Steve please tell us about your adventure?”
“Ok so one day I was, Like, walking down the street when all the sudden a giant bear came out of no where and I, like, ran away and fell in a, like, very cold stream and, like froze and woke up in the hospital three weeks later.” Steve shares.
“Well, that was…...interesting..” the host says.
“Thanks for sharing, Steve,” the host says “and we will see you all next time. Good-Bye!!!!”